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Defending Children

Issues Affecting Children

Criminal, Social, Political, Legal, Family, Personal

Become an Enlightened Rational Activist in the Battle against Crime, Exploitation, Predators, Poverty, Hunger, and other Evils Hurting Our Children


National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families

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Amber Alert

Urgent Action Needed!    

Use the "Contact" banner on the left  to email the President, your senators and representative urging them to enact legislation that addresses judicial leniency, incompetence, and activism.  Just as important, encourage legislators to address the epidemic of sex crimes with federal laws to protect women and children nationwide modeled after "Jessica's Law."  The process of enacting Jessica's Law 50 times, once in each state, is absurd.  Read about the Jessica Lunsford Act passed in Florida that provides strict sentencing for child sex offenders and check Jessica's Law for a national report card where you can see what your state is doing and email your governor if necessary.  You may also want to view the Federal Database of Sex Offenders. 

Bill O' Thursday, June 1Halfway there on Jessica's Law, Cheerleading video controversy, Rescuing victims of polygamy, more...

Missing Kids Missing Kids

Innocent Children, Perverted Predators

Cases of vicious brutality, rape & murder of children are no longer isolated incidents.  They are increasingly common & widespread.  Please help the organizations on this page & write lawmakers for more and stricter legislation.

Man Charged With Raping, Killing 7-Month-Old Niece

Zoey Sunderman, raped to death

WO Comment:  This beautiful 7-month-old baby girl is dead.  She was raped to death by her uncle.  The incident is from several weeks ago yet details still remain sketchy.  We know and can deduce some points from the limited information in the news item below.  Zoey's 3 siblings were also in the perpetrator's care.  Were they raped and/or abused as well?  Profiles of such predators would suggest that it is most likely.  The mother is 26 and her oldest child is 7, indicating sex at an early age; she has four children by age 26; and there is no mention of a father.  This presents a good example of the need for "abstinence only" sex education in public schools. The rapist/murderer has a record involving crimes of violence, sex, and "under the influence" based on which we can accurately deduce that pornography and alcohol/drugs were factors in the rape and murder of this innocent child.  See "Take Action" following the brief news item below:
10:41 a.m. EST March 13, 2006

STARK COUNTY, Ohio - A Stark County man, Henry Anthony Sunderman, 32, has been charged with the rape and murder of his 7-month-old niece, Zoey Sunderman, by Waynesburg police. Police said the man was caring for the infant, along with her 7-year-old brother and 5- and 2-year-old sisters, while their mother, 26-year-old Leslie Sunderman, was at work. Court records indicate an arrest record on Henry Sunderman including domestic violence, aggravated menacing, driving under the influence and soliciting an undercover police officer for prostitution.

Take Action!  In Remembrance of Zoey.

Use the "Contact Lawmakers" feature on the left of the page.  Send emails to everyone from the President to your state and local officials, school board, and the media.  The tragedy that happened to Zoey is not an isolated incident--it's an epidemic, as this page and our "Society" page clearly show.  Include any or all of the following in your demands:

  • Greater enforcement of existing laws to protect children.
  • More legislation such as "Jessica's Law" requiring harsher penalties for sex offenders.
  • Legislation on pornography, especially on the internet, and other adult-oriented businesses.
  • More action from the FCC to control the detrimental influences of the media.
  • Legislation to curb the ACLU's role in protecting and advancing pornography, it's efforts to eliminate religion from public life, and it's promotion of the homosexual agenda in public schools.  The ACLU files thousands of cases, the majority of which most American citizens would object to, and ACLU lawyers are paid millions in taxpayer money.  (See our Judicial page.)
  • Schools tout their role or mission in "shaping and molding society."  If the items we present on this web site are any indication, the current society they have shaped is a dismal failure.  Schools need to:
  • Limit their emphasis on "diversity" (a liberal activist code word for eliminating religious expression and promoting a homosexual agenda).
  • Stop being intimidated by the ACLU, gay, feminist, and other activist groups.
  • Refrain from using the deception of "separation of church and state" (it does not appear in the Constitution nor in the Bill of Rights) as the rationale for their indoctrination of students with detrimental social values).
  • Teach morals, ethics, and civics.  If they are taught as standards of natural law and social behavior, schools would not be promoting or endorsing a particular religion.  If schools really want to have a role in properly shaping society, this is one of the most important things they can do.


In Remembrance of Zoey



read more

Anti-Child-Exploitation Group Calls on Men to Avoid Porn--National TV and radio campaign launches this weekend

A group of men wanting to defend their homes -- and themselves -- from the all-too-accessible world of pornography and sexual exploitation is speaking out in radio and television ads that will air Father's Day weekend.

Read more, join the group, and take action for the common good of society, especially women and children, by visiting The Defenders now.

Crime Scene: Missing in Paradise
As the one-year anniversary of Natalee Holloway's disappearance approaches, Greta Van Susteren reveals the missed opportunities, false leads and outright lies that have plagued this investigation from the beginning. Greta takes you inside the case as only she can, with exclusive video and never-before-scene interviews.

WO Comment:  A rich white girl gets a year of media coverage, concern, and outrage.  In contrast, Zoey, pictured above, and most of the other cases presented on this page receive limited attention resulting in little to no outrage.  If the media would devote as much coverage to these cases as the Holloway incident perhaps there would be sufficient concern to cause legislators to take action for the greater good of children.

Annual Report  Current edition of the Annual Report of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

A Report to the Nation  NCMEC Assessment of state legislative accomplishments regarding missing- and exploited-child issues

A Model State Sex-Offender Policy  Recommendations for policymakers when formulating and implementing policies and laws to deal with sex offenders

Campaign Against Child Sexual Exploitation Information Package  Includes prevention information, parental guidelines, and the 11"x17" campaign advertisement

Never Forget a Face: A Case for Your Support (ICMEC)  Information regarding ways to support the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children

Never Forget a Face: A Case for Your Support (NCMEC)  Information regarding ways to support the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Child Molesters: A Behavioral Analysis  Investigative tool for law-enforcement officers and child-protection professionals

Child Molesters Who Abduct: Summary of the Case in Point Series  Case histories of serial child molesters and abductors

Preventing the Sexual Exploitation of Children  Steps parents, schools, and communities can take to help protect children from sexual exploitation

Prostitution of Children and Child-Sex Tourism: An Analysis of Domestic and International Responses  Analysis of the child-prostitution problem in the United States and globally

Know the Rules...Abduction and Kidnapping Prevention Tips for Parents and Guardians

Know the Rules...After-School Safety Tips for Children Who Are Home Alone

An Important & Extensive List of  Publications to Help You Protect Children

Report Reveals Numerous Child Molesters Working at McD's
Read article

Chat rooms help FBI find pedophiles

Sebastian man, age 60, molested 12-year-old girl, sentenced to 90 years

Man Who Molested Boy, 5, In Parking Lot To Be Sentenced

Girl, 10, Sexually Assaulted At Park The suspect is described as a Hispanic male between 19 and 22 years old.

Father To Stand Trial On Charges He Molested Daughter  SALINAS, Calif. - A Salinas father will stand trial on charges he sexually molested his daughter beginning when she was 7 years old. At a preliminary hearing Friday, prosecutors said Jose Garcia might have continued molesting the girl had her mother not caught her with marijuana and called police. when police showed up at the home they found a secret passage leading to the girl's bedroom. Investigators said Garcia used the passage to sneak into the room and have sex with his daughter.  Officers testified that girl, who is now 15, told them her father started molesting her when she was 7 and that it continued until his arrest earlier this year.

DVDs in stolen safe lead to child-rape arrest  Discs, tapes allegedly show Massachusetts homeowner with underage girls

OK Man Charged in Horrific Murder of Girl, Age 10

Police- Man Planned to Eat Slain Oklahoma Girl

Video News:  Police- Man Planned Girl's Violent Murder

Paroled Sex Offender Faces Rough Homecoming

Officer Arrested On Child Sex Charges

Man Matching Description Of Escaped Sex Offender Sighted In Cass County

Easter Egg Roll Hubbub Shows Once Again: "It's All about the Adult 'Gay' Activists, Not What's Best for Children," LaBarbera Says Christian Newswire, 4.17.2006

The Road to Perversion Is Paved With Pornography: Part I: 'Regular Guys' Becoming Sexual Predators of Children
Human Events, Jan LaRue, 4.13.2006 

Eliot (Maine) boy, 15, charged in rape of child half his age

Man Arrested On Child Porn, Rape Charges

One Voice, Unheeded  Citizen Link, Daniel Weiss, 4.5.2006
A teenager offered the government 1,500 pedophiles, but nothing has been done.        

WO Comment:  Click the link and read this disturbing report.  It indicates that the DOJ, even with a task force devoted exclusively to child exploitation, is failing to protect children from online porn, chat, and sexual predators.  After you read it, please use the "Contact Lawmakers" banner on the left and write the President, your senators, representative and others demanding more enforcement of existing laws and passage of additional stringent legislation to protect children.

Area Juvenile Sex Rings Targeted Using Anti-Trafficking Laws
Washington Post, Debbi Wilgoren, 3.6.2006

Children's Therapist Pleads Not Guilty to Molestation, Child Porn

Hospital worker molests many young disabled patients & involved in child porn A respiratory therapist affiliated with a children’s hospital confessed to “countless” molestations of young disabled patients.  ‘Worst case’ of child molestation goes to court. Respiratory therapist admitted sexually abusing disabled kids.  Wayne Bleyle, 54, was arrested ...authorities found more than 100,000 images of child porn ...Some of the pornography was made in a hospital setting ...two molestation victims, both girls under age 14, but authorities said there may be more ...One of the agents who interviewed him said, ’How many kids are we talking about?”’ “The defendant, who was in New York at the time, looked out at the snow and said, ’How many snowflakes are there out there?”’  Bleyle “averaged about two kids a week, and he specifically chose children who were the most brain-damaged, most comatose, most nonverbal — children who could never say anything about it,” she said.  Bleyle was the only person seen molesting the children in the photos, which showed both boys and girls.

California Court Overturns Sex Offender Registration for Oral Sex with a Minor
55 year-old with 16 year-old no longer a serious sex offense claims court, by Terry Vanderheyden SAN FRANCISCO, March 7, 2006 ( – The California Supreme Court has overturned a law requiring that an adult who engages in oral sex with a minor be tagged for life as a sex offender.  The court handed down the 6-1 decision, arguing that for a 60 year-old to sexually abuse a 16 year-old is not serious enough an offense to warrant registration as a sex offender. The sex offenses registry law, promulgated in 1947, “violates the equal protection clauses of the federal and state constitutions,” said Justice Joyce Kennard for the majority, according to the AP.  Because the age of consent for consensual sex in California is 18, adults who have sexual intercourse with a minor age 16-17 had not been subject to sex offender registration. Sexual intercourse of any form with a child under the age of 16 would still require mandatory registration as a sex offender. A lawsuit challenging the law was forwarded by 22-year-old Vincent Peter Hofsheier, convicted in 2003 for oral sex with a minor girl, aged 16, he met in an internet chat room. As reported by the L.A. Times, after getting the girl and a friend drunk, he told the teenager, “You owe me something,” as related by Justice Marvin R. Baxter, the only dissenting justice in the decision.  (c) Copyright:, a production of Interim Publishing. Permission to republish granted but acknowledgement of source (use  is *REQUIRED*

Internet Child Predators


Perpetrators are no longer the occasional pervert. Due to our sexualized society, unlimited extreme porn on the net to entice them, substance abuse to embolden them & the large pool of potential victims in chat rooms the predators are MANY ordinary men from all walks of life. Help stop the epidemic!  

Perverted-Justice Online Predator Alerts & Info (or as they like to say, "PeeJ") is devoted to protecting innocent children from online sexual predators stalking children in internet chat rooms. Concerned citizens formed the civilian watchdog group "Perverted Justice", a website dedicated to finding and exposing those users in chat rooms with predatory tendencies towards children.

PeeJ Alert

"To Catch a Predator"--NBC Dateline and MSNBC Commended by World Observer for Public Service to the Common Good

Internet Dangers to Families and Children Exposed
Pornography and Online "Communities" Place Children at Risk
NBC Dateline Series "To Catch a Predator" Focuses National Attention on a Deadly Serious Threat to American Society

Internet Sex Crimes Against Minors: The Response of Law Enforcement  A groundbreaking national survey of law enforcement

Know the Rules...Abduction and Kidnapping Prevention Tips for Parents and Guardians

Gonzales Calls for Mandatory Web Labeling Law
CNet, Declan McCullagh, 4.20.2006

Google hosts 'boy love' site promotes sexual relationships between men and adolescents Read it here

As WND reported in 2003, sold subscriptions to the North American Man/Boy Love Association's official magazine, a periodical entered as evidence in a lawsuit involving the murder of a 10-year-old boy. The online book-seller later dropped the magazine.   The publication figured prominently in a $200-million federal lawsuit alleging NAMBLA incites members to "rape male children" and "serves as a conduit for an underground network of pedophiles in the U.S." The group was defended by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Pedophile advocate featured at university

DHS Press Secretary Arrested on Child Seduction Charges
A deputy press secretary for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security was charged with using a computer to seduce a child after authorities said he struck up sexual conversations with an undercover detective posing as a 14-year-old girl. Read more 

Murdoch-owned MySpace endangers kids - website linked to assaults of teenage members:  Read article

Teens' MySpace Web Site a Boon for 'Predators'
Times Argus, J.C. Myers, 2.13.2006

      Child Pornography

Does child porn have a detrimental effect? REMEMBER ZOEY!! Write the President, Congress, the DOJ, the media demanding justice for our children. Tell them to stop child pornographers, to eradicate child porn, to clean up the internet, to write & enforce strict legislation.

read more

Gonzales Pressing Data Retention in Fight Against Child Porn
Jurist, 5.29.2006

Child Pornography: It's A Crime  Issue brief by NCMEC President and Chief Executive Officer Ernie Allen

Child-Pornography Possessors Arrested in Internet-Related Crimes: Findings From the National Juvenile Online Victimization Study  A groundbreaking national survey of law enforcement

Child Pornography: The Criminal-Justice-System Response  Analysis of the child-pornography problem in the United States and globally

Suspects Arrested in Global Child Porn Raid  Reuters, 5.10.2006

House Committee Holds Third Child-Porn Hearing:  A panel hears the dramatic story of a Russian girl adopted by a pedophile--but still wants to know why the Justice Department isn't prosecuting child-porn cases.

CNN's Nancy Grace came to Capitol Hill today to ask for more vigorous prosecution of child pornography and obscenity -- bringing with her a Russian-born teen who had been adopted at age 5 by an American pedophile and child pornographer.
After years of prosecuting hardcore child molesters and predators, I realize that stopping them one by one, case by case, jury by jury, is no longer enough," the legal analyst for both CNN Headline News and Court TV said before she took her place behind the witness table at a hearing of the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee of the House Commerce and Energy Committee.
read more

Gonzales tells of child porn in graphic terms

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales used strikingly graphic language Thursday to focus attention on online child pornography. “I have seen pictures of older men forcing naked young girls to have anal sex. There are videos on the Internet of very young daughters forced to have intercourse and oral sex with their fathers,” said Gonzales.  “This is about children being sexually victimized. They’re young children and they’re getting younger.” 

Gonzales Calls for Mandatory Web Labeling Law
CNet, Declan McCullagh, 4.20.2006

New U.S. Internet Porn Law Introduced - Triples Fines for ISPs Failing to Report Child Porn  Lifesite, 4.21.2006

Sex Offender Arrested On Charges Of Posting, Receiving Child Porn

Huge Market for Child Porn Victimizes Younger Kids
CNSNews, Monisha Bansal, 4.7.2006
". . . It is no longer the case of a 14 year old girl, or a 6 year old boy, but of an 18 month old baby," . . . According to NCMEC, 83 percent of individuals arrested for possessing child pornography had images of children six to 12 years old, 39 percent had images of children three to five years old and 19 percent had images of infants and toddlers under the age of three

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit holds that PROTECT Act's pandering provision is both substantially overbroad and vague, and therefore facially unconstitutional: In today's decision, the Eleventh Circuit has declared unconstitutional a provision that prohibits the promotion of child pornographyPosted at 02:55 PM by Howard Bashman 

WO CommentLegislators fail to protect our children.  The courts uphold the promotion of child pornography.  What recourse is left to parents and concerned citizens?

CWA: Porn Industry Paves Way to Exploiting Kids
Christian Newswire, 4.12.2006

Internet Porn, Plus Child Predators, Make Web Doubly Dangerous for Children
A Family Research Council official says although it may be difficult for many Americans to imagine that sex tourism could be such a big business in their country, the fact that it is can be attributed largely to the proliferation of pornography in the U.S.

Expert: Porn Industry Paves Way to Sexual Exploitation of Children LaRue is an expert in pornography law and has covered this issue for 14 years. Read full report

Study: Child Porn Isn't Illegal in Most Countries
Information Week, Thomas Claburn, 4.6.2006
A review of child pornography laws in 184 countries shows that more than half have no laws that address child pornography. 

Crime & Punishment on MSNBC--Search this page for video titles listed below:

April 4: Justin Berry, a former teen porn star, testifies at a House hearing on sexual exploitation of children over the Internet

  • Teen discusses his online porn past
  • 'Part of me wanted to die'
  • 'A nightmarish Internet world'
  • Child porn victim testifies in Congress

NASA HQ Raided In Kiddie Porn Probe
The Smoking Gun, 3.31.2006

WO Comment:  The article includes the affidavit in support of search warrant which shows the amount of work & time law enforcement must invest in gathering info on just one perpetrator.  We need less legal red tape and better legislation to protect children.  We do not understand the objections of both Christian groups and porn producers to the notion of a triple-x internet domain for adult content.  It seems that such a move would help to monitor and control pornography for the purpose of enforcing laws against child pornography while still permitting adults access to permitted adult content.

Lack of Funding in Child Porn Battle: Funding Level to Fight Child Porn Hasn’t Grown in Ten Years.
Family News in Focus, Steve Jordahl, 3.23.2006 (Patrick Trueman, ADF)

Global Child Porn Sting

Participants in an international Internet chat room transmitted live shots of child molestation and traded thousands of pictures of child pornography, federal authorities said Wednesday in announcing charges against 27 people.  The youngest child seen in pictures or video was less than 18 months old. 

Child Porn Ring Transmitted Acts Live on Web: US
Reuters on MyWay, Andrew Stern, 3.15.2006

Suspect Sentenced in Child Porn Case

Man Tied to Behl Case Arraigned on Child-Porn Charges

Child Pornography Has Expanded into a Business So Profitable It is No Longer Limited to Pedophiles  Parade Magazine, Andrew Vacchs, 2.19.2006 

Life Sentence for Child Pornographer  AP, Brian Witte, 2.17.2006

Secular, Sexualized Society

Liberal Activists, Schools, Obscenity, Media, Underage Sex

Do you have children in public school? Better check it out--the following are also NOT isolated incidents:  teacher/student sex; forced & willing gay & straight sex on buses, in parking lots, in the school building; gay activists promoting "diversity" clubs that in reality teach/promote gay sex acts, and more.

Also see our Education section and our Society & Culture page

Option Line's 24-hour Pregnancy Hotline


Girls Can Marry at 15, Colo. Court Finds
AP, Jon Sarche, 6.15.2006

Porn, Pedophiles, Our Kids and MySpace
Townhall, Rebecca Hagelin, 5.30.2006

A ‘Smorgasbord’ for Pedophiles: The Allure of MySpace
Breakpoint, Mark Earley, 5.30.2006

Teen Girls Discuss Their Sex Lives  ABC, 5.17.2006

Washington Post Series on Teen Sex, Pregnancy, Contraception: Part of Democrat and Planned Parenthood Initiative?
Kaiser DRHR, 5.16.2006

Lesbian Teens at 5x More Likely to Commit Suicide
AFP on Yahoo, 5.30.2006 

Teen Sex Series of Articles in Washington Post, 5.16.2006

Another Arrest in Webcam Pornography Case

NY Times, Jeremy W. Peter, 5.16.2006
The arrest of Mr. Gourlay signals a new front in the government's response to the revelation that minors have been using Webcams to run their own child pornography Web sites, one that could have a crippling effect on this once-burgeoning business.

CWA: Parents, Teens Being Misled About Dangers of Premarital Sex
An official with Concerned Women for America says Americans must be educated with the truth about the consequences of sex before marriage.

Polygamist Married Off 100s of Young Girls, Former Members Say
AP on Fox News, 5.17.2006

ADF Radio Clip:  The Case of the Confiscated Bibles
Children at a local school are told that if they continue to hand out Bibles before school they face arrest. 

WO Comment:  Secularist "reasoning"--freedom of speech applies only to liberals, secularists, atheists, gay activists, the ACLU, etc., not to conservative persons of faith.  And that freedom of religion clause--the Founders made a mistake.  We're pretty sure they meant to say freedom from religion.  Maybe we can't find the phrase "separation of church and state" anywhere in the Constitution or Bill of Rights but we're pretty sure the Founders intended to put that in somewhere.  Really.  Trust us, we're enlightened, you know!

Female Juvenile Prostitution: Problem and Response  Information on establishing and maintaining a community program to help victims of child prostitution that includes histories of former juvenile prostitutes

Lesbian Sues Pro-Family Activists for Exposing Truth About Pro-Homosexual Event -- Gay activists want to teach young children explicit homosexual sex acts without parental knowledge, consent, or interference.

A lesbian who was fired for her role in the notorious "Fistgate" conference at Tufts University has brought a civil suit against two Massachusetts pro-family activists who attended the 2000 conference and then proceeded to expose what went on at the pro-homosexual event. Many concerned parents learned about "Fistgate" and its sexually graphic content through the efforts of Massachusetts pro-family activists Brian Camenker and Scott Whiteman, who attended the "Teach-Out" specifically to bear witness to and gather evidence of what went on there. That is why the two men are now facing legal action, along with the Parents Rights Coalition, which is also named in the civil suit. Former state employee Margot Abels alleges Camenker and Whiteman violated her free-speech rights by tape-recording two workshops in which she instructed children as young as 12 years of age in how to engage in homosexual sex acts.  Camenker heads the pro-family group Article 8 Alliance.  Attorney Steve Crampton, chief counsel of the American Family Association  is representing Camenker in the case. A judge has set a July 10 trial date for the lesbian activist's lawsuit against Camenker, Whiteman, and the Parents Rights Coalition.

WO Comment & Take Action:  Read the full article and also check Article 8 Alliance and AFA's Center for Law & Policy and ask what you can do to help.   If the lesbian activist's lawsuit against Camenker, Whiteman, and the Parents Rights Coalition is successful it will be a major defeat of parents' rights to know what indoctrination of their children by gay activists and other liberal agenda-driven activists is being carried out in state sponsored venues such as public schools and it will be a victory for gay activists who will win the "right" to teach young children explicit homosexual sex acts clandestinely without parental knowledge or consent.

Sex Angle Pushed by Online Game Makers
Chicago Tribune, Peter Svensson, 4.6.2006

Phony kids, virtual sex
Makers of the online world "Second Life" grapple with adults pretending to be sexually active children. 
Wednesday April 12, 2006 04:00AM PDT

Obscene Books in Schools and Public Libraries  Parents across the nation are taking action against both school districts and libraries that feature books, some of them required reading, that include sexual issues and obscenity many believe are inappropriate for school children.

Porn Pushers - The ALA and Looking For Alaska - One Example of How the ALA Pushes Porn On Children, 3.27.2006

Children Still at Risk From Liberal Agenda
Human Events, Gary Bauer, 4.3.2006 

Planned Parenthood Abortion Centers Lure Teens With iPods, Movie Tickets
Life News, Steven Ertelt, 3.30.2006 


More Teens Losing Virginity at Early Age, Study Claims By Terry Vanderheyden  NEW YORK, April 6, 2006 ( – A new survey claims that over 40% of young teens in the US have lost their virginity by the age of 14. The survey of 2,311 youth was conducted in the city of Baltimore by Dr. Danielle Ompad and colleagues for The New York Academy of Medicine and published in the most recent issue of The Archives of Sexual Behavior. “I don’t think other cities would be too different,” Dr. Ompad told the New York Daily News.  The study group found that 42 percent of the youth surveyed had engaged in vaginal intercourse by the age of 14 – a 9 percent increase over 1995 figures reported by the US Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. The average age for initiating vaginal intercourse was 14.8 years.  Dr. Ompad said the findings raise concerns over the potential for a spike in sexually transmitted disease and teen pregnancies.  (c) Copyright:, a production of Interim Publishing. Permission to republish granted but acknowledgement of source (use is *REQUIRED*

Option Line - 24 hour Pregnancy Hotline

Court Transcript Offers Teen Girl's View on Plural Marriage
Scripps Howard News, Brooke Adams, 4.5.2006
As Mary tells the story of how she became a plural wife at age 16, the shock of it all is still fresh.

NAACP Chairman Goes After a Minister for Exposing a Gay “Advocacy” Group That Targets Children  Independent Conservative, 3.9.2006 

"Kids Take Back Seat to Gay Agenda"  Boston Globe, Jeff Jacoby, 3.15.2006 

PTC Council's Study Finds Children's TV Content Disturbingly 'Mature'
The Parents Television Council has released a report on its first study of children's television, which -- according to the media watchdog group's research -- features even more violence than adult-oriented television. But the head of that pro-family group says that is not all that should concern parents about what their kids may be viewing. 

Teen Promiscuity Linked to Sex on TV

Scientists say too much TV for Kids Linked to Indicators of Poor Health as Adults

Study Links Childhood TV Violence To Spousal Abuse Later In Life

Impressionable Children Caught in Lies  CWA,  Linda Harvey, 2.13.2006
Can a society create more homosexuals? The answer quite clearly is yes.

Kansas: Judge Delays Ruling on "Privacy of Teen Sex"
Wichita Eagle, Ron Sylvester, 2.14.2006

Who has the power? Doctor: Gender, Race Influence Teen Sex
Wichita Eagle, Ron Sylvester, 2.8.2006

Family Life

Parenting, Child Abuse, Neglect

The Plan to Drug American School Children  OpEdNews, George Stone, 5.14.2006

Use of Anti-psychotics by the Young Rose Fivefold
NY Times, Benedict Carey, 6.6.2006

What to Tell Your Children about Love, Sex and Relationships  The days of “the talk” are over. Think sound bytes.

Who Supports the Children of the Unwed Mothers?
Op. Editorial, Helen and Peter Evans, 4.11.2006

The Fourth Amendment's Impact on Child Abuse Investigations
HSLDA, Michael Farris, 4.2.2003

Man charged in case of abandoned baby

Murfreesboro mother found in bar, charged with child neglect

Eighth Circuit Rejects Commerce Clause Challenge to Federal Conviction for Homemade Child Pornography
How Appealing, Howard Bashman, 3.28.2006 (links to opinion) The court opinion is interesting reading with reference to the complexities of the pornography industry due to surreptitiously homemade and distributed (largely on the internet) photos and videos.  In this case the father gave his 13-year-old daughter sleep medicine, had intercourse with her, took photos of the act, previously molested two of his nieces, watched porn video with a third niece and another minor, and took sexually explicit photos of a daughter from a previous marriage.  He was sentenced to 20 years. 

Romney Bill Seeks Adoption Exemption
Boston Globe, Jonathan Saltzman, 3.16.2006

Liberty Counsel:  Same-Sex Marriage Hurts Children

Anyone who cares about children should read this book. Children will be among those most affected by same-sex marriage. This book discusses the impact same-sex marriage will have on the culture and answers the central questions that concern everyone.

Available in our online store or by calling 1-800-671-1776

Note: WO is not affiliated with LC or its store but we recommend the book.

Our World

Our Children

Our Responsibility






1 billion people live on $1 a day ... poor countries have infant mortality rates above 20% ... each year ... 2 million children die of dehydration from diarrhea ... another 2 million children die from disease ... 3 million more children die from bacterial pneumonia ... several hundred million children suffer from intestinal parasites 

A World Connected--Globalization


World Relief



























National Center for Missing & Exploited Children


The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children works hard to protect our children.  Please support their efforts.


Actress Julianne Moore Helps Raise Awareness for Child Safety and Preparedness  


Microsoft collaborates with Avanade and Digonex to bring urgent bulletins on abducted children to MSN customers through MSN Alerts


CA to contribute as NCMEC Technology Fund’s inaugural partner

Today (15 June 2006) the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) and CA, Inc., one of the world's largest IT management software companies, launched NCMEC’s Technology Fund, designed to provide NCMEC with the technology to support their mission of finding missing children and preventing child sexual exploitation. To learn more please click on the links above or visit and select News and Events.

Good News

Laws, Organizations, Individuals Taking Care of Children for the Common Good


Download Missing Kids Online Alerts software to stay informed! It's FREE!

What is Missing Kids Online Alerts?

The Missing Kids Online Alerts is a free program to download and use that instantly notifies you of missing-children alerts issued by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. It runs quietly in the background on your computer, so you won't notice it's there...until an alert is issued! Download Missing Kids Online Alerts software to stay informed! It's FREE!

Bringing the Good News into Our Public Schools

This very special 20-page free report by Child Evangelism Fellowship will share shocking details regarding the status of the generation currently being raised in America. Find out how God has been forcibly removed from nearly every aspect of their young lives. Then, be encouraged as you learn of the landmark Supreme Court decision allowing Child Evangelism Fellowship to bring the Good News of the Gospel directly to children inside Public Schools. SPECIAL REPORT

After-School Clubs:  The Supreme Court ruled in 2001 in Good News Clubs v. Milford Central School that Good News Clubs can meet in public schools after school hours on the same terms as other community groups.  To inquire about the After School Clubs click here.


Lead Organizations and Agencies from Around the U.S. Gather in Washington, DC to Assess and Address Measures to Combat the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in America  Christian Newswire, 3.30.2006

Congressional Panel Demands Government Child-Porn Unit Testify
Citizen Link, Pete Winn, 4.6.2006

House Bill 4150 Introduced as "Carlie's Law"

On March 30, 2004 Linda Spagnoli, Director of Communications for Code Amber, was invited to Capitol Hill along with Joe Brucia (Carlie's dad), and Ernie Allen (President of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children) to support Katherine Harris (R-FL), Nick Lampson (D-TX) and Marsha Blackburn's (R-TN) introduction of "Carlie's Law" legislation.   The legislation strengthens the federal parole system by increasing penalties for repeat offenders. There are also provisions for notification of non-custodial parents when there is criminal activity in the child's home.

This was over two years ago.  What is the status of HR 4150?

Liberty Counsel April 3, 2006

Oklahoma House Passes Bill to Protect Children from Sexually Explicit Library Books

Oklahoma City, OK – The Oklahoma House of Representatives passed a bill designed to protect children from being exposed to sexually explicit library books. Sponsored by Representative Sally Kern, the bill passed by 60-33, and it now heads to the Senate. Liberty Counsel consulted with Rep. Kern regarding the language of HB 2158.

House Bill 2158 states: “The Oklahoma Department of Libraries Board shall not grant or distribute any state funds that are allocated to libraries on a formula basis to any library, library district, or library system unless the library has taken action to place all children and young adult materials that contain homosexual or sexually explicit subject matter in a special area of the library which is separate and apart from the children and young adult sections of the library and the library has a policy in place to limit distribution of the material to adults only.”

Representative Kern said that children deserve a period of “protected innocence” in which they are shielded from sexually explicit material that turns young people into “sex machines.” Last year Laurie Taylor of Fayetteville, Arkansas, brought to light the problem of sexually explicit library books in the Arkansas public school libraries. Some of the books written for children included shocking material that graphically pictured and described sexual intercourse, rape, sadomasochism, group sex, pedophilia, bestiality, and incest between a father and his young daughter. One story in the book Fade, described a person who, while becoming invisible, sees a classmate’s dad paying another student to perform oral sex.

It is not surprising that the American Library Association (ALA) opposes the bill. The ALA also opposed the Children’s Internet Protection Act passed by Congress. This provides that a library may not receive federal assistance to provide internet access unless it installs software to block images that constitute obscenity or child pornography. In 2003, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the law in United States v. American Library Association, Inc.

Liberty Counsel President and General Counsel Mathew D. Staver stated: “Exposing children to graphic sexual material at taxpayer expense is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. The content of many books now written for children and easily accessible without the knowledge of their parents is disturbing. Federal, state and local governments are not required to fund libraries that refuse to implement reasonable protections designed to shield children from books that contain obscene or pornographic language or images.”

Attorney: Shielding Children from Obscenity 'Common Sense,' Not Censorship State representatives in Oklahoma have approved proposed legislation that would require public libraries to place sexually explicit materials in a separate section and to distribute such materials only to adults. Should House Bill 2158 become law, it would keep tax dollars from libraries that refuse to protect children from sexually explicit library materials.   Read More

Anti-Child Porn Groups Target Online Porn Industry
CBN, Melissa Charbonneau, 3.31.2006

Shielding Kids from Online Sex Predators
Mercury News, Edwin Garcia, 3.28.2006

World Observer Research Article on Education:  Dealing with Sexuality & Religious Freedom Issues in Public Education

A Siege on the Child-Porn Market: Titans of Finance Join Forces to Try to Thwart Online Trafficking in Illicit Images.
Christian Science Monitor, Ron Scherer, 3.16.2006

Financial and Internet Industries Join With Missing Children Organizations to Combat Internet Child Pornography
U.S. Newswire, 3.13.2006 

How Best to Protect Kids from Online Porn
San Francisco Chronicle, Kim Zetter, 2.12.2006


Liberty Counsel

Florida Parental Notification Law Upheld

Tallahassee, FL - Florida's parental notification law was upheld in federal court by U.S. District Judge William Stafford. The ruling was a blow to Planned Parenthood and its affiliate abortion clinics. Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida, along with three abortion clinics and two doctors, filed suit seeking to block the law. Judge Stafford denied the emergency request to block the law. The court has now issued a final ruling in which the opinion states: "Florida has carefully crafted a parental notification statute that serves a compelling state interest." Judge Stafford relied upon the recent Supreme Court decision involving parental notification law in New Hampshire. The court wrote that states have a right to require parental involvement because of their "strong legitimate interest in the welfare" of minors who may lack the maturity, experience or judgment to choose whether to have an abortion.  Mathew D. Staver, President and General Counsel of Liberty Counsel, stated: "This ruling is a victory for parents and children, born and unborn. Planned Parenthood cannot claim that it is interested in the well-being of the family when it seeks to draw an iron curtain between parents and children. In America, we've always had a strong presumption that parents act in the best interest of children. It is hypocritical to require parents to incur the cost of an abortion, while at the same time prohibiting them from having any knowledge of this life and death event."

NBC's "Dateline" Snags Child Predators

WO Comment:  TV programs continue to push the envelope of decency with  sexual references and images, profanity, and violence.  They portray inappropriate behaviors and attitudes and offer poor role models for the young.  These shows, the majority of what TV viewers are subjected to, are classified as "entertainment" and not expected to have any socially redeeming value, the requirement for a production to be considered "art."  That is unfortunate since it is quite possible for a program to entertain and convey a positive message.  "Touched by an Angel" and "Seventh Heaven" are but two examples.  It's simply up to the networks to make a commitment to serving the public good.  On occasion, but not nearly enough, they do just that.  NBC's recent "Dateline" segment, "To Catch a Predator III" is a pertinent example of using the power of TV to serve the common good.  Read the transcript of the program.  During the three days of taping, 50 child sexual predators were caught.  Of course, it would be interesting to find out what happened to them in court.  Did the judge give them the harshest punishment possible as they deserve?  Was the judge a liberal, lenient person--blind and naive to the gravity of this threat--who merely slapped the predators on the wrist and released them to continue to prey on our innocent young children?  We should realize that if there were 50 in one community in three days there would be 5000 in a year.  Multiply that by just 100 communities and we are confronted with half a million child sexual predators, a conservative estimate.  A more accurate estimate that we have seen indicates that the number of perverts who might abduct, torture, rape, and kill our women and children is in the millions! You can use the "Write to Congress" button on the left above to send emails to your representatives urging more and stronger legislation to address the problem. 

What can be done to stop predators? (MSNBC interview)

"To Catch a Predator"--NBC Dateline and MSNBC Commended by World Observer for Public Service to the Common Good 

National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families Releases Joint Statement

Dr. Jerry Kirk, founder and chairman of the National Coalition, Rick Schatz, president and CEO, and Jack Samad, senior vice president, along with leaders from the Religious Alliance Against Pornography (RAAP) and Morality in Media, recently met in Washington, D.C. with leaders from the CTIA-The Wireless Association, the Department of Justice, and the Federal Communications Commission.
We were able to personally deliver our Joint Statement to Steve Largent, president of the CTIA, Kevin Martin, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission and Brent Ward, director of the Obscenity Prosecution Task Force in the Department of Justice. This statement represented a commitment by over 15 organizations to work in conjunction with one another, the wireless technology industry, and federal, state and local governments to combat the threat that the abuse of advanced technology poses to the health, safety and welfare of our nation’s children and families. Additionally, we delivered your signed “Statements of Support” to Steve Largent, encouraging him to promote corporate responsibility to the leading wireless industry leaders. We are thankful to report that two of the six leading wireless companies have strongly indicated they will refuse to carry adult content on their devices!  We also spent significant time with Kevin Martin and Brent Ward, along with other representatives from the FCC and DOJ during the visit. We were truly overwhelmed by the response we received from these high-level leaders in Washington. There is no doubt the partnerships we have formed with the CTIA, FCC and DOJ have helped move this issue to the forefront and has caused strong attention to be placed on the potential danger of pornographers exploiting children on cell phones and other wireless devices.

After the meetings, we can honestly say all three organizations are aware of the dangers and are working to put safeguards in place to protect our nation’s children. 
The National Coalition will continue dialoguing with these leaders and keep you informed of the progress we are making.

Read the Joint Statement Now! 

Federal Communications Commission Endorses Cable Choice

The Federal Communications Commission released a report in favor of cable choice, or a la carte programming, which would allow consumers to only pay for channels they watch in their home. After a recent study of 28 million cable subscribers, the FCC found the average household only watches 17 channels. If cable choice is offered to subscribers, the study shows consumers would be saving as much as 13% on their cable bill. The National Coalition believes consumers deserve the ability to choose the content that enters their home and only pay for the channels they watch.

Read the Article Now!  


Organizations/Web Sites that Focus on Children


Amber Alert

Brookings Institution Center on Children and Families

Liberty Counsel, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, is a nonprofit litigation, education and policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of human life and the traditional family. On the campus of Liberty University School of Law in Lynchburg, Virginia, Liberty Counsel's Center for Constitutional Litigation and Policy trains attorneys, law students, policymakers, legislators, clergy and world leaders in constitutional principles and government policies.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families

Perverted-Justice Online Predator Watchdog

Child Seek Network
Pure Life Ministries exists to serve individuals and organizations dealing with sexual sin throughout the world by providing biblically based counseling, teaching materials and a public speaking ministry with the goal of leading Christians to victory over sexual sin and a deeper life in God.
For those who are seeking help with addictive or compulsive computer based sexual activity.
Resources for ministry leaders, parents and couples on sexual intimacy and sexual addictions.
L.I.F.E. Ministries is dedicated to encourage, empower, and equip God's young people to live everyday in sexual integrity.
Darkness to Light: training of adults on how to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.
Information and resources on how to keep your child and teen safe online
i-SAFE Inc. is the worldwide leader in the Internet safety education. Founded in 1998 and endorsed by the U.S. Congress, i-SAFE is a non-profit foundation dedicated to protecting the online experiences of youth everywhere. i-SAFE incorporates classroom curriculum with dynamic community outreach to empower students, teachers, parents, law enforcement, and concerned adults to make the Internet a safer place.

Shared Hope International

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The Defender Campaign
A division of the Predator Project, launching nationally in June 2006

OptionLine: 800-395-HELP  >> Call today or click here to find a Pregnancy Center near you.

Focus on the Family's Focus on Your Child Enjoy the Journey

Option Line - 24 hour Pregnancy Hotline

Option Line's 24-hour Pregnancy Hotline

World Observer  Research & Policy Position--Education Series:  Dealing with Sexuality & Religious Freedom Issues in Public Schools

Wireless Amber Alerts

Click here to get amber alerts on your cell phone!

U.S. Department of Justice National Sex Offender Public Registry

Resources to Help in the Battle against the Sexual Exploitation of Children

Resources to Help Parents & Guardians Keep Kids Safe

read more






Members of the public who have knowledge of a case of child sexual exploitation are encouraged to report it immediately to local law enforcement and the CyberTipline at or 1-800-THE-LOST.

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