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May 1, 2006
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 Is War with Iran Inevitable?
An apparent consensus is emerging in Washington, and around the world, that war with Iran is just a matter of time. But is this consensus correct? The Bush administration may be convinced that a nuclear armed Iran poses a major threat to global security. However, there is a good reason to believe that U.S. officials will conclude that military force is not a desirable answer: This threat may warrant use of military force, but the military, political and international context for making such a decision militates against it.
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Investing in Early Education 
Many in Congress and the administration have called for new investments in education in order to make the U.S. more competitive. Yet advocates of early childhood education have only recently stressed the economic benefits of preschool programs, and it has been difficult to win support for these immediate investments.
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Foreign Correspondents 
Senior scholar Stephen Hess and his new book “Through Their Eyes” are featured on a two-part program on foreign correspondents. The show, “This Is America with Dennis Wholey” airs on more than 90 public broadcast stations in the United States and Canada. In addition, podcasts and video are available online after the initial airing.
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Analysis & Commentary
The Nuclear Challenge from Iran
Philip H. Gordon, Foresight Magazine
Abolish FEMA?
Richard A. Falkenrath, CNN Live Today
U.S.-India Atomic Energy Cooperation: Strategic and Nonproliferation Implications
Stephen P. Cohen, Senate Foreign Relations Committee
As the Mideast Comes Apart, America and Europe Come Together
Philip H. Gordon, E!Sharp
A Comprehensive Approach to Rebuilding Southern Louisiana
Amy Liu, Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Associations
Stuck in a Policy Blindspot: America's First Suburbs in Transition
Robert Puentes, American Planning Association Annual Meeting
The Challenge of Reforming France
Nicolas de Boisgrollier, U.S.-Europe Analysis Series
The European Services Directive
Juan Delgado, U.S.-Europe Analysis Series
And Yet It Moves: The European Constitutional Debate One Year Later
Ettore Greco, U.S.-Europe Analysis Series
No Major IMF Reforms Just Yet
Lex Rieffel, The Washington Times
Debt is Cheating Our Children's Future
Isabel V. Sawhill, Kansas City Star
The Effects of Investing in Early Education on Economic Growth
William T. Dickens, Isabel V. Sawhill, and Jeffrey Tebbs, The Brookings Institution
The Economics of Net Neutrality
Robert W. Hahn and Scott Wallsten, AEI-Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory Studies
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