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Do you know what's going on in your child's school or college?

Answer:  No education, poor education, secularism, misguided influence on youth, indoctrination, extremist agendas, incompetent administration, ineffective teaching, inappropriate behavior, sex, violence and ... teachers and students gone wild!

I just want to learn my numbers and letters, not all that other stuff!

Contents--click headings to jump down:

Research in Education Article of the Month:  Sexuality and Religious Freedom Issues in Public Schools



General Education Issues



Baptists to Weigh Public-School Exit Plan AP, Tim Whitmire, 6.14.2006

Baptist Families Encouraged to Stay Active in Public Schools

A Missed Opportunity--Baptists Reject Exodus from Public Schools

America's Schools: Hostile Environments?

Last April, students at Springfield High School in Oregon were told they could not wear t-shirts that said: "I am a Christian and I am against homosexuality, abortion, pre-marital sex and drugs." Alliance Defense Fund Lawyer Tim Chandler said: "The Supreme Court has said schools have the right to censor student speech only if it's disruptive, only if it's vulgar, only if it's lewd...[Schools] can't ban speech just because they don't agree with it..." Students who were participating in a pro-homosexual campaign were not prohibited from expressing their views, Chandler noted. Now, Springfield High School has officially apologized to the Christian students. That favorable outcome in Oregon contrasts cruelly with this story from Lexington, Mass. You'll recall that in that birthplace of the American Revolution, David Parker was arrested and barred from school property after protesting pro-homosexual material distributed in his son Jacob's elementary school. Now comes word that Parker's son Jacob, 7, was beaten up on the playground on May 17--to mark the second anniversary of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts. Estabrook Elementary claims it is "Safe School" as a show of tolerance for students who are said to be homosexual. But apparently such "tolerance" is a one-way street.  Family Research Council (15 June 2006)

Hymn at talent show becomes court case
A federal judge must decide whether officials at a New Jersey school went too far when they banned an 8-year-old girl from singing a hymn in a talent show.
>> Read full story

Michigan: Lawmakers Prepare New Bills to Allow Single-Sex High Schools
Detroit News, Gary Heinlein, 6.15.2006

Sex-Ed Advocates Tell Congress to Abandon Abstinence Ed (14 June 2006) Democrats introduce a bill to cut funding for purity.

When is a Song Too Religious - Even in After-School Show?
Christian Science Monitor, Warren Richey, 6.15.2006 (ADF)

School Curriculum Dispute Turns Violent: First Grader Beaten-up at School on Anniversary of Same-Sex "Marriage" in Massachusetts Reality Check, 6.14.2006 also see Seven-Year-Old Beaten at School For Father's Stand Against Homosexual Activism Lifesite, John-Henry Westen and John Jalsevac, 6.14.2006

Court Decision Allowing Muslim Course in Public Schools is ‘Double Standard’
CNA, 6.7.2006

ADF Appeals Liberal Judges' Ruling in Christian Student's Censorship Case
Agape Press, Jim Brown, 6.2.2006

Better Education for All Children: A Virginia Educational Improvement Tax Credit  Thomas Jefferson Institute, 6.7.2006 (pdf)

The Plan to Drug American School Children  OpEdNews, George Stone, 5.14.2006

Use of Antipsychotics by the Young Rose Fivefold
NY Times, Benedict Carey, 6.6.2006

It's Graduation Time!--Freedom of Religious Expression during Graduation Ceremonies, What Does the Constitution Allow?

Legal Groups Ready to Defend Graduation Prayer 

As graduates address parents and peers during commencement ceremonies, the issue of whether prayer or the mention God is allowed can be a confusing subject. Graduation ceremonies are marked by speeches to inspire and motivate -- but Christian students who take the stage are often reluctant to mention faith or God for fear of getting in trouble.  The widespread confusion about what is permissible has prompted Christian legal groups such as the Alliance Defense Fund and Liberty Counsel to develop resources for students and school officials.  Mat Staver, president of Liberty Counsel, said the United States Supreme Court has never ruled that prayer or religious messages are banned during public graduation ceremonies. He encourages school officials to remain neutral--neither commanding that prayer or religious messages be given, nor prohibiting voluntary student-led prayer or religious messages.  Read more

The legal memo available at in PDF format clearly explains under what circumstances religious expression during graduation is permitted.

'In God We Trust' Deemed Too Controversial for Yearbook Cover

Pennsylvania Bible Club Lawsuit Roils School
Philadelphia Inquirer, Dan Hardy, 5.29.2006 (David French of ADF, Leonard Brown, Randy Wenger, ADF Allies)

A Last Goliath: America's Public Education System
Education News, Dan Lips, 5.27.2006

Homosexual Groups Target America's Schools
Baptist Press, Kelly Boggs, 5.26.2006

State Denies Judge's Accusations of 'Un-Americanizing' School Curriculum         A Michigan judge is accusing the state's Department of Education of censoring the words "America" and "American" from public schools. But the Department is denying any such move is afoot.  Read More

Senior Once Censored Sings Religious Song at Graduation Ceremony  Laporte, MN - Today during practice for graduation this evening, school officials at Laporte High School told students, Aaron Reimer and Victoria Raddatz, they could not sing a duet because of the song's religious content. After Liberty Counsel intervened on behalf of the students, school officials reversed their position and allowed the students to sing.

Laporte High School is a small school, with approximately 30 graduating seniors. A student-led committee working on a portion of the graduation ceremony invited Aaron and Victoria to sing a song. The song they chose is "Treasure of Jesus" by Steven Curtis Chapman, a widely known Christian musician. School officials allowed the seniors to put together a portion of the graduation, which also included, among other things, a student slide show. However, while the students were practicing for graduation Friday morning, school officials learned for the first time that some students intended to sing a Christian song. The students were told they could not sing the song because it is religious viewpoint. The students and their parents then contacted Liberty Counsel.

In a demand letter issued late this afternoon, Liberty Counsel advised school authorities that it could permit the students to sing the song and further advised that Liberty Counsel was prepared to offer free legal assistance. On the other hand, the letter also stated that if school authorities censored the religious viewpoint of the song, such action would violate the First Amendment rights of the students. The choice of the song was solely that of the students. The school did not direct that the song be sung and was unaware of its content until today's rehearsal. When the selection of what to say or sing is solely the independent decision of students, then the school does not violate the Establishment Clause by permitting the message. But the school does violate the Free Speech Clause when officials censor the message because of its religious viewpoint. After negotiating with school officials for almost three hours, explaining the law, and warning of the impending suit if the song was censored, school officials reversed their position and allowed the students to sing the song.

Anita Staver, President of Liberty Counsel, stated: "Students have the right to include religious viewpoints during their graduation speeches. It is inappropriate for a school to censor religious viewpoints from a student's personal graduation message, or in this case, a particular song. It is insensitive and unconstitutional to silence student-initiated musical performances."

Mathew D. Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, commented: "Religious speech is fully protected by the First Amendment. When school officials intentionally censor a student's message or song because of its religious viewpoint, they cross the line. Thinking they are doing the right thing, school officials who censor religious viewpoints end up offending the Constitution."

The legal memo available at in PDF format clearly explains under what circumstances religious expression during graduation is permitted.

9th Circuit Panel Edits Parental-Rights Decision

Judges soften harsh statement against the right of parents to control their children's education.      A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has taken the unusual step of editing one of its rulings in a parental-rights case. According to Mat Staver, president of Liberty Counsel, the panel, led by ultraliberal jurist Steven Reinhardt, decided to review its ruling in Fields v. Palmdale School District -- a 2005 decision in which the judges told parents in Palmdale, Calif., they had no constitutional right to object to any sex-ed curriculum offered in public schools. read more

U.N. Making Home-schooling Illegal?
WorldNetDaily, 5.27.2006

High School Gay Group’s Sexual-Orientation Questionnaire Stirs Parent Backlash  By Terry Vanderheyden
PORT WASHINGTON, Wisconsin, May 17, 2006 ( – A high school student club for homosexuals has raised the ire of parents through a “Heterosexual Questionnaire” that posed such questions as, “If you have never slept with someone of your same gender, then how do you know you wouldn’t prefer it?”  Hundreds of students were asked to write answers to the highly personal questions in what the group claims was part of a national homosexual awareness campaign dubbed the Day of Silence. Two teachers approved distribution of the survey, according to a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel report. (c) Copyright:, a production of Interim Publishing. Permission to republish granted but acknowledgement of source (use is *REQUIRED*  Read other questions on the survey>>

Kentucky: ACLU Sues to Halt Graduation Prayer
AP on Lexington Herald-Leader, 5.17.2006

California Senate Votes to Force All California Public Schools to Promote Homosexuality, Trans-sexuality, Bisexuality Education
Christian Wire Service, 5.11.2006
  • Capitol Resource Institute
  • California Family Council
  • SB 1437
  • Golden-State Senators Pass Bill to Teach Kids About Homosexuality
    Citizen Link, Wendy Cloyd, 5.12.2006 
    Curriculum would have to include gay historical figures and speak only positively about homosexuality.

    California Senate Okays Lessons on 'Gays' in Textbooks
    Retuers on Boston Globe, 5.11.2006

    Florida: "School District Bans Gay Sites, Ex-Gays OK", 5.9.2006  Palm Beach County's school board is under fire for blocking access to the Web sites of LGBT rights groups while allowing sites advocating the so-called ex-gay movement to go unfiltered. The school district defends the blocking. It say that it is only following federal government guidelines. Its computer security manager, Bob LaRocca, says the filtering software being used comply with the Child Online Protection Act and the Children Internet Protection Act. At the request of the Palm Beach Human Rights Council the American Civil Liberties Union is reviewing the school district's policy. 
    "If their blocking software prevents kids, particularly middle and high school kids, from having access to information about gay rights and public health issues, but on the other hand allow access to religious group Web sites that are hostile to gay and lesbian legal rights and public health, that constitutes censorship," James Green, an ACLU lawyer told the Palm Beach Post.

    A Page From Glendening's Book: Books for Private Schools with Public Funds
    Washington Post, Nancy Trejos and Tim Craig, 5.11.2006

    Rising Number of Schools Face Education Law's (NCLB) Most Serious Penalties: Illinois Ranks 2nd  AP on NWINews, Ben Feller, 5.10.2006

    The Sanctity of Conscience in an Age of School Choice: Grounds for Skepticism
    Vischer, Robert K., Available at SSRN:

    Liberty Counsel Announces National 'Friend or Foe' Graduation Prayer Campaign  A Christian law firm and a Christian university have teamed up to educate public school officials about students' rights when it comes to graduation ceremonies. The result is the "Friend or Foe" Graduation Prayer Campaign, a joint project between and Liberty University and the Florida-based legal group Liberty Counsel.   Read More

    NC: School District Sued After Suspending Christian Student
    Agape Press, Jim Brown, 5.10.2006 (Dave Cortman of ADF)

    School Reverses Position on Student Expression of Religious Beliefs
    Pacific Justice Institue, 5.10.2006

    God In The Classroom
    By Gina Parker
    Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a Second Circuit Court of Appeals opinion in which the Court ruled a kindergarten student had a right to draw a picture of Jesus.

    Concerned Parents Battle "Gay" Advocacy in Schools
    AP on Christian Post, Jay Lindsay, 5.6.2006

    ADF Files Suit After North Carolina High School Suspends Student for Distributing Day of Truth Cards  ADF, 5.4.2006
    ADF attorneys to defend student’s constitutional right to express a different perspective on homosexual behavior

    "Bill to Promote 'Gay' Role Models in California Schools Passes Committee"  Scripps Howard News Service, Judy Lin, 5.3.2006

    Liberty Counsel and Dr. Falwell Launch "Friend or Foe" Graduation Prayer Campaign  5.4.2006

    When Parents' Values Conflict with Public Schools
    Boston Globe, Jeff Jacoby, 4.27.2006

    Bay State Parents Want to Know When Homosexuality Brought into Classroom
    A second-grade teacher and school officials in Lexington, Massachusetts, are being sued for refusing to notify parents before their children were read a book in class celebrating homosexual marriage.

    California bill to ban 'mom, dad' from texts, mandate pro-homosexual lessons advances    Read it on

    Christian Students Considering Lawsuit Over Suspensions  Christian students who were punished by their California high school for protesting its celebration of an annual pro-homosexual event are threatening to sue over the incident.   Read More

    Pennsylvania: Absenteeism Disappoints Administration on Day of Silence  The Daily Item, 4.28.2006
    Although there were no incidents, school district superintendent Steven Keifer says he was disappointed that 25 percent to 30 percent of the high school's students were absent on Wednesday . . . Mr. Keifer says it's unfortunate that some parents supported their children not being in school. . . Mr. Keifer said the situation could have played out differently if people had understood better what the students were doing. He said it was a day set aside to promote tolerance of all lifestyles, but it was not promoting homosexuality.

    WO Comment:  Mr. Keifer is naive and deceived.  A look at the materials distributed and the presentations given by gay activists, many of them referenced on this page, suggests that they indeed promote more than tolerance of a lifestyle.  Not only do they promote homosexuality but explicitly describe and implicitly encourage participation in homosexual sex acts.  Further, it has not been confirmed that promoting "tolerance for all lifestyles" is an appropriate educational mission of public schools or in the best interests of students.  Laws regarding discrimination refer to race, ethnic origin, gender, religion, and physical and mental handicap but not to sex act "lifestyles."  Finally, there is no law requiring tolerance of that which is counter to religious beliefs, family values, or social norms.  (See below on gay themed book.)

    "Parents' Suit Challenges Gay-Themed Book"  AP, 4.28.2006

    King and King: Homosexual Marriage Promoted in Second Grade Class  CWA, 4.26.2006

    Families File Federal Suit Over 'Gay' Readings: Teacher Argued Same-Sex Marriage Story OK Because Practice Legal
    WorldNetDaily, 4.28.2006

    ‘Ex-Gays’ Take a Page from 'Gay' Activist Schoolbook: Effort Under Way to Include ‘Gay to Straight’ Clubs in Schools
    Washington Blade, Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg, 4.27.2006

    California: "Gay Rights Face Off: Day of Silence Spurs Protests, Suspensions"
    Sacramento Bee, Deepa Ranganathan, Kim Minugh and Laurel Rosenhall, 4.27.2006

    Thirteen students at Oakmont High School in Roseville were suspended Tuesday when they refused to take off T-shirts that declared: "Homosexuality is sin." The students hired a lawyer who appealed 12 of the suspensions to the district Wednesday.

    Other schools in the region have disciplined students in recent weeks for refusing to remove T-shirts condemning homosexuality. Two students at Mira Loma High School said they were sent home Wednesday, and one student was suspended this month at San Juan High School . . . "We celebrate the multicultural nature of our school, and an anti-gay or anti-lesbian T-shirt we don't find particularly tolerant," said San Juan High Principal Dave Terwilliger.

    (WO Note:  Copy or move principal's comment to 2nd part of new page:  1. Caution (secularist agenda organizations, etc.)  2.  secularist, unreasonable comments like that of principal, and 3. "stupid" comments such as "I was for the war before I was against it." or Dean's "Many of us weren't Americans at some point in our lives.")

    Family Experts Suggest Risk Audits for Gay Activism in Schools  They say if a school is cooperating with homosexual groups, take your kids out.

    Focus on the Family Broadcast: Urges Action Against California Homosexual Public Schools Indoctrination Bill
    Focus on the Family, 4.27.2006 (2nd half of the broadcast)
    California Family Council Update on SB 1437 

    ADF Radio Clip:  The Case of the Confiscated Bibles
    Children at a local school are told that if they continue to hand out Bibles before school they face arrest. 

    WO Comment:  Secularist "reasoning"--freedom of speech applies only to liberals, secularists, atheists, gay activists, the ACLU, etc. not to conservative persons of faith.  And that freedom of religion clause--the Founders made a mistake.  We're pretty sure they meant to say freedom from religion.  Maybe we can't find the phrase "separation of church and state" anywhere in the Constitution or Bill of Rights but we're pretty sure the Founders intended to put that in somewhere.  Really.  Trust us, we're enlightened, you know!  

    'Day Of Truth' Offers Students a Chance to Hear What They're Missing  Townhall, Alan Sears of ADF, 4.27.2006

    Measuring Child Well-Being- The Education Flat line  The Brookings Institution yearly major research and policy report on children focuses on education during last 30 years. 

    Read the Child Well-Being Index Report (PDF) (Note--end of document includes resources for researching family/child issues)

    Bringing the Good News into Our Public Schools

    This special 20-page free report by Child Evangelism Fellowship will share shocking details regarding the status of the generation currently being raised in America. Find out how God has been forcibly removed from nearly every aspect of their young lives. Then, be encouraged as you learn of the landmark Supreme Court decision allowing Child Evangelism Fellowship to bring the Good News of the Gospel directly to children inside Public Schools. SPECIAL REPORT

    After-School Clubs:  The Supreme Court ruled in 2001 in Good News Clubs v. Milford Central School that Good News Clubs can meet in public schools after school hours on the same terms as other community groups.  To Inquire about After School Clubs click here.

    AP Editor's Note: More than four years after President Bush signed the No Child Left Behind Act, nearly 2 million children’s test scores aren’t being counted under the law’s required racial categories. An Associated Press review found states are exploiting a legal loophole that is giving a false picture of academic progress. The law also is creating financial gain for some private consultants, and leaving teachers increasingly skeptical that all children will be able to read and perform math as promised. This is the first of a four-part series describing what AP found across the country. Students whose tests aren’t being counted in required categories include Hispanics, blacks, American Indians, Asians and special education students, AP found.

    Responding to Confusion Over Role of Prayer at Commencement Exercises, Rutherford Institute Issues Guidelines for Graduation Prayer

    In response to increasing confusion over the role of prayer at commencement exercises, The Rutherford Institute has issued guidelines for constitutionally permissible ways to incorporate prayer into graduation ceremonies without violating the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, as well as certain practices that should be avoided. “The Ten Commandments of Graduation Prayer” is available here.  “There is a great amount of confusion over what can and can’t be done concerning prayer at graduation ceremonies,” said John W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute. “Prayer is not unconstitutional at such ceremonies. That is why The Rutherford Institute has issued guidelines in the hopes that our public schools will not abolish a time-honored tradition.”  “The Ten Commandments of Graduation Prayer” is available here>>>

    Campus Heterophobia
    WorldNetDaily, David Limbaugh, 4.21.2006 (David French of ADF)

    U.S. Supreme Court Allows Decision To Stand That Says Public Schools May Not Censor Religious Viewpoints Of Students In Class Assignments  Liberty Counsel, 4.24.2006

    U.S. Supreme Court Allows Decision To Stand That Says Public Schools May Not Censor Religious Viewpoints Of Students In Class Assignments

    Washington, DC - Today, the U.S. Supreme Court allowed a ruling by a federal court of appeals to stand that declared public schools cannot censor the religious viewpoints of students in class assignments. The case, Baldwinsville School District v. Peck, involved a school district's censorship of a kindergartner's art poster that contained a picture of Jesus. Liberty Counsel represents Antonio Peck, the student whose poster was censored.

    Second Time Around -- Mass. Elementary School Shows Its Rainbow Colors
    Some parents in Massachusetts are fed up with Lexington school officials who are defending a second-grade teacher's decision to read students a book about homosexual romance and "marriage" in class.

    Indoctrination in the Public Schools -- Another Warning From Massachusetts, 4.21.2006

    Dobson Urges Parents to "Rise Up" Against Homosexualization of Children in Schools  Lifesite, Hilary White, 4.21.2006

    Easter Candy Ban May Have a Bitter Ending for School
    The mother of a North Carolina second-grader is threatening to sue a public elementary school for prohibiting the boy from passing out Easter candy displaying religious messages.

    School Dispute Beyond Candy: Expression of Faith May Drive Lawsuit  Charlotte News Observer, Martie Maguire, 4.22.2006
    The packages of jelly beans came with printed messages explaining their many colors in terms of Christian symbolism: green because God made the grass green, white for peace, red for the blood of Christ. But when a Raleigh second-grader wasn't allowed to pass them out . . . lawyer from the Arizona-based Alliance Defense Fund responded with a letter demanding that the school allow Robert to pass out the candy. The school didn't relent, and ADF lawyers have threatened a lawsuit. It would be their fourth case in North Carolina, and they are considering three others. 

    Baptists Agree Public Schools Under Attack by Homosexual Activists, Disagree on Remedy  AP, Rose French, 4.21.2006
    The approved resolution said "homosexual activists and their allies are devoting substantial resources and using political power to promote the acceptance among schoolchildren of homosexuality as a morally legitimate lifestyle" and it urged parents and churches to investigate textbooks and programs in schools.

    Celebrating Women's History Month, The Honorable Margaret Spellings on the RNC's Wireside Chats. Listen now on as Margaret Spellings shares with us the progress the American education system has made since the implementation of NCLB.  Tune in now and listen to one strong woman's plan to ensure that this generation of American students is educated, motivated, and ready to continue America's legacy of excellence. Listen now on

    WO Comment:  A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action--"Educated, motivated, and . . .excellence" will not be easily accomplished as long as schools cower to radical, extremist agendas; fear the ACLU & similar groups; permit teachers to indoctrinate rather than educate; infringe on students' rights to free speech & religious expression; take a liberal stance on teacher sexual predators; and fail to address the many other issues that have deteriorated public education as highlighted on this page.

    School Choice & Educational Accountability

    "Perhaps the most fundamentally flawed idea [of the NEA] is this all-too-common one: 'Public schools were created to provide a "public good": education for all, regardless of a family's ability to pay... By contrast, under a voucher system that gives public dollars to completely unmonitored private schools, there is no such right to expect or demand accountability for student performance or how tax dollars are spent.' They don't get it. Competition brings accountability. Private schools may be 'unmonitored' by bureaucrats, but they face the most demanding kind of supervision our society provides: a market full of freely choosing individuals. Parents' desire for a good education for their children is a much more powerful check on schools than any politician's law or union rule. The people who want to control every young American's education like to talk about accountability, but what they want is to make schools accountable to anointed bureaucrats who think they know what's best for all of us. They evade real accountability—the kind of accountability where if a student or parent realizes a school isn't doing its job, he can find another one... If public schools are good, they have nothing to fear from school choice. Students and parents will choose them." —John Stossel

    WO Comment:  Parents need school choice and educational accountability, or a radical reformation of the public school system, for their children because . . . Gay activists claim they merely seek "tolerance" of "diversity" and a "welcoming and safe" environment in public schools.  Really?  It seems the gay activist agenda is much more than that.  Read on . . . .

    Lesbian Sues Pro-Family Activists for Exposing Truth About Pro-Homosexual Event

    Gay activists want to teach young children explicit homosexual sex acts without parental knowledge, consent, or interference.

    A lesbian who was fired for her role in the notorious "Fistgate" conference at Tufts University has brought a civil suit against two Massachusetts pro-family activists who attended the 2000 conference and then proceeded to expose what went on at the pro-homosexual event. Many concerned parents learned about "Fistgate" and its sexually graphic content through the efforts of Massachusetts pro-family activists Brian Camenker and Scott Whiteman, who attended the "Teach-Out" specifically to bear witness to and gather evidence of what went on there. That is why the two men are now facing legal action, along with the Parents Rights Coalition, which is also named in the civil suit. Former state employee Margot Abels alleges Camenker and Whiteman violated her free-speech rights by tape-recording two workshops in which she instructed children as young as 12 years of age in how to engage in homosexual sex acts.  Camenker heads the pro-family group Article 8 Alliance.  Attorney Steve Crampton, chief counsel of the American Family Association  is representing Camenker in the case. A judge has set a July 10 trial date for the lesbian activist's lawsuit against Camenker, Whiteman, and the Parents Rights Coalition.

    WO Comment & Take Action:  Read the full article and also check Article 8 Alliance and AFA's Center for Law & Policy and ask what you can do to help.   If the lesbian activist's lawsuit against Camenker, Whiteman, and the Parents Rights Coalition is successful it will be a major defeat of parents' rights to know what indoctrination of their children by gay activists and other liberal agenda-driven activists is being carried out in state sponsored venues such as public schools and it will be a victory for gay activists who will win the "right" to teach young children explicit homosexual sex acts clandestinely without parental knowledge or consent.

    WO Comment & Take Action:  Another reason parents need school choice or we need major, sweeping, dramatic changes in government and public education is illustrated by the following.  Warning:  The link shows explicit (and repugnant) images and text from a gay "handbook" handed out to children in public schools in Massachusetts.  Are gay activists distributing this at schools your children attend?  Find out and take action!    Download of infamous "Little Black Book - Queer in the 21st Century" given to kids at Brookline High School, now available - make sure your public officials see this. Here.  (Link shows a few pages from handbook, the entire book in PDF can be downloaded.)

    Massachusetts: Parents Filing Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit against Town of Lexington and Numerous Public School Officials Over
    Article 8 Alliance, 4.27.2006

    Live in Massachusetts?  Go to Article 8 Alliance and Parents Rights Coalition if you care about your children, what students are being subjected to by gay and other liberal activists, traditional marriage, and similar issues.

    Public School Teachers Gone Wild!
    By Michelle Malkin
    Last month, the unhinged government school teacher of the month award went to Jay Bennish -- a left-wing, anti-war screecher/teacher who used his high school world geography class in the Denver area as a Bush-bashing bully pulpit.
    This month, the leading nominee is one Steve White. Like Bennish, this public school teacher reportedly strayed far from his core subject -- he's an eighth-grade science teacher in Alabama -- in order to subject his students to his flaming anti-war, anti-conservative views.  The Athens News Courier, which broke the story, noted: "The word a -- hole is sung nine times and shown on screen 11 times; the s-word is used once and someone is shown 'flipping a bird' once."  The school district refuses to disclose the nature of White's punishment.  Limestone County Schools Superintendent Dr. Barry Carroll issued a terse, two-sentence statement on Friday: "The matter at West Limestone is a personnel issue and has been dealt with. There are no additional comments."

    WO Comment:  The attitude of school officials is actually more serious and has more far-reaching implications than the offense of the teacher.  Not only are they permissive in the material that is presented to students they are complicit in shielding teachers responsible for infractions and, worse, denying the public, the media, and parents access to information.  They are charged with administering public schools but have presumptuously assumed the position of demagogues of private institutions, considering themselves impervious to parental and public scrutiny and free from accountability.  This is typical of many school boards and school administrators nationwide and is a dangerous and detrimental trend.

    Liberty Counsel, PFOX Join Forces to Spread Truth About Homosexuality
    A Christian law firm is teaming up with a national organization to help public school students proclaim the truth about homosexuality and the hopeful message that change is possible for those struggling with same-sex attractions.

    California Legislators Mull Bills to Force 'Gay' Agenda on Public School Students Christian Wire Service, 4.17.2006

    School Officials Ban Second-Grader from Distributing Easter Candy Containing Religious Messages ADF, 4.13.2006

    The Moral Assault on America's Schoolchildren
    Christian Law Association, 4.2006 

    "Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) Will Discuss 'Findings of the National School Climate Survey' April 26"
    U.S. Newswire, 4.12.2006

    Christian Superintendent Protests Universal Criticism of Public Schools
    A public school superintendent in South Dakota says he wants to dispel the notion that all public schools are harmful to children. The Christian administrator contends that many public schools do not fit the description of some liberal education institutions on the east and west coasts and in some urban areas.

    Christian Group's Brochure Offers Schools Help in Understanding Tolerance  A California-based Christian group called Gateways to Better Education is offering students and teachers an alternative way to respond to an upcoming homosexual activist event being promoted in public schools.   Read More

    Liberty Counsel and Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays Launch the “Change is Possible Campaign” 
    Liberty Counsel, 4.12.2006

    Liberty Counsel and Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays ("PFOX") kicked off their joint "Change is Possible Campaign." Liberty Counsel is a national public interest law firm with hundreds of affiliate attorneys in all fifty states. PFOX is a national organization that supports families touched by homosexuality, advocates for the ex-gay community, and educates the public on sexual orientation.  As "tolerance" and "diversity" have become popular buzzwords, there has been a corresponding increase in discrimination and intolerance toward those who have made the decision to leave homosexuality. Former homosexuals have lost their jobs and been physically assaulted because they dared to tell others that people can and do overcome same-sex attractions. Most disturbing is the willingness of homosexual activists to use our youth (in public schools) to advance an agenda (and encourage homosexual sex acts). Throughout America's public schools, staff display "Safe-Zone" stickers with pink triangles, and schools hold diversity days to present the message that people are "born gay," but schools consistently exclude the message that people can, and have chosen, to change. Given the health risks associated with same-sex behavior, our youth deserve to know that unwanted same-sex attractions can be overcome. To help students bring this life-saving and life-changing message to their schools, PFOX and Liberty Counsel are encouraging students to take a "Tolerance Test." Students are asked to distribute literature and put up posters with the message that ex-gays exist, and then report to us the results of their efforts. We also encourage them to start Gay to Straight Clubs, and ask that the ex-gay viewpoint be included in all diversity day presentations that discuss homosexuality. We provide the students with a Students' Rights Brochure, sample graphics to use to create their own literature, health statistics, and a list of organizations that affirm a person's decision to leave homosexuality.

    North Carolina: "School Bans 'Sexually Explicit' Gay Club", 4.12.2006

    NC: "Schools Reject Gay-Straight Club"
    Charlotte Observer, Steve Lyttle, 4.11.2006

    NC: Radical Homosexual Agenda Reeling in Charlotte
    Christian Newswire, 4.11.2006

    Advocates Expect Challenge to Ban on N.C. Gay-Straight Alliance
    AP on Fayatteville Online, 4.12.2006

    Sexual Orientation: When Conflict Rules the School
    Christian Post, 4.8.2006

    Pro-Family Lawyer Criticizes Christian Educators' Collaboration With GLSEN
    A Christian attorney is denouncing a new agreement reached between a homosexual advocacy group and the Christian Educators Association on how to deal with the issue of sexual orientation in public schools. Part 1

    Family Advocate Denounces Pact Between Christians, Homosexual Activists
    A pro-family activist says the Christian Educators Association International kowtowed to homosexuals by reaching an agreement with GLSEN on how to deal with the issue of sexual orientation in public schools. Part 2 of a two-part series

    Educator Defends Guidelines for Dealing with Homosexuality in Schools
    A psychology professor and anti-bullying expert is rejecting claims that the Christian Educators Association International caved in to pressure from homosexual activists by reaching an agreement with GLSEN on how to deal with the issue of sexual orientation in public schools.

    Who Knows Their Children Best, Teachers Or Parents?
    Newswise, 4.7.2006
    A University of Virginia study shows that parents are better at assessing their child’s emotional states, while teachers are better at rating bad behaviors. The results emphasize the importance of teachers and parents working together in the child’s best interest. 

    Sex-Ed Programs Under Scrutiny  Citizen Link, 4.3.2006

    Pro-Family Leader Calls California's Pro-Homosexual Textbook Bill 'Outrageous'
    A pro-homosexual bill that pro-family forces are describing as one of the most outrageous pieces of legislation to come through the California legislature this year has been approved by the state's Senate Judiciary Committee.

    Rutherford Institute Secures Court Victory for New York Residents Whose ‘Jesus Saves/John 3:16’ Religious Bricks Were Removed from School Walkway Attorneys for The Rutherford Institute have secured a court victory for the right of Oswego County residents to inscribe Christian messages on bricks that were purchased and placed in the walkway of Mexico Academy High School as part of a school fundraiser.  The ruling by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New York orders school officials to restore to the school walkway the bricks inscribed with religious messages, which had been removed by school officials in an effort to appease the American Civil Liberties Union. The court’s order comes in response to a lawsuit filed by Institute attorneys alleging that the removal of the bricks violated the residents’ First Amendment right to free speech.  Click here to read more.

    Abstinence Ed Group to ACLU: Produce Proof or Retract False Allegations
    An abstinence education group in Rhode Island is accusing the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of spreading half-truths and distortions.  >> Read full story

    U. S. Department of Education

    Information about ED funding opportunities, including
         discretionary grant application packages, are at:

    Parental Information and Resource Centers (PIRC) (Federal   Register: March 27, 2006 [CFDA# 84.310A]) The purpose of the PIRC program is to help implement successful and effective parental involvement policies, programs, and activities that lead to improvements in student academic achievement and strengthen partnerships among parents, teachers, principals, administrators, and other school personnel in meeting the educational needs of children.  Eligible Applicants: Nonprofit organizations, or consortia of nonprofit organizations and local educational agencies (LEAs). Faith-based and community organizations are eligible to apply for funding.

    Estimated Available Funds: $38,100,000.
        Estimated Range of Awards: $250,000-$950,000 per year.
        Estimated Average Size of Awards: $585,000 per year.
        Estimated Number of Awards: 65.

    WO Comment:  Taxpayer money in the amount of 38 million dollars is a lot, but in this case it could be money well-spent if the programs are successful since parental involvement, or the lack of it, along with single-parent homes, is one of the major problems affecting education.  Unfortunately, the Department of Education, like all the federal government, spends a lot more on questionable programs.  To see what we mean, go to the web site and sign up for their email.  You'll receive notices of millions of dollars going to fund many programs that are poor choices of ways to spend taxpayer money.

    ‘Neutral’ School Agreement Is a Victory for Homosexual Activists
    CWA, Linda Harvey, 4.6.2006

    Schools Around The Country Consider New Policies On Religious Issues  Religion Clause Blog, 4.6.2006

    Radical Homosexuals in Massachusetts Continue the Fight against Concerned Parents  CWA, 4.5.2006

    California Senate Committee Passes GLBTQ Curriculum Bill; SB 1437  CWA, 4.6.2006

    California Bill Would Force Schools to Support Homosexuality
    Citizen Link, 4.5.2006

    California: "Gay History to Become Mandatory", 4.6.2006
    California is the largest buyer of school books in the United States and as a result, will set the trend for other schools around the country.

    California: "Bill Will Help Schools Teach About Gay and Transgendered People", Kelly Rush, 4.6.2006

    California: "Education Bill to Promote Gay Diversity in Schools", 4.6.2006

    WO Comment:  In the above article titles on California notice how the use of one word or another expresses one's viewpoint and agenda--"forced" and "mandatory" in contrast to "help."  Educators and lawmakers are the appropriate authorities on academic core curricula but when it comes to views, family values, personal beliefs and the like parents should decide whether or not they want their children indoctrinated by activist agendas.

    'Day of Truth' Gives Students Way to Counter Homosexual Agenda  Baptist Press, Michael Foust, 4.5.2006

    High School Traditional Values Club Wins Equal Rights Victory
    A conservative student club at one Michigan high school has won a major free-speech victory. After initially resisting the idea, school administrators recently allowed the group to display its flag alongside the rainbow colored flag of the school's Diversity Club. 

    'Bible Bill' Sponsor Touts Historic, Literary Value of World's Best-Selling Book
    A Georgia lawmaker is hailing passage of a bill to fund elective Bible courses in the state's public schools.

    Florida Poll: Majority Oppose Vouchers
    St. Petersburg Times, Ron Matus and Donna Winchester, 3.30.2006

    Wall Street Journal Examines Debate Over Sex Education, Increasing Federal Funding for Abstinence Programs
    Kaiser DRHR, 3.30.2006

    Arizona: Reading Porn Won't Develop 'Critical Thinking Skills' - Students Should Have Opt-Out Right
    AZ Republic, Brad Frese, 3.30.2006

    Arizona Bill To Require Recognition of Student Religious Organizations Nears Passage
    Religion Clause Blog, 3.30.2006

    Somers, NY: "Another School District Blocks Gay Speakers" Due to Parental Outrage, 3.31.2006
    Next Monday the Williston School Board will hold a special meeting to decide whether to reschedule the event. Administrators at Williston Central School are recommending that Outright Vermont (gay speakers) be invited back to the public school despite the parental objections.

    Parents Find Maine Schools Unresponsive to Sex-Ed Concerns
    Agape Press, Jim Brown, 3.30.2006

    WO Comment:  One of the most disturbing trends in public education today is that school boards can disregard parental objections to programs they consider inappropriate for their children. 

    Making Education Pay Off
    AZ Republic, Robert Robb, 3.31.2006  Subsidizing institutions instead of students ignores the simple ABCs of smart investing.

    Late Author Penned Revealing Probe Into U.S. Educational System: Public Education Against America: The Hidden Agenda by Marlin Maddoux  Agape Press, Austin Miles, 3.30.2006

    Late Author Penned Revealing Probe Into U.S. Educational System
    Marlin Maddoux's Public Education Against America is the most thorough, fully documented inside-look at the public school system yet to be published. Every parent in America should read this book to learn what the government schools are actually teaching their children.

    Sexualized Culture Blamed for Teacher-Student Sex Epidemic
    An author says parents may want to consider pulling their children out of public schools once they find out young people are much more likely to be sexually abused at the hands of public school employees than by Roman Catholic priests.

    Attorney: Cancelled 'Diversity Day' Shows School's Intolerance for Truth
    A Wisconsin high school has cancelled its biannual "Diversity Day," an event designed to introduce juniors and seniors to minority perspectives and to expose the teen students to alternative sexual lifestyles. The school scrapped this year's event after a legal group encouraged inclusion of the perspective of former homosexuals in planned "Diversity Day" activities.

    Conservative Student Club Wins Right to Display Flag in School
    The Traditional Values Club, a conservative student club at Howell High School in Howell, Michigan, announced today that it had won the right to display its club flag in the main school hallway alongside the flag of the Diversity Club, a rainbow-colored flag many believe serves as a symbol of homosexual rights.

    Rhode Island Boots Abstinence-Only Sex Ed from Classrooms
    Rhode Island has dumped a federal education program that encourages young people to abstain from sexual activity and other risky behaviors. The state's education officials are being accused of caving in to the demands of the ACLU.

    Judge Grants Injunction Allowing Child's Recess Bible Reading and Sharing
    A federal judge has ordered an elementary school in Knoxville, Tennessee, to stop prohibiting a fifth-grade student from reading his Bible with a friend during recess. But the dispute between the child's family and the school district is far from over.

    Parents Find Maine Schools Unresponsive to Sex-Ed Concerns
    Conservatives in Maine are demanding changes in how the issue of human sexuality is taught in public schools. Parents across the state have been protesting the schools' sex education practices and curricula but, seemingly, to no avail.

    Teacher's Bible-Based Opinion on Homosexuality No Grounds for Discipline

    A Florida-based Christian attorney says a Miami public high school was wrong to publicly reprimand a teacher for stating her biblical opposition to homosexuality while being interviewed for a student video project that was broadcast throughout the school.   Read More

    Competition As An Effective Education Reform by Nancy Salvato

    Rhode Island Bans Abstinence-Only Education from Schools
    Rhode Island has banned an abstinence-only-until-marriage program from public schools, saying the program violates students' rights, embraces stereotypes, and isolates teens.

    Obscenity/Pornography on School Required Reading Lists

    Kansas parents eventually started a website,, designed to inform parents about the contents of their children's reading material and about how to get involved to make changes.   The site includes pages with explicit examples of narrative bestiality, homosexuality, violent sex, and oral sex, citing the school board-approved books from which the excerpts come.  says :   "The state should not have open season on when, where and how to indoctrinate and form children's sexual attitudes, but rather … the parents should have the primary role in values education and overall worldview, particularly in the area of sexual values, for their own children."   An example of an inappropriate book on the reading list in Kansas and probably on many others throughout the nation is a book by Toni Morrison.  Beloved, by Morrison, one of Oprah Winfrey's favorite writers, contains oral sex, incest, rape, pedophilia, graphic sex, extreme violence, sexual abuse, physical/emotional abuse, infanticide, and an extensive amount of profanity.  The first two chapters contain five references to sex with cows in addition to other types of sex according to the website.

    A website sponsored by   Parents Against Bad Books in School includes an extensive list of typical young-adult novels along with obscene excerpts from each one.   The web site states about the American Library Association:  "The un-American ALA has taken the American constitutional right of freedom of speech and has perverted it into their right to push graphic and explicit smut on children. ALA and ALA affiliate brown boot bullies are constantly working to implement their weird social Marxist agenda. What started, purportedly, as a professional union-like organization for librarians has morphed into a powerful, dangerous, leftist, extremist organization.  The ALA believes 'anything goes at any age' and that there is no difference between children and adults.  ALA and ALA affiliates decide what books your children should read. They push smut in both public and school libraries. They decide what is read in English class. Their vision of what is best for your child doesn't include traditional classic literature.  Smut-filled, 'culturally diverse,' easy-reading books are being pushed instead."

    Are your kids reading rot? Rebecca Hagelin

    Institutional Intolerance: Left-Wing Professors Use Classes as Pulpits for Propagandizing
    East Valley Tribune, Tom Patterson, 3.20.2006

    Privatizing Education
    Monthly Review, Michael Perelman, Vol. 57, No. 10

    'Twin Bills of Destruction' Threaten Family Values in California Schools

    A California pro-family activists is warning against two education bills in the state legislature that advance a radical pro-homosexual agenda. One of the bills would make school textbooks gender-neutral, while the other threatens schools financially if they choose not to promote homosexuality.  Read More

    Christian Educators, GLSEN Cooperate on School Sexual Orientation Guidelines

    A homosexual activist group and the Christian Educators Association International say they've found common ground on how to deal with the issue of sexual orientation in public schools.   Read More

    Report: "Public Schools and Sexual Orientation: A First Amendment Framework for Finding Common Ground"
    First Amendment Center and Common Ground (pdf)
    Press Release

    A Moral Battleground, a Civil Discourse
    USA Today, Charles Haynes, 3.19.2006

    Vouchers Offer Hope to Failing U.S. Students  by Dan Lips

    Youth indoctrination update 

    I've received numerous letters from all over our country saying that indoctrination at Overland High School is by no means unique.

    Classroom Brainwashing
    By Thomas Sowell
    Governor Bill Owens of Colorado has cut through the cant about "free speech".

    One-Way Free Speech In Schools
    By Joe Mariani
    When it comes to preaching multiculturalism and politically correct social engineering in public schools, the left are certainly the most vocal of free speech purists.

    WO Comment:  An excellent exposition on several of the current problems in public schools, this essay details the liberal agenda-laden direction in education--indoctrination would be a more accurate term.  Abuses, hypocrisy, and infringements on freedom of speech and of religious expression are pointed out with links to pertinent information.

    An Accelerated Curriculum of Ignorance
    By Frank Salvato
    In days of old, when teaching right from wrong was the responsibility of parents, schools exclusively taught the basics and neither teachers nor parents could be charged with a crime if they disciplined unruly children.

    The Assault On American Youth
    By Oliver North
    The last Global Geographic Literacy Survey, assessing the geographic knowledge of 18-24-year-olds in nine different countries was, at best, a disappointment.
    It found, for example, that only 17 percent of young Americans could locate Afghanistan on a map; 29 percent could not correctly identify the Pacific Ocean; and 11 percent were unable to find the continental United States.

    California Middle School Ends Censorship of Christian Club's Speech
    A lawsuit threat from a pro-family group has prompted a California school to drop its restrictions on a Christian student club and allow the group to operate on equal terms with other student organizations without having to censor its religious expression.

    WO Comment:   Filing lawsuits or threatening to do so is the intimidating tactic used by the ACLU and similar organizations in their abusive secularist attempts to eliminate the freedom of religious expression portion of the First Amendment and to pervert the freedom of speech portion to mean everything except religious expression.  Using their lawsuit tactic to counteract their attacks and preserve these freedoms is an acceptable, reasonable, and recommended approach. 

    Modern Education's Return to Virtue, Honesty, and Justice: A review of Henry Edmondson III's John Dewey and the Decline of American Education
    Townhall, Daniel Son, 3.10.2006

    California: A Radical Push for Pro-Homosexual Education
    Capital Resource Institute, 3.6.2006

    Does Today's FAIR Decision Implicate Christian Student Group Cases? Religion Clause Blog, Howard M. Freidman, 3.6.2006

    Lesbian Named School's Homecoming King  Read it here

    Alliance Defense Fund Radio Clip:  The Case of the Silenced Parents
    A school official tries to talk a parent out of opting their child out of a “harassment” education class for fear that the ACLU might sue the school.

    WO Comment:  The ACLU's intimidation of lower courts, elected officials, school boards and others is a serious and intolerable situation involving the abuse of authority and a serious injustice to society.  If you are aware of similar problems at your child's school, in local government, or other situations please let those involved know they need not fear the ACLU.  Tell them to contact the Alliance Defense Fund, the Liberty Counsel, the Rutherford Institute and similar organizations.  Also use the Write to Congress button to urge elected officials to curb the ACLU's intimidating tactics and frivolous lawsuits (costing an abundance of taxpayers' money).

    Former Teacher Convicted of Having Sex With Student Out of JailSchool teachers molesting students dwarfs in magnitude the clergy sex-abuse scandal that rocked the Catholic Church  Read it here

    Woman fired for sex with boy, 15
    Teacher hired teen student to do chores around her house
    --McMinnville News Register, Oregon

    Teacher  had sex with boy, 13
    Pamela Turner can't talk with media outlets for 8 years
    --WTVF-TV, Nashville

    Pamela Turner, pictured above and below, was married at the time but has divorced and is now known as Pamela Rogers.

    Follow-up on the above case of Pamela Rogers

    'Sex Teacher' Arrested For Contacting Victim

    MySpace page puts teacher back in jail

    "Rogers reached a plea deal to serve nine months on an eight-year sentence, allowing her to avoid a trial on 28 charges of sexual battery and statutory rape.  Under terms of the plea deal, she was, among other things, ordered not to contact the victim or his family and not to use the Internet.  Authorities said she violated probation by establishing a Web page on the online social networking hub Her page featured a blog that included what authorities said was communication. The Web site also featured several pictures of Rogers in a bikini."  Rogers' page has been removed from the site. 


    WorldNetDaily to unveil report on sex-predator teachers  also see the study by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of the Under Secretary, Educator Sexual Misconduct: A Synthesis of Existing Literature, Washington, D.C., 2004, by Charol Shakeshaft, Ph.D.,  Hofstra University. The study is available in pdf format and in MS Word format.

    Agape PressLesbian Teacher, Suspected Sex Offender, Uses Post to Indoctrinate Students, Parent Says
    A lesbian teacher who helped lead a controversial pro-homosexual seminar at the North Carolina Governor's School last year is being investigated for alleged sexual misconduct with a student.

    TRI to Appeal Case Dismissal of Lawsuit Over Removal of Teacher's Christian-Themed Posters

    Attorneys Will Appeal Dismissal of Christian Teacher's Censorship Suit
    A civil liberties group is appealing a federal judge's ruling that upholds a decision by a Virginia school district to remove prayer-themed posters from a Christian teacher's classroom wall.

    NJ Teacher to Return After Having Sex Change
    AP, John Curran, 2.28.2006

    Teacher's Anti-American Rant in Class Caught on Tape

    A high school teacher caught by a student on audiotape in an anti-U.S. and anti-capitalism diatribe was placed on administrative leave after the recording was made public.  Read the entire story and listen to the teacher's rant now at WorldNetDaily

    Education Schools vs. Education 

    Newsweek, George F. Will, 1.16.2006 issue
    Prospective teachers are expected to have the correct 'disposition,' proof of which is espousing 'progressive' political beliefs.

    New Public School Textbook 'The Bible and Its Influence' Gains Support Among Evangelical Leaders and Use in Schools
    Christian Wire Service, 2.27.2006

    Academic Freedom, Institutional Identity, and Diversity
    Mirror of Justice Blog, Rick Garnett, 2.22.2006

    Arizona taxpayers paying dearly for judicial activism

    One of the most outrageous examples of out-of-control judges is the case called Flores v. Arizona, now pending in federal court in Tucson. Originally filed in 1992, plaintiff lawyers claim to represent an estimated 160,000 children of illegal immigrants attending Arizona public schools.

    Are You Considering Homeschooling?, 2.24.2006
    94% of homeschoolers keep the faith and 93% continue to attend church after the high school years. But a shocking 75% to 85% of Christian children sent to public school drop out of church, and do not hold a Christian worldview after high school graduation.

    Patriot Post

    "I personally believe there is no place in the federal government for a Department of Education. It is not in the Constitution. There is no mention anywhere in the Constitution that the federal government has any role in education. I believe that the federal government doesn't have a role in education. I have several members of my family, including my wife, who are teachers, who are not at all happy with the so-called No Child Left Behind bill, which I think has gone far astray from what it was even intended to do. And I would like to hope that at some point we could get the federal government out of the business of education altogether, and acknowledge that this is policy that should be decided at the state level." —Rep. John Shadegg

    Denver Archdiocese Uncovers Sexual Abuse Bias for Public School Teachers  CWNews, 2.13.2006
    The Archdiocese has lifted the lid on some 85 Colorado Department of Education reports of sexual impropriety among teachers since 1997.

    Researchers find that listening to classical music seems to be the best music for boosting blood flow to the brain
    Read the article

    Poll Shows Divide Among Parents, Teachers
    AP, Ben Feller, 2.8.2006

    FIRE Doubts New Report's Campus Sexual Harassment Stats
    Agape Press, Jim Brown, 2.2.2006

    No School, No Books, No Teacher's Dirty Looks: UnSchooling
    CNN, Traci Tamura and Thelma Gutierrez, 2.3.2006


    Elementary & Secondary Education Issues

    World Observer Research Article on Education:  Dealing with Sexuality & Religious Freedom Issues in Public Education


    Family Advocate Fears Pro-Homosexual Education Bill Will Pass California Senate   A California pro-family activist says a bill in the state Senate requiring public schools to teach homosexual, bisexual, and transgender history is an assault on the minds and bodies of school children.   Read More

    Program on Vouchers Draws Minority Support
    NY Times, Diana Jean Schemo, 4.6.2006

    Judge Grants Injunction Allowing Child's Recess Bible Reading and Sharing
    Agape Press, Jim Brown and Jenni Parker, 3.24.2006 (Nate Kellum of ADF)  

    School Diversity Day Cancelled after being Legally Required to Present Ex-Gay Viewpoints
    Intolerance of Christian views blatant as other faiths allowed and encouraged to give views

    VIROQUA, WI, March 24, 2006 ( - Viroqua High School officials chose to cancel Diversity Day activities scheduled for yesterday after Liberty Counsel, a Christian legal organization, presented legal precedent requiring inclusion of the viewpoints of Christians and former homosexuals. The school scheduled sessions for students to present viewpoints of Hmong, Jews, Muslims, Native Americans, African-Americans, homosexuals, Latinos, Buddhists, the physically disadvantaged, and the economically disadvantaged, but not Christians or former homosexuals.

    U.S. Supreme Court May Hear Liberty Counsel Case Regarding Censorship Of A Kindergartner’s Art Poster That Contained A Picture Of Jesus

    Washington, DC – The U.S. Supreme Court will decide soon whether to hear a case involving a school district’s censorship of a kindergartner’s art poster that contained a picture of Jesus. Representing Antonio Peck, the student whose poster was censored, Liberty Counsel filed a brief late yesterday with the Court.

    When attending kindergarten at the Baldwinsville Elementary School in Syracuse, New York, Antonio’s teacher instructed the class to draw posters regarding their understanding of the environment. Antonio drew a poster depicting children holding hands circling the globe, people picking up garbage and recycling trash. The left side depicted Jesus with one knee to the ground and two hands stretched toward the sky, although Jesus was not named. This poster was displayed for half a day on the cafeteria wall, along with 80 other student posters, during an event where parents were invited to view their children’s artwork. But unlike the other kindergarten posters, school officials folded Antonio’s poster in half in order to censor Jesus. School officials said the poster violated “church and state” and would give the impression that the school was teaching religion, even though the poster was clearly a kindergartner’s artwork. Folding the poster made it look odd. Antonio’s name at the bottom was cut in half. When he saw his poster folded, Antonio felt ashamed in front of his classmates and his parents, because school officials told him and his parents why his poster was folded. He then assumed he did something wrong and was being punished. When school officials refused to remedy the matter, apologize or adopt a policy to prevent future censorship, Liberty Counsel filed suit.

    In 2000, the federal trial court ruled that the school had the right to censor the poster because of “church and state” concerns. On March 28, 2001, a court of appeals, in a 3-0 decision, reversed the decision and sent the case back to the trial court. In 2004, the same federal trial court judge again ruled for the school. Liberty Counsel appealed, and on October 18, 2005, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals again ruled 3-0 in favor of Antonio. The Second Circuit joined the Ninth and the Eleventh Circuits in holding that public schools may not censor a student’s viewpoint on a permissible subject matter when it is responsive to a school assignment or program. The First and Tenth circuits hold that viewpoint discrimination in the curricular context may be permissible. The School District filed a Petition requesting that the Supreme Court hear the case and rule that school districts may censor religious viewpoints of students. Liberty Counsel’s Brief argues that the Second Circuit’s decision that schools may not censor religious viewpoints of students is correct. Liberty Counsel’s brief also points out that Justice Samuel Alito, while on the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, wrote that schools may not censor religious viewpoints of students when they address permissible subjects in response to class assignments or instruction.  Mathew D. Staver, President and General Counsel for Liberty Counsel, stated: “Why school officials went out of their way to humiliate a kindergarten student in front of his parents and classmates can only stem from antagonism to his Christian viewpoint. Common sense dictates that no one would assume the school indoctrinated students in religion simply because one kid’s drawing contained an unidentified religious figure. If the Supreme Court agrees to hear the case, we anticipate it will agree with the ruling by the court of appeals that public schools may not discriminate against religious viewpoints of students when they address permissible subjects in response to class assignments.”

    "ACLU Hails Rhode Island Department of Education Efforts to Stop the Use of Harmful 'Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage' Curriculum in Public Schools"  ACLU, 3.22.2006

    WO Comment:  Notice that this item is from the ACLU and that the title uses the verb "hails" and the adjective "harmful" referring to abstinence in sex ed.  Research has shown that such abstinence programs in schools are the most effective in controlling teen pregnancy.  Another organization might have written the headline, "Group Bemoans Efforts to Stop Effective 'Abstinence' Curriculum."  The choice of a word or two can easily slant communication to suit one's own agenda.

    ADF Radio Clip:  The Case of the Family Life Class
    A parent tries to opt-out his young son from an explicit sex-ed class at the local public school.

    California: Bill to Promote Homosexuality in the Schools

    Capitol Resource Institute, Karen England, 3.16.2006
    Scroll down in linked resource to view:
    --Oakland Unified School District: Erasing Homophobia
    --San Francisco Unified School District: Suggested Gay Pride Month Curricula and Activities
    --Los Angeles Unified School District: Names/Pronouns

    WO Comment:  Wonder what types of gay activities they plan for public school students to witness?  This is not education, it's indoctrination.

    Kansas Children Must 'Opt In' for Sex Ed
    LA Times, 3.16.2006
    The Board of Education votes to require districts to get parents' express permission for classes.

    WO Comment:  This requirement meets our four-point criteria for actions since it is rational, logical, reasonable, and fair.  Which standard and traditional secular academic subjects are taught and how to teach them should be in the domain of the schools.  Topics, issues, and activities that are personal (sex ed), religious or moral  (homosexual agenda, required reading lists containing objectionable material), political (freedom of speech and religious expression) and so forth should be subject to informing parents and obtaining their permission.  More federalism and less states' rights could accomplish this action for the common good and public utility in one fell swoop for the entire nation rather than having to seek such common sense solutions to conflicts over and over in every school district in the country.  The "opt in" or "opt out" approach should be national and should include all controversial issues not just sex ed.

    Virginia: Board Ignores Parents and Their Concerns Over Campus GSA Clubs  Agape Press, Jim Brown, 3.16.2006

    ADF attorneys appeal ruling censoring student speech in Boyd County schools  (3/14/2006)
    Attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund today appealed an order restricting the constitutional rights of students to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit. 
    ADF: Earlier ruling ignores speech rights of students and leaves no option for parents who object.   
    ADF attorneys contend that the order refused to protect the free speech rights of students in schools, ignoring well-settled law that says students cannot be censored merely because they are expressing views with which the school disagrees.

    “Students have the right to discuss their view that homosexual behavior is wrong,” said ADF Senior Legal Counsel Kevin Theriot.  “The judge’s ruling was not in compliance with the First Amendment and not in conformity with the weight of case law on the free speech and religious expression rights of students.”

    On Feb. 17 in the case Morrison v. Board of Education of Boyd County, a federal judge refused to protect the free speech rights of students in Boyd County schools.  The court also held that students have no right to opt out of the school district’s diversity training sessions  (WO Note:  "diversity training" is secularist "code" for indoctrinating persons with a homosexual and/or anti-religious agenda) that came about as the result of the settlement of another lawsuit filed against the Boyd County Board of Education by the Boyd County High School Gay-Straight Alliance, represented by the American Civil Liberties Union.

    “It’s just the latest in a disturbing trend in the courts concerning parental rights.  The school district is attempting to change the beliefs of students without their parents’ consent,” Theriot said.  “The provisions of any settlement arrangement must respect the constitutional rights of students.”

    “In essence, the only option the court’s ruling has allowed is for parents to accept public school indoctrination or take a hike,” Theriot explained.  “This is no option at all for a great number of parents who do not possess the means to home school and cannot afford private education.  Rulings like these disproportionately impact the poor by institutionalizing them in what are quickly becoming re-education camps rather than places of learning.”

    Time to teach

    Several hundred people showed up at my door Wednesday to teach me a lesson by offering me a job. They were unionized public-school teachers, and they wanted me to go into a school and teach for a week. "Teach, John, teach!" they chanted  I wasn't expecting that.  I did expect them to demand an apology for my TV special on education, "Stupid in America," which was critical of union work rules. 


    Obscene Books in Schools and Public Libraries

    Parents across the nation are taking action against both school districts and libraries that feature books, some of them required reading, that include sexual issues and obscenity many believe are inappropriate for school children.

    'Gay' Teens Are Using the System: Students Fight Personal Cases of Discrimination Through the Courts and Political Activism.
    KTLA, 3.13.2006

    Ohio Parents Demand Schools Drop Inappropriate Sex-Ed Booklet
    Agape Press, Mary Rettig, 3.13.2006

    Vouchers Offer Hope to Failing U.S. Students
    Heritage Foundation, Dan Lips, 3.13.2006

    Behind the Veneer of Public Education
    Op. Editorials, Chris Adamo, 3.9.2006

    Alliance Defense Fund Radio Clips

    The Case of the Censored T-Shirt
    A young man is stopped by school officials before he can enter school grounds because his T-shirt is critical of the school’s teaching of homosexual behavior.
    The Case of the Pink Triangle
    A young girl with family problems is told by her school counselor to “come out” as a lesbian.

    Unlikely Alliance Takes on School Conflict As Public Schools Cope with Conflicts Over Homosexuality
    AP, Ben Feller, 3.9.2006 

    Memphis School Board Official Raises Parents' Awareness of Gang Problem
    A school board member in Memphis, Tennessee, is voicing concern over the growing infiltration of gangs in the city's elementary schools.

    Agape Press:  ACLU's 'Bible Crusade' Reaches Into Small-Town America

    A Christian attorney says the ACLU is resorting to "old tricks" by filing a federal lawsuit to stop The Gideons International from giving Bibles to fifth-graders at a public school in Missouri.

    Parents Act on Schools’ Offensive Reading Material  Read it here

    The Teachers Unions are Mad at Me Townhall, John Stossel, 3.8.2006

    Alliance Defense Fund Radio Clip:  The Case of Straight Pride
    A student is told to remove his “offensive T-shirt” of face suspension. 

    Calif. School Drops Ban on Religious References, Ensures Equal Rights of All Student Clubs ADF, 3.6.2006

    Georgia: Lawmakers Ponder Parental Notification of Same Sex Clubs at School First Coast News, 3.6.2006

    Indoctrination High: It Gives New Meaning to the Term, "Class Warfare"  Front Page, Ben Johnson, 3.3.2006

    Home-Schooling Grows Quickly in the United States
    Reuters, Alan Elsner, 3.2.2006

    Georgia: "Gay Club, ACLU Sue Over WCHS Policy"
    White Co. News Telegraph, Denise Etheridge, 3.3.2006

    Virginia: "Senate Kills Bill Decried as Anti-Gay"
    Washington Post, Rosalind S. Helderman, 3.3.2006
    The Senate's Education and Health Committee killed a bill that sought to clarify that school boards can ban extracurricular groups from using school facilities if the groups encourage or promote "sexual activity by unmarried minor students." 

    ADF Demands NC Governor's School Drop Course on 'Gay' Teenagers  Agape Press, Jim Brown, 3.2.2006 (Mike Johnson of ADF)

    ADF Radio Clip:  Secret Abortion
    A teenage girl seeks help from her high school counselor regarding her unplanned pregnancy and is given more than just bad advice.

    School Club Based on Sexual Preference Not Appropriate
    The Decatur Daily, 3.1.2006

    Washington Prayer Too True for School
    WorldNetDaily, 2.28.2006

    Missouri: ACLU Seeks to Prohibit Bible Distribution in Grade School
    AP on Joplin Globe, 3.1.2006

    AFL-CIO Teams Up With Teachers Union NEA
    AP, Elliot Spagat, 2.27.2006

    In Boulder, Colorado school officials denied the formation of a Bible club as not related to curriculum, while at the same time allowing a Gay/Straight Alliance club as being part of the health education curriculum.

    If school choice isn't an issue, it should be

    I was aghast to read Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle's response to a question from The New York Times columnist John Tierney, "How long will blacks vote for a party that opposes the voucher programs they strongly  favor?" Star Parker is President of Coalition on Urban Renewal & Education.  You can contact her here.                    Copyright © 2006 Star Parker


    WO Comment:  Violence?  There is no violence in our public school system.  Violence certainly doesn't exist in our middle schools.  And, of course, you'd never find violence in a model middle school.



    Alliance Defense Fund:  Not in Our School: Parent Concerned About State-Sponsored “New Gay Teenager” Seminar  ADF, 2.24.2006
    ADF attorney says sexually oriented program, lessons violated North Carolina law.

    Parents Worry About Forced Sex Education in Public Schools

    Grandmother Gets Help Asserting Preschooler's Right to Share His Faith

    Thanks to the efforts of a persistent grandmother and advice from a pro-family legal group, a four-year-old student at a Head Start program in one Oregon city can now talk about his faith with classmates. An instructor had initially muzzled the youngster's religious speech at school.   Read More

    Maine Parents, Advocates Upset Over Explicit Novel Approved for High Schoolers
    A school district in Maine has reaffirmed its reinstatement of a sexually explicit book several parents want removed from the local high school's curriculum. The Orono School Committee recently voted to retain the controversial novel Girl Interrupted in the ninth grade English literature class at Orono High School.

    New Study Shows U.S. Girls Surpassing Boys in At-Risk Behaviors
    The White House drug czar has released a new study that indicates teenage girls across the United States are using marijuana, alcohol, and cigarettes at higher rates than boys.

    The lessons of school choice

    Choosing how your children are educated should be as routine in America as the ability to choose your neighborhood, your church, and your place of employment.


    Georgia Bill Forces Students to Consult Parents before Joining School Clubs  By Terry Vanderheyden

    Homosexual activists furious state would prevent kids from joining gay clubs

    ATLANTA, February 16, 2006 ( – Homosexual activists are up in arms over a Georgia House measure that requires students wishing to join school clubs to first receive parental approval. The activists charge that the measure is meant to discourage students from joining homosexual clubs.  The bill, which passed 143-25, allows parents to prevent their children from joining a school club they disapprove of. A similar measure is pending in the Senate.  Because the government administers schools, the House felt it had an obligation to help parents know what their children are up to, according to the bill’s sponsor, Republican Rep. Bobby Reese. “It’s our obligation to the stockholders in this state, in the school system, that they should know what’s going on with their children,” he said, according to the AP.  “I don't know about you but when I was in school, there was no need for this kind of legislation,” said state Rep. Len Walker (R-Loganville), before a vote on the measure, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “There was no need for this type of legislation because the clubs and organizations . . .  were honorable and were right for kids. Isn’t it a tragedy that we no longer live in such a state as that?”  (c) Copyright:, a production of Interim Publishing. Permission to republish granted but acknowledgement of source (use is *REQUIRED*


    Georgia Governor Gets Behind New Education Budgeting Bill
    The governor of Georgia is pushing a proposal aimed at improving student achievement that would require 65 percent of all education dollars to be spent directly in the classroom.  >> Read full story

    Agape Press

    With Court's Permission, Children Can Hand Out 'Religious' Valentines

    Today students in one Texas public school district are able to give their classmates Valentine's cards and gifts with religious messages -- the result of a district judge's ruling that protects the free-speech rights of students.   Read More

    Denver Archdiocese uncovers sexual abuse bias for public school teachers

    Initiative Touts Community Benefits of Church-School Partnerships
    Dozens of church leaders from throughout America recently gathered at a Dallas-area church to learn how to rebuild their communities through teaming with area schools.

    Alliance Defense Fund

    Steep Price for Suggesting Evolution is a Theory: Dover School District to Pay $1M Attorneys Fees in Intelligent Design Case
    The York Daily Record, LAURI LEBO and MICHELLE STARR, 2.22.2006
    Approximately $250,000 will go directly to recovering out-of-pocket expenses, Rothschild said, and will be divided among American Civil Liberties Union, Americans United for Separation of Church and State and Pepper Hamilton. The rest will go toward the ACLU and Americans United.  The Dover Decision

    Boston Schools Appoint Homosexual Principals
    Pink News, Marc Shoffman, 2.16.2006

    Ga. House: Parents Must OK Clubs Kids Join  AP, 2.15.2006

    Texas Court: Religious Symbols Must Be Allowed on St. Valentine's Day at Schools  ADF, 2.13.2006

    The Heteroflexible, Pansensual, Bi-Curious Teenager-The Fast Lane in the American High School, 2.15.2006

    Ohio Evolution Lesson Plan Eliminated
    AP, Carrie Spencer Ghose, 2.15.2006

    Ohio Board Undoes Stand on Evolution
    NY Times, Jodi Rudoren, 2.15.2006

    ACLU of Ohio Demands Schools Stop Teaching Intelligent Design as Science  ACLU, 2.14.2006

    California: Santa Anna School District Approves Sex Ed Curriculum at Behest ACLU and Planned Parenthood
    Google News Links to OC Register articles, 2.15.2006

    Pro-Homosexual School Posters Fostering 'Intolerance,' Says Family Advocate
    Agape Press, Jim Brown and Jody Brown, 1.30.2006


    Higher Education Issues



    Catholic University Graduation Crowd Blasted for Heckling Student Speaker
    The New York-based Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights is criticizing the actions of spectators and graduates who heckled a student commencement speaker at a Catholic university in Minnesota for airing some of his conservative beliefs.

    Ex-Dean Says Harvard Run Like Day Care
    Boston Globe, Marcella Bombardieri, 5.27.2006

    Should Colleges Fight Intolerance by Curbing Hate Speech?
    AJC, 5.25.2006 (David French of ADF)

    Crisis in Education: Bad Theology Leads to Bad Education
    Renew America, Fred Hutchison, 5.17.2006
    Whereas Western universities came into being during the twelfth century as groups of scholars in pursuit of truth, the modern university classroom systematically denies the existence of truth. Unfortunately, if there is no truth, then reason is dethroned from its exalted tasks, and is degraded to merely pragmatic calculations. By saying that truth does not exist, the education of reason becomes merely a pragmatic and utilitarian exercise, devoid of its noble calling. That is our current dilemma. Modern academia has lost respect for reason, knowledge, and the human mind. Virtue was once almost as highly exalted as truth in Western establishments of education. The powers of reason were vigorously employed to understand and define moral virtue.
    In contrast, modern academia is propagating ideas of moral relativism and situational ethics. Reason is debased when it is used only for the calculations of self-seeking pragmatism or in the rationalization of vice.

    Why Do Professors Believe Their Free Speech Shouldn't Be Criticized?
    National Review PhiBetaCons Blog, David French of ADF, 5.10.2006

    'Hybrid Icon' May Adorn Some Restrooms at Univ. of Colorado
    A campus watchdog group is criticizing a task force at the University of Colorado-Boulder for claiming the school's bathrooms are discriminatory against transgender people. 

    Columnist's 'Sheldon Award' Spotlights Campus Leaders Squelching Free Speech
    A conservative columnist has announced the latest winner of an annual mock award conferred upon "the university president who does the most to look the other way when free speech is under assault on campus." U.S. News & World Report columnist John Leo has declared a tie in this year's Sheldon Award competition.

    Pro-Abortion Vandals Desecrate Princeton Group's Pro-Life Display
    Pro-abortion vandals have destroyed yet another campus pro-life display, this time at an Ivy League university. 

    More “Intolerance” from the “Tolerant"
    Scott Savage considers himself to be a “plain Christian.”  He’s a conservative Quaker who found himself in the crosshairs of the so-called “tolerant” at Ohio State University, Mansfield (OSU-M) who accused him of "sexual harassment" for suggesting conservative books for a freshman reading list.

    University of Wisconsin Cuts Funding for Catholic Group
    CNA, 4.21.2006

    Penn State Censorship -- The Plot Thickens
    Volokh Conspiracy, David Bernstein, 4.24.2006 (ADF)

    'Conservative Pride' Celebrated in Sun Devil Country
    Conservative students at Arizona State University says they're fighting for their own opinions to be heard and respected on campus. They recently promoted a celebration focusing on the need for more academic diversity at the school. 

    Judge Rules Against Campus Christian Legal Society
    Student group loses funding and platform to speak.

    Court Tells Christian Club Its Mission Not Harmed by Non-Believing Leaders An attorney with the American Family Association says a Christian club at a university in California likely will appeal a federal judge's ruling that a state law school can discriminate against the club.  Read More

    WO Comment:  The ruling doesn't meet World Observer's four-point criteria for the enlightened approach of the New Millennium Enlightenment--policy must be rational, logical, reasonable, and fair.  It may be rational but the other three do not apply.  A simple analogy would be for the court to be told that its mission would not be harmed by including law enforcement, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, and jurors who did not adhere to and uphold the Constitution, law, and punishment.

    Auburn University: Events Focus on Homosexuality
    The Auburn Plainsman, Kendra Carter, 4.19.2006 (Day of Truth)

    'Free Speech' Cries Ring Hollow on College Campuses and Beyond
    USA Today, Nat Hetnoff, 4.18.2006

    State Law School Can Discriminate Against Christian Club, Says Court
    A federal judge has ruled that the University of California’s Hastings Law School can deny official recognition and funding to a Christian student club that requires its members and leadership to sign a statement of faith.

    ". . . Don't Fund Discrimination"
    San Francisco Chronicle, 4.14.2006
    A conservative Christian organization, the Alliance Defense Fund, is challenging the university's non-discrimination policies. Related ADF PR, 11.28.2005

    California Federal Court Rules Against CLS Student Club in Challenge to UC Hastings Law School Nondiscrimination Policy
    Christian Legal Society v. Kane, No. C 04-04484 JSW (N.D. Cal., April 17, 2006)
    "This case concerns whether a student religious club may compel a public university law school to fund its activities to allow the group to use the school's name and facilities even though the organization admittedly discriminates in the selection of its members and officers on the basis of religion and sexual orientation."

    WO Comment:  When discrimination is not a politically incorrect "dirty" word, meeting criteria for membership, indiscriminate or universal membership leads to conflicts of interest, the UN example, other examples . . . . more to come . . . .

    University Rebuffs 'Gay' Profs, Warns Librarian Not to Retaliate
    WorldNetDaily, 4.20.2006 (David French of ADF)

    Ohio St. Drops Harassment Charges Against Conservative Librarian Allegations of sexual harassment against a librarian at Ohio State University's Mansfield campus have been dropped. The librarian, a devout Quaker, had been under investigation by the school for suggesting that freshmen students read conservative books.   Read More

    Conservative Books Equate to 'Sexual Harassment'
    Human Events, Christopher Flickinger, 4.17.2006 (ADF)

    Librarian Attacked by Profs for Promoting 'Marketing of Evil'
    WorldNetDaily, 4.15.2006 (ADF)

    "Suggesting Anti-Gay Book for Inclusion in University Reading Program = Sexual Orientation Harassment?"
    Volokh Conspiracy, Eugene Volokh, 4.14.2006 (ADF)

    Ohio State Librarian Slapped with “Sexual Harassment” Charge for Recommending Conservative Books  ADF, 4.13.2006

    Kentucky: University Professor Leads Students to Destroy Anti Abortion Display  Christian Newswire, 4.15.2006

    Northern Ky. U.: Damage to Pro-Life Display Probed
    AP, 4.14.2006

    Suit Targets Georgia Tech's Speech Policy: Students Say Rules Discriminate Against Conservatives
    Atlanta J. Constitution, Andrea Jones, 4.13.2006 (David French of ADF)
    Policies aimed at protecting students from intolerance end up, instead, discriminating against conservative students who speak out against homosexuality and feminism and other issues, said Georgia Tech senior Ruth Malhotra, a conservative Christian who has tangled with Tech's higher-ups time and again in her four years on campus.

    Connecticut: "Gay Students Protest Scalia Speech", 4.12.2006

    Moral issues top concerns of U.S. students
    U.S. college students polled say many contentious political issues are closely linked to morality. The data, collected for Harvard University's Institute of Politics and released Tuesday, show students are of the opinion that matters such as the government response to Hurricane Katrina and education policy are questions of morality.
    >> Read full story

    Release of a New National Poll of America's College Students
    Heritage Foundation, 4.11.2006

    Poll: Religion, Morality Vital to College Students' Politics
    CNSNews, Randy Hall, 4.11.2006

    University Life and Religious Freedom

    College Scholarships Available for Children of Military Heroes
    The Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund honors the bravery and dedication exhibited by Americans in our armed forces who have sacrificed life or limb in the defense of our country by providing college scholarships to their children. Freedom Alliance is now accepting applications for the 2006-2007 academic year.

    Duke Profs Reportedly Behind Student-Led Harassment of Guest Speaker
    A conservative columnist is criticizing Duke University for taking no punitive action against three feminist professors who attempted to talk 20 students into stripping during the middle of a speech by conservative activist David Horowitz on campus.

    Pittsburgh: ACLU On Campus
    Carnegie Pulse, 4.7.2006

    Yale, DePaul Top 'Campus Outrage Awards' for 2006
    One Ivy League university's recruitment of a former Taliban official has landed the school a dubious "Campus Outrage Award." First runner-up is a Catholic school the awarding group says apparently has all but declared war on free speech with which it disagrees.

    Queer Studies,’ Catholic Style – DePaul Launches ‘LGBTQ’ Minor
    Catholic Online, Monta Monaco Hernon, 3.30.2006

    Sex in the Syllabus: Colleges are Getting Serious About Porn Studies, but Should Professors Show or Just Tell?
    Time, Lisa Takeuchi, 3.26.2006 

    University Backs Off on Bible-Study Ban: Dorm Groups on Sexual Issues were OK but Not Scriptures  WorldNetDaily, 3.24.2006

    Georgia: Students' Lawsuit Targets Policies Against 'Intolerance'
    Student Press Law Center, 4.12.2006 (David French of ADF)
    See also: Atlanta Journal Constitution

    ADF Lawsuit Targets 'Onerous' Student Speech Codes at Georgia Tech  Agape Press, Jim Brown, 3.22.2006
    ADF senior legal counsel David French says on one hand, Georgia Tech bans students from saying anything that would be subjectively deemed "intolerant" -- and on the other hand withholds lawful funding to religious student groups. In the meantime, French alleges, the school is engaging in explicit religious instruction on the issue of homosexual behavior through a training program called "Safe Space."

    Against Georgia Tech University’s violation of students’ First Amendment right to free speech.  
    Undergraduate students at the university receive documents that contain comprehensive student conduct guidelines that regulate “permissible” speech and expression – guidelines that we allege have been selectively used against religious and conservative individuals and organizations on campus.  You can read the entire complaint at  In addition, university officials had implemented a scheme aimed at indoctrinating students in what the officials decreed to be the correct interpretation of religious texts with regard to homosexual behavior. The program, called “Safe Space,” promotes “religious support” of homosexual behavior, while denigrating traditional religious beliefs that oppose it.  The “Safe Space” manual can be read at

    Read the ADF press release...

    Against Temple University’s retaliatory acts against a student who served as a sergeant in the Pennsylvania National Guard deployed to Bosnia shortly after 9/11. 
    The sergeant, a graduate student in the university’s Military and American History program, received anti-war e-mails from a professor in the department while serving overseas.  When he objected, our complaint states officials refused to grant him military leave (which is guaranteed by federal and state law), dismissed him from the school, refused to advise him during his thesis completion, improperly and inaccurately reported him as defaulting on his student loans, personally and professionally denigrated him during the evaluation of his thesis, and delayed his graduation three times.  In addition, the sergeant found his ability to share his political, religious, and culture views with others consistently chilled by the school’s ”speech code.”  A copy of the complaint can be read at

    Against Pennsylvania State University’s policy that can encourage students to spy on each other and report “hate” through a public hotline and website. 
    “Hate” is defined so broadly that expressing a biblical view of sexual morality can result in punishment—a policy that has led Christians on campus to “self-censor” the Gospel to avoid such an outcome.  You can read the complaint at

    Student Expelled for His Conservative Views Wins Suit, Returns Determined
    An army veteran and graduate student at Le Moyne College in upstate New York who was expelled from his degree program because of his conservative philosophy of education is back in the classroom and speaking out.  >> Read full story

    I feel, therefore I am

    Good morning, students! I can see by the expressions on your faces that you are surprised to see me empty-handed this morning. After all, you took a test last class meeting and probably expected your results back today. But, don’t worry one little bit. I have a good reason for not grading your exams. I simply didn’t feel like doing it.

    Male, Female or Other: Can I Check All Three?
    Townhall, Nathaniel Blake, 3.17.2006
    Next fall, my university will follow the lead of other schools by adding an 'other' category to the gender section of admissions forms so that "students will now be able to express exactly who they think they are." In short, unfortunate delusions are to be treated as perfectly acceptable.

    ADF Files Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Georgia Tech for “Draconian” Speech Code  ADF, 3.16.2006

    The Radicalization of American Legal Education, Revisited: Why the Right's Efforts Are Good for Law Schools and the Law
    Findlaw Commentary, Scott Gerber, 3.15.2006

    The Political Attack on Our Universities: Activist 'scholars' are recruiting students for radical causes by David Horowitz

    Gay Rights Group Targets Christian Colleges

    Yale's New Student, Taliban Enemy of America

    If you're a high ranking member of the Taliban, Yale University welcomes you with open arms!  In Hashemi's own words to the New York Times; "In some ways I'm the luckiest person in the world... I could have ended up in Guantanamo Bay. Instead I ended up at Yale."  However, if you are a patriotic America who would like to organize a ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corp) chapter at Yale, or want to speak to a military recruiter on campus, you're told to take a hike!  On February 26, according to the New York Times Magazine, Yale University admitted Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, the Deputy Foreign Secretary of the Taliban to the University.  This is the same Yale University that ACTIVELY PROHIBITS students from organizing ROTC chapters and seeks to deny students the right speak to military recruiters on campus!  A travesty of this magnitude should NEVER be allowed to go UNCHALLENGED -- not at a school that is partially funded by YOUR TAX DOLLARS!

    Yale Alum Blasts Ivy League School for Enrolling Former Taliban Official
    An alumnus of Yale University says the Ivy League school apparently "considers the U.S. military more evil than the Taliban." He bases this conclusion on the fact that Yale recently enrolled former Taliban spokesman Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi as a student.

    WO Comment:  If you want to take action on this issue you may visit Yale's web site to search for contact email addresses  in their directory  The American Conservative Union is conducting a fax/email campaign that takes the work out of it for you but note that a fee is requested:  ACU Yale Campaign

    'Sex Worker' Art Shows Not Appropriate for Colleges, Says Activist
    A pro-family leader in Pennsylvania is condemning two art shows celebrating "sex workers" being held this month at college locations in her state. The shows, she explains, literally feature art related to professions glorifying sex. Caution: This article contains references that some may find offensive

    Court Says Schools Must Let Military on Campus: Ruling by Roberts '76 Puts His Alma Mater in a Bind
    Harvard Crimson, Javier C. Hernandez, 3.6.2006

    Justices Won't Intervene in Art Flap from Kan. University
    AP on First Amend. Ctr., 3.7.2006

    An Academic Battle Comes to Temple
    Phila. Daily News, David French of ADF, 3.3.2006

    Students' Free-Speech Rights at Issue in Two Penn. Lawsuits
    Two public universities in Pennsylvania -- Temple University and Penn State -- are simultaneously facing federal civil rights lawsuits filed by a Christian group.

    Weblog: U. Wisconsin Lifts RA Bible Study Ban

    ADF Steps in After Atheist Entity Challenges Status of Collegiate Catholic Group ADF, 3.3.2006
    University of Wisconsin–Madison officials warned against ceding to de-funding demand

    Dangerous Professors Threaten Young Minds
    Newsmax, Phil Brennan, 3.2.2006

    The Unending Hypocrisy of Campus Censorship
    Front Page Magazine, David French of ADF, 2.28.2006

    Townhall:  My letter of resignation

    I am writing to submit my letter of resignation as a regular columnist for your conservative website. My decision comes in response to the following letter, submitted by a professor in my department to all the other professors in my department (myself excluded).

    Are colleges training rapists?  Tuesday, December 20, 2005 by Judith Reisman -- The U.S. Department of Education research in 2004 on "Educator Sexual Misconduct: A Synthesis of Existing Literature" found more teacher than priest child molesters (per capita).

    GOPUSA:  Another Academic Casualty  By Thomas Sowell
    The resignation of Lawrence Summers as president of Harvard University tells us a lot about what is wrong with academia today.

    MSNBC/Newsweek:  Uproar over Catholic school's gay studies minor

    What a Christian Student Can Expect from the Universities: Liberal Bias at State Schools  AZ Citizen by Ctr. for AZ Policy, Christina Trefzger, 2.2006
    We are seeking greater diversity in our student body, a diversity that brings with it the potential for excellence and perspective.” This is a statement made on the Arizona State University website. It sounds good, doesn’t it? The problem is the kind of diversity that the Arizona universities are looking for . . . [I]n order to engage in the academic discussion that happens in the classroom, a student is expected to accept the basic assumptions. The most significant and most dangerous of these assumptions is moral relativism, the rejection of absolute truth.

    Alliance Defense Fund:  ADF Accused of Promoting Hate Speech on Campus at Penn State  The Collegian, Ryan Pfister, 2.24.2006

    AgapePress:  The Summers of Our Discontent
    The resignation of Harvard President Lawrence Summers is symptomatic of a rising intolerance that pervades our public institutions. Summers is not alone, mind you. The casualties in the Reich's war on dissent are piling up faster than puff pieces on Hillary Clinton.

    College Illiteracy
    by Stephen M. Lilienthal

    A recent study by the American Institutes for Research ("AIR") contains what should be unsettling news. The study, funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts, surveyed the literacy skills of graduates of four-year colleges and two-year community and junior colleges.

    The ability of the students to analyze newspaper stories, comprehend documents and balance a checkbook was assessed. Over half the graduates of four-year colleges and three-quarters of the graduates of junior and community colleges could not be categorized as possessing these "proficient" skills.  Read More

    Porn Stars, Sex Toys Part of Yale Program
    AP, Matt Apuzzo, 2.17.2006

    Campus votes for sex on student-run station

    University of California, San Diego, administrators are taking a tough stand against pornography on the campus's Student-Run Television Station (SRTV), saying they will ignore this week's vote by students to permit airing of sexual content.
    Read the article on

    Attorneys Organize to Defend Rights of Christians on Campus
    AP on, 2.2.2006
    The Alliance Defense Fund, whose volunteer lawyers represent evangelical Christians, has created a Center for Academic Freedom focusing on university students. The effort is supported by leaders of Campus Crusade for Christ, Christian Legal Society, Chi Alpha, Campus Ambassadors, Every Nation Campus Ministries, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and The Navigators. The center's director is Harvard Law graduate David French, former president of the secular Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

    FIRE Official Blasts DePaul for Selective Viewpoint Censorship
    The nation's largest Catholic university -- DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois -- is considering whether to punish a student for organizing an on-campus protest against affirmative action, but a spokesman with the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education believes the school is trampling on certain people's rights to express their views.

    On Campus: Jane Austen v. The Vagina Monologues

    The feminist canon: inspired not by the Holy Spirit, but by the Holy Orgasm.

    Catholic Group Says 'Out' With DePaul's New Queer Studies Program  Agape Press, Jim Brown, 2.10.2006


    Book on Higher Education:  The Professors, by David Horowitz

    The Professors: David Horowitz Writes Up the Faculty
    National Review, 3.13.2006

    ACLU Attacks David Horowitz's Book of 101 Most-Dangerous Professors  Human Events, Robert B. Bluey, 2.15.2006

    WO:  Read the following information on an informative book, just one example of professors gone wild and the sad state of affairs at colleges and universities in America.  Thomas Jefferson would be dismayed, as we all should be.   Search for this book & others like it at Human Events Book Service,, or use your favorite search engine.

    The Professors:  The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America
    by David Horowitz

    When a white woman asked how she could help race relations a Rutgers University professor said:  "You can help by dying.  You are a cancer.  You can help the world's people with your death."

    Remember Ward Churchill, the Colorado professor who compared the victims of 9/11 to Nazis and said they deserved what they got? Well, he's just the tip of the iceberg.

    In fact, writes bestselling author and academic reformer David Horowitz, radical professors like Churchill aren't the exception at American colleges and universities -- they're legion.

    David Horowitz's riveting expose is essential reading for parents, students, college alums, taxpayers, and patriotic Americans who don't think college students should be indoctrinated by radicals opposed to everything that sustains our nation and our civilization.

    Now, in The Professors, Horowitz blows the cover off 101 university professors -- representative of thousands more that teach our young people -- who:

    • Preach violent anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism
    • Say they want to kill white people
    • Cheer on the killing of American soldiers
    • Promote the views of the Iranian mullahs
    • Support Osama bin Laden
    • Lament the demise of the Soviet Union
    • Defend pedophilia

    ...all the while living off tax and tuition dollars, and college endowments.

    Far from being marginal figures, the 101 academics whose ideas and teaching practices are exposed here span the broad spectrum of American higher education and include many leaders of the academic profession -- including departmental chairs (like Churchill himself), academic prize winners, and the heads of professional groups like the American Historical Association and the Modern Languages Association.

    Some of them are present or former members of terrorist cells; others are convicted criminals, pedophiles, Communists, racists, and anti-Semites. And, while some have set up their own pseudo-academic fields like "Peace Studies," "Queer Studies," and "Whiteness Studies," most spread their hateful propaganda under cover of traditional disciplines such as history, English, economics, and anthropology.

    Some of the 101 professors exposed by David Horowitz in The Professors:

    • The Northeastern University professor who likens the 9/11 terrorists to America's Founding Fathers -- and claims that al Qaeda's jihad is a defensive one against the West
    • The Berkeley professor who supports the Ayatollah Khomeni
    • The self-described "civil liberties activist" who acts as North American head of Palestine Islamic Jihad -- a terrorist group responsible for the suicide bombing murders of more than 100 civilians in the Middle East
    • The New York sociology professor who warned his fellow academics that their light workloads are under attack by "right-wingers" who "want us to put our noses to the grindstone just like everybody else"
    • The University of Pennsylvania law professor who believes that the black community should accommodate criminal behavior and find a "good middle ground between straightness and more extreme forms of lawbreaking"
    • The black professor-poet who openly advocates killing white men and raping white women -- and has been showered with academic honors and appointments
    • The author of a widely used "Peace Studies" textbook that endorses revolutionary violence, citing Cuba as proof "that violent revolutions can sometimes result in generally improved living conditions for many people"
    • The Stanford University professor who refers to jihadist suicide bombers as "martyrs" and denounces America on Al-Jazeera TV
    • The Columbia University professor who called for a "million Mogadishus" -- the 1993 military ambush in Somalia that killed 18 Americans
    • The criminology professor at the University of Colorado who gives final exams that require students to "Make the case for gay marriage" and to explain why the United States liberation of Iraq is "criminal"
    • The Washington State professor who helped found the separatist organization MEChA, which seeks to establish an independent Hispanic state, "Aztlan," in the American Southwest
    • The University of Oregon professor who considers the collapse of the Soviet empire a setback for human progress
    • The Brooklyn College professor who calls religious people "moral retards," and characterizes America as a "fascist state"
    • A law professor who spent ten years on the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted List"
    • An education professor who teaches that rap music is an effective tool for teaching English literacy
    • An early childhood education professor who bombed the Pentagon and is proud of it
    • An English professor who regards the fall of Communism as a "moral catastrophe"
    • A black studies department chairman who is a convicted torturer and inventor of Kwanzaa

    The 101 portraits in The Professors also reveal several disturbing patterns of university life, including: promotion far beyond academic achievement; teaching subjects outside one's professional area for the purpose of political propaganda; making racist and ethnically disparaging remarks with impunity, as long as those remarks are directed at unprotected groups such as whites and Christians; the overt introduction of political agendas into the classroom; and the abandonment of any pretense of academic discipline or scholarly inquiry.

    Alliance Defense Fund


    Can a Catholic University be Great: The Viewpoint of a Former Stanford Professor
    Mirror of Justice Blog, Michael Scaperlanda, 2.14.2006
    In the classrooms of such institutions [secular universities], neither students nor faculty can seriously address religiously related big questions - about life's purpose, objective values and meaning that transcends human constructions - because the governing ideology is anti-teleological. It is antagonistic to any objective moral norms and naturalistic in its metaphysical convictions.

    U. of Florida: Efforts Under Way to Start "Gay, Bisexual Frat", 2.16.2006

    Press Conference Wednesday on Civil Rights Lawsuits Filed Against Temple University and Penn State ADF, 2.21.2006




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