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 Current Political News, Issues, Analysis & Commentary

"The public cannot be too curious concerning the characters of public men."  Samuel Adams, to James Warren, 1775

The Senator Who Cried 'Bigot'
Townhall, Maggie Gallagher, 6.6.2006
Will no one turn to Ted Kennedy and say, "Sir, have you no decency?"

A Civil Debate on Marriage: Reaction to Kennedy
Boston Globe, Jeff Jacoby, 6.7.2006

One Nation Under God


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 Separation Hypocrisy: Congress Isn't So Excited About Separation of Powers When It Comes to the Judiciary  LA Times, 6.7.2006

Christian Conservatives Taking "Wait And See" Approach To McCain  (12 May 2006)    The Wall Street Journal reports that for Sen. John McCain, "tomorrow's graduation speech at Jerry Falwell's Liberty University in Virginia marks his rapprochement with the preacher he lambasted as an 'agent of intolerance.'" But "other Christian conservatives are awaiting the senator's votes on gay marriage and other social issues before deciding whether they can tolerate him as Republicans' 2008 presidential nominee."
      Knight Ridder reports the McCain-Falwell truce "could benefit both: It can help McCain reach evangelical Christians, an influential bloc in his party, and it might revive the 72-year-old Falwell's influence a quarter-century after his Moral Majority movement helped propel Ronald Reagan into the White House." But the move "also carries risks. As McCain reaches right, he could alienate potential supporters farther left, including independents, who might not have known, or believed, that the senator is a social conservative.

Democrats To Unveil Agenda In June  (12 May 2006) The Washington Times reports the Democrats "will roll out their long-delayed campaign agenda in June when Americans will be heading into the summer vacation season, but party advisers warn no one will be listening except Beltway insiders." Democratic strategists, "who questioned the wisdom of putting out the party's policy plans at that time, urged leaders to wait until after Labor Day."

Exclusive: Bill Clinton's Foreign Friends Buy Futures in Hillary?
Since leaving the White House, former President Bill Clinton has earned more than $16 million in honoraria from foreign interests, raking in money that could later be used to help finance the expected presidential campaign of his wife, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D.-N.Y.).  Included among the former President's honoraria was a $300,000 payment for appearing at an Australian conference that was condemned by a prominent Chinese dissident as a propaganda bonanza for the People's Republic of China.

House Vote On Lobbying Reform Expected Today  USA Today reports the House will today vote on "new rules aimed at quelling the uproar over lobbyists' influence and restoring confidence in government, but the public isn't buying it." A USA Today/Gallup poll taken over the weekend "found that 59% of Americans voice 'not much' confidence or 'none at all' that Congress can police its own ethics, such as curbing travel paid for by special interests, and 68% lacked confidence in Congress' ability to pass anti-corruption legislation."   Roll Call says the House is expected to approve the measure today "despite vigorous opposition from Democrats and outside watchdog groups who assail the measure as too weak." But The Hill depicts a less definite outcome, referring to the "still-uncertain vote" planned for today. The Hill also says the "earmark-reform deal struck late last week by appropriators, conservatives and leaders continues to face a questionable fate in conference." 

Senate Republicans Seek To Reclaim Issue Of Fiscal Discipline  Roll Call reports, "Feeling increasing heat from their base for living too high on the hog, Republican Senators are putting in place an election-year strategy to try to reclaim the fiscal discipline brand that helped the GOP win and maintain its majority for more than a decade." Republican Conference sources "say that the leadership plans to make federal spending a major piece of its 2006 campaign." GOP Senators and aides "said that to make their case, the majority will spend the coming months holding numerous press events on federal spending, the budget and earmarks. Republicans also plan to push for Senate passage of a line-item veto and possibly revisit the issue of a two-year appropriations process."

Railroad to Nowhere by Chuck Muth
Sen. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma Republican, proposed an amendment late yesterday afternoon which would have stripped some $700 million out of the "emergency" appropriations bill.

Railroad To The Casinos - A $700 Million Boondoggle by Paul M. Weyrich
If you thought the "bridge to nowhere" was too expensive, take a look at the price tag of the "railroad to the casinos." The anticipated changing of a railroad route may not be a surefire route to riches for the citizens of Mississippi but it would be a straight flush for the casinos.  >> Read Full Column

House Members Say Ethics Reform A Low Priority For Constituents  Despite the scandal surrounding lobbyist Jack Abramoff, Republicans lawmakers say they feel free to pass what the Washington Post calls "a relatively tepid ethics bill because their constituents rarely mention the issue." Lawmakers "say they do not feel compelled to push more stringent measures partly because voters do not appear to be demanding them."  The AP reports that House approval of the ethics overhaul "was complicated Wednesday by a Republican split over how to deal with the issue of earmarks." With a vote scheduled for today, GOP leaders are "trying to resolve concerns, coming mainly from Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee."

Specter Got $200,000 Grant For Client Of Top Aide's Son   USA Today reports Sen. Arlen Specter "obtained a $200,000 grant last year for a Philadelphia foundation represented by the son of one of Specter's top aides, the latest example of how the Pennsylvania Republican has helped clients of lobbyists related to members of his staff."

Mollohan, Contractor Bought 300-Acre Farm Together  Rep. Alan Mollohan last year bought a 300-acre farm with the head of a small defense contractor that had won a $2.1 million contract from funds that Mollohan added to a 2005 spending bill. The Wall Street Journal reports that the joint purchase of the farm "is the most direct tie yet disclosed between Rep. Mollohan and a beneficiary of the federal spending he has steered toward his home state. It raises new questions about possible conflicts of interest by Rep. Mollohan and his use of such spending."
      The New York Times reports that while Mollohan acknowledged "that he had on several occasions steered earmarks to federal agencies to finance contracts with his friend's company," he said he "was not FMW's only 'Congressional sponsor' and that he saw no conflict of interest between his personal real estate purchase and the company's federal contracts."

Lobbying measure scaled back in House
Republican leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives reportedly have watered down a bill to limit lobbying by dropping a key measure.  >> Read full story 

WO Comment:  The above is a good example of the typical "politics as usual" attitude of lawmakers.  Much of their effort is spent on legislation to maintain power, privilege, and sources of revenue above and beyond their exorbitant salaries. Working for greedy self-interest rather than the common good of the people is disgraceful and unpatriotic.

Newt Gingrich: Our Majority Is In Jeopardy

Robert Novak: Dean's DNC Continues to Lose Relevance

Conservative Values Versus Liberal Values
By Star Parker
With all the ink these days about "values" and so-called "values voters," it might be worthwhile to take a moment and consider what exactly these values are. 


Recipe for Disaster
by Oliver North
Washington, D.C. – Senator John Kerry insists on proving that he can’t be trusted. He made his political debut in 1970, joining the Vietnam Veterans Against the War, then accused American troops of war crimes in Vietnam – and tried to deny he had done so. During his ill-fated presidential campaign, Mr. Kerry’s hyperventilated claims to be a war hero were called into question by his own comrades. Now, the Democrat defeatist has published his formula for victory in Iraq. 

Encouraging Illegal Behavior for the Mighty Vote  As rallies popped up across the country yesterday to protest efforts by Congress to secure the borders, enforce existing immigration laws, and deal with the illegal aliens already in the country, the Democrats revealed in unmistakable clarity their true motives. It's about votes, and in their zeal to tap into the illegal alien voting bloc, they are not only condoning illegal activity, they are encouraging it.  >> Read full story

Pro-Family Agenda Languishes in Congress
Citizen Link, Pete Winn, 4.3.2006
Social conservatives wonder why so little action has occurred on legislation favored by values voters.
WO Comment:  That's easy enough to answer--politicians of all persuasions talk a lot and accomplish very little.

Cultural Collapse Spells Doom for "Democracy"
Renew America, Chris Adamo, 3.29.2006

Democracy, or any of its derivatives (as is our own representative republic), cannot create or uplift a culture. Rather, they will only ever succeed at reflecting it. To the degree that "democracy" has succeeded in western civilization, it has done so as a result of an inherent regard for the rights of all, including the weak, which itself is rooted in the Christian belief system under-girding that civilization. Among those cultures that do not inherently recognize such truths, "democracy," if it is to succeed at all, must be imposed by an outside force. 

Jesus, Politicians and Scripture: Hillary Mixes Immigration and Religion
Even politicians can remind us of the sweet sound of amazing grace. It extends to one who manages to defame the Good Samaritan and the Good Shepherd in one fell swoop. Such is the forgiveness of Christ on the Cross. 
Full Story

Why a Marriage Amendment is Necessary
Republican Policy Committee, 3.28.2006

                   Political Puffery


Pictures worth a thousand words:

Hillary Clinton

Can Hillary Walk The Line?  By Lisa Fabrizio
All does not seem rosy in the world of those supporting the nascent White House aspirations of Hillary Rodham Clinton. 

Heritage Unschooled Hillary by Dan Lips

Hillary's Demagoguing Her Way into the Oval Office
Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) blasted the Bush Administration's proposed port management deal with the United Arab Emirates as a move that would "turn over our sovereignty to another country."...

Howard Dean, givin' 'em hell!

Patriot Post:  We all knew that the Mad Doctor, Howard Dean, was blowing a lot of smoke when he said that "not one dime of Jack Abramoff's money ever went to any Democrat" —though his assertion is true if one doesn't count the $265,203 that landed in Democrat coffers between January, 2001, and March, 2004, or the $1,000 that Dean personally received in 2003 from Greenberg Traurig lobbyist Ronald Platt, an associate of Abramoff's. But now that the Federal Election Commission's records have been thoroughly examined, it's clear that the Democrats are far from innocent in the scandal. In fact, they took in more than the Republicans, who received $255,315 during the same period.

Howard Dean, discussing immigration reform with reporters:  "Most of us weren't born in America at some point in our lives."

"I was recently asked about the difference between the Democratic and Republican parties. When it comes right down to it, the essential difference is that the Democrats fundamentally believe it is important to make sure that American Jews feel comfortable being American Jews." —Howard Dean

WO Comment:  Some of you are familiar with the World Observer principle that in order for legislation, policies, proposals, and ideas to be valid and useful for the common good they must meet the four-point criteria of the enlightened rational activists of the New Millennium Enlightenment--rational, logical, reasonable, and fair (just).  Each criteria must be met in sequence for the following ones to be valid.  Dean's red-faced rants are often not rational.  A statement such as "Most of us weren't born in America at some point in our lives" is not only illogical, it is incomprehensible, as is the comment about American Jews.  It's difficult to fathom that he leads a national political party and was a presidential candidate.  If he had won perhaps his presidency would have been spent in shouting matches with Hugo Chavez, an entertaining albeit non-productive presidency.

Reid: Bush "Dangerously Incompetent"
Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid called President Bush "dangerously incompetent" and said the administration ought to be doing more to prevent increasing sectarian violence in Iraq. Reid criticized Bush for a series of recent appearances in key political states in which the president defended his Iraq war policies.

(comment ref. dignity, civility, & common good)

Democrat House Leader Nancy Pelosi, whippin' 'em into shape!  Wait.  Maybe that's not a whip.  Maybe it's a personal toy.

GOPUSA:  Security Experts Counter Dem Attacks on Port Deal

An additional 45-day government review of the controversial bid by a Dubai-owned company to operate some terminals at six U.S. ports will do nothing to change the minds of congressional Democrats like U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the House minority leader.  >> Read full story







Center for Individual Freedom

Lunchtime Liberty Update

2 June 2006>>

  • Immigration reform

  • Al Gore's box office smash

  • Congressional pork barrel spending

  • U.N. attacks freedom of the press

Feingold v. the Law: Legal Precedent Trumps Political Posturing

LegalAs regular readers well understand, the Center for Individual Freedom has strong opinions regarding any number of legal issues, most rooted in our understanding of and appreciation for the U.S. Constitution. We also agree wholeheartedly with Justice Scalia that the Constitution is a legal document, not a living organism, even though we speak with far less authority than he.  The law must be clear, and it must be clearly interpreted by the courts, establishing bright-line directives for all to follow. Otherwise, confusion will be beset by both legal and political mischief, of which there is too much already without further encouragement.  U.S. Senator Russ Feingold (D-Wis.) set about to do self-serving political mischief last week when he proposed censure of President Bush based on the National Security Agency (NSA) "terrorist surveillance program" conducted without warrants, premised on the Senator's assertion of the illegality of that program.   Read more now.

Line-Item Veto Can Cut Pork
By Congressman Paul Ryan

Legal U.S. taxpayers deserve to have Congress justify how it spends their money. This is the simple idea behind giving the president a modified, constitutional version of the line-item veto.  By shining the light of day on budgeting in Washington and holding members of Congress accountable for spending they insert into legislation, we can reduce wasteful pork-barrel spending.  Read more now.

The Honorable Judge Pickering Talks About the Politics of Judicial Confirmation and the Culture War

Legal According to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee's website, as of March 17, 2006, the nomination of 33 judges for federal circuit and district court positions remain pending in either committee or on the floor. A total of 45 vacancies are reported, with 18 listed as judicial emergencies.  Although the Senate Judiciary Committee has been relatively quiet since the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, the above statistics warrant action sooner rather than later.

Recently, the Honorable Judge Charles Pickering joined CFIF Senior Vice President & Corporate Counsel Renee Giachino to discuss the judicial confirmation process in the Senate, how it is broken and badly needs fixing. After being selected by President George W. Bush to serve on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, Judge Pickering's nomination was blocked for many years in the Senate. He discusses the process in his new book, Supreme Chaos: The Politics of Judicial Confirmation & the Culture War. What follows are excerpts from the interview that aired on "Your Turn -- Meeting Nonsense With Common Sense" on WEBY 1330 AM, Northwest Florida's Talk Radio.

Read more now.

Support the Troops
Post a message of thanks on 'CFIF's Thank Our Troops' message board

Legal This week marks the third anniversary of the beginning of the War in Iraq.  With American troops and coalition forces risking their lives in defense of freedom, now is a great time for all Americans to express our support, respect and gratitude as they carry out their mission.  Please take a moment to post a message to the troops and tell them how much you appreciate their commitment to our great country and to the ideals for which it stands. Post your message to the troops now. (Simply hit the "post reply" button when you reach the message board to post your message.)

The Cartoons of Michael Ramirez

View more of Michael Ramirez's latest cartoons on CFIF's website now.

Evans-Novak Political Report 

Political Report 25 April 2006    

  • Majority Leader Boehner restarts efforts to get a budget passed
  • Senate GOP to bring up judicial nominations
  • Dean's DNC continues to lose relevance in Democratic politics
  • Schmidt's prospects for GOP nomination improve

Previous Report:

  "4) The proposed censure of Bush by Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wis.) is a foretaste of what will happen in the last two years of Bush's presidency if Democrats gain control of either House. The President may not be impeached, but he would be subject to a barrage of investigations once the Democrats had the subpoena power afforded by committee majorities.

5) The serious efforts to cut spending proposed by Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.), chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee, represent only a minority Republican view. The Republican consensus is still committed to bringing home the bacon for constituents.


Presidential Censure: Sen. Feingold cast the Senate into mild chaos with his resolution to censure President Bush for breaking the law with his program of wiretapping. His action probably set back his party significantly, as other Democrats' unwillingness to support him demonstrated. In the end, Feingold is probably the only Democratic beneficiary of his resolution, as he puts all other Democrats in the awkward position of having to take a stand for or against.

1) The largely symbolic resolution was a political tool for Feingold's presidential ambitions as he seeks to run to the left of Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) in 2008. Clinton, Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.), and other Democratic presidential hopefuls in the Senate will be put on the spot as to how they would vote. The resolution's introduction could also help convince the Democrats' liberal donor base that they are serious about undermining the administration at all costs. This is red meat for the left-wing troops.

    2) The only problem here is that Democrats are not getting behind Feingold -- neither in the Senate nor anywhere else in Washington -- even though most refused to completely disavow the idea of censuring Bush. If Democrats were to unite around the resolution, it could do them some good, although probably much more harm. They would raise more money over the Internet, and the entire episode could be viewed as strengthening their hand in a Senate in which they hold only 44 seats. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) would come out as weak.

    4) The resolution's mere introduction, however, already undermines Democrats' credibility on the issue of national security, and just at a time when they had successfully blunted Bush's credentials on the issue. The fact is that Americans approve of the wiretapping program, especially when it is described to them the way countless Republican political advertisements will describe it in the run up to November. Feingold has opened Democrats up on one of their classic weaknesses.

5) GOP Senators and even House members were furiously accusing Feingold and Democrats of trying to weaken the War on Terror and of playing politics with national security. It was Senate Democrats who refused to allow a floor vote on Feingold's resolution, a vote requested by Frist. This is beginning to resemble the Alito filibuster, or the House debate over immediate withdrawal from Iraq, or the House vote on liberal Democrats' bill to reinstate the draft. In all of those cases, Democrats were ultimately humiliated and voted against their own resolutions after Republicans let them overextend themselves.

      6) Sen. Arlen Specter (R) continued his days of Senate dominance as he led the debate against the measure. He triangulated himself, acting as both the defender and the reluctant critic of President Bush and his wiretapping program. Notably, Specter also took the bold step of taunting Feingold at least five times for leaving the floor immediately after his speech, so that the fact that he left would be preserved in the Congressional Record and publicized. This gives an avenue for other Republicans to criticize the resolution as a mere tool for advancing Feingold's presidential candidacy. But Specter also made known his own reservations about the legality of the Bush Administration's warrantless wiretapping of U.S. persons' phone calls with foreign terrorists."

The Patriot Post

Patriot Post 2 June 2006>>  Marriage, family, homosexuality, gay agenda, immigration reform, Bush administration changes, War on Terrorism, congressional capers, tax cuts, tort reform, judicial "bench" marks, Colombia's Uribe, Ted Kennedy, and more.

Patriot Post 31 May 2006  

Patriot Post 5 May 2006>>

  • The size of the central government has grown unabated since President Bush took office
  • The Republican Study Committee is taking steps to get the federal government out of the entitlement business altogether
  • When it comes to government waste, the Republican leadership gets an "F."
  • Immigration Update—Reconquista!
  • Rallying illegal aliens to protest immigration reform on U.S. soil does not play well with Americans
  • From the warfront with Jihadistan
  • On the Homeland Security front
  • Judicial Benchmarks

Patriot Post 24 April 2006:  Immigration Reform Petition, more

Patriot Post 19 April 2006:  Patriots, patriotism and more

Patriot Post 17 April 2006:  Taxes, Taxation, Tax Reform

Patriot Post 31 March 2006

Operation Iraqi Freedom, the War on Terror, WMDs, Osama, Judicial, the Economy and more news & commentary.


"The way the Bush people have handled this [Dubai Ports] matter from the very beginning is simply appalling... Because it was done behind closed doors, with nary a word to the leadership on Capitol Hill, it comes out looking like a bumbled attempt to put one over on the American people... It may well be that the arrangement has great merit and could prove beneficial to the U.S., but as a political matter it is an unmitigated disaster—and one which could cost the GOP dearly in both the 2006 and 2008 elections. Here we have an issue—national security—that is uppermost in the minds of the American people, largely because the president has hammered away at it and used it brilliantly to portray the Democrats as weak-kneed in the war on terror and on matters involving national security. In one fell swoop the president throws it away, and even worse allows the Democrats to appear stronger in defending the American people than he and the Republicans have been. It's worse than stupid—it's suicidal." —Michael Reagan

 Elections are rarely dynamic because of voter cynicism—they can't distinguish Republicans from Democrats.

However, there's another reason why elections are rarely dynamic: cynicism.

Increasingly, Americans can't distinguish Republicans from Democrats on key issues. Oh, it's easy to discern some strident ideological differences between the most conservative and liberal Senators and Representatives, and the Party Platforms are notably different. Yet on the role-of-government issues—those which, historically, have divided the two parties—the "great middle" of the legislative branch falls into the "distinction without a difference" category. Indeed, while these lawmakers may fancy themselves Republicans and Democrats, their ideology is, for the most part, indistinguishable. Unfortunately, though a few Democrats have moved to the right, the identity problem is rooted in the fact that many Republicans have moved to the left.

Republicans were once generally differentiated from Democrats by their reverence for our Constitution, which stipulates a limited and defined role for the central government. Hence, they were "conservative" —supporting the order of our Constitutional Republic as prescribed by our Founders. Democrats, on the other hand, advocated a more liberal reading of that venerable document—resulting in a so-called "living constitution," a euphemistic perversion which was never—NEVER—intended by our Founders.

As the titular head of the Republican Party, President George W. Bush has distinguished himself as a conservative when it comes to foreign policy and, certainly, admirably, when it comes to restoring the judicial branch to its proper constitutional role, but he has failed dismally when it comes to restoring, much less holding government to its proper constitutionally limited role.

At present, Republicans control the executive branch and both houses of Congress, yet the size and regulatory role of the central government has grown, largely unabated since President Bush took office. Of course, our nation's vigorous response to the 9/11 attacks, and our pre-emptive military response to Jihadists in the Middle East and elsewhere around the world, is responsible for some of that growth, but those necessary—and we might add, constitutionally mandated—expenditures have not been offset by spending cuts to domestic programs, as Mr. Bush once promised.

In fact, President Bush's SOTU was, itself, so acquiescing to de facto social programs that it could have more aptly been titled, "The Nanny State of the Union." Sure, his administration has made a few little nips on growth and tucks on taxes, but his fiscal budget for 2007, though leaner than previous budgets, reflects spending increases over his tenure of almost 50 percent more than Bill Clinton's last budget.

With the Senate and House under Republican leadership, George Bush should embrace the Reagan legacy.

So we're left to ponder why, with the Senate and House under Republican leadership, George Bush has yet to embrace Ronald Reagan's legacy, and make limited government and fair taxation his administration's chief objectives. He did toss conservatives a bone in his recent State of the Union speech, calling on Congress to bring back the line-item veto in order to strip legislation of special-interest projects, but legislators know that potentially means "Democrat projects" and under a Democrat president, would mean "Republican projects."

The only real hope for preventing the sheer weight of the federal government from crushing the life our of our Republic is to renew the bid for a constitutionally mandated balanced-budget amendment and to enact real tax reform as originally outlined by Ronald Reagan. That amendment will force Congress to enact either dramatic reforms to cut government spending or enormous tax increases to pay for unabated growth.

We are betting that a Balanced Budget Amendment, combined with real tax reform (read "flat or national sales tax with deductions and exclusions") will result in a reduction in Nanny-state spending; few Americans will tolerate bearing the true burden of unconstitutional government boondoggles. We are also betting that getting Democrats to support either measure will be next to impossible, as their power rests solely on their ability to tax and spend. Of course, President Bush and congressional leaders could always do what Ronald Reagan did—speak over Democrat heads directly to their constituents.

Unfortunately, President Bush did not utter the words "balanced budget" and "tax reform" in his SOTU speech.

Nonetheless, these measures still have strong advocacy by those Congressional Republicans who subscribe to the conservative principles outlined in our Constitution, and they are rising up and lighting a fire under President Bush. It is these Republicans, after all, who are still distinguishable from the Democrats—and who still endeavor to uphold our Constitution and the Reagan legacy.

A Balanced Budget Amendment and dramatic tax reform still have strong advocacy in Congress. 

"At the heart of much government corruption is one simple thing: Re-election. It takes big bucks to run a political campaign and all that most politicians have to sell is the power of government that they control. That is what they do sell in various ways to various special interests. Term limits try to deal with the problem of re-election but the fatal weakness of term limits is the 's' at the end of the word 'limits.' So long as there are multiple terms, the first term is going to be spent trying to get re-elected to a second term—instead of devoting that time to serving the public interest. What really needs to be done is to put a limit of one term in one office and a waiting period of several years before being elected or appointed to another office in government. In other words, make political careers impossible. Can people who are not career politicians run the government? People who were not career politicians created the government and the Constitution of the United States of America. It was one of the most incredible achievements in history. Who among our career politicians today would be capable of such a feat?" —Thomas Sowell 


"One of the things that drives Republicans crazy is the media's enormous double-standard in how they cover various scandals... Skeptics can go to the Web site of the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct, popularly known as the House ethics committee. Click on 'historical documents,' and go to a publication called 'Historical Summary of Conduct Cases in the House of Representatives.'... By my count, there have been 70 different members of the House who have been investigated for serious offenses over the last 30 years, including many involving actual criminality and jail time. Of these, only 15 involved Republicans, with the remaining 55 involving Democrats." —Bruce Bartlett 

More Political News & Opinion

  • Human Events
  • Town Hall
  • and more




Bolten has plans for GOP rising
New White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten has a five-point plan to push U.S. President George Bush up in the polls and reassure Republican activists. 

WO Comment:  Actions speak louder than words and a five-point plan will accomplish little lacking World Observer's four-point principle:  rational, logical, reasonable, fair.




Recent Posts on Politics



Dems Poised to Win US House, Bipartisan Poll Reveals
Two prominent pollsters -- one a Democrat, the other a Republican -- agreed Thursday that Democrats appear poised this year to win back seats in Congress. GOP pollster Ed Goeas even conceded that "if this environment holds, you have to assume [the election] will tip for the Democrats" and they will win control of the U.S. House.
>> Read full story 

They Are All Profilers Now  By Michelle Malkin
For the past several years, I've been condemned as an "extremist" for advocating nationality profiling -- unapologetically applying stricter scrutiny to terror-sponsoring and terror-sympathizing countries in our entrance, immigration and security policies.

The Next Conservatism And Race  By Paul M. Weyrich
The race issue is the elephant in America's living room.

Postponing Reality  By Thomas Sowell
Let's face it: Reality can be stressful and can sometimes get very rough.

Democrats Hypocritical When Talking About 'Culture of Corruption'                       The Democrats are great when it comes to sending out a unified message. In this case, when it comes to lobbyists and influence pedaling, they love to point fingers at Republicans and talk about the "culture of corruption." However, once again, the left is big on talk, but short on facts. There may indeed be a culture of corruption in Washington, but it's a trough from which the Democrats are more than happy to drink.>> Read full story

Death Wish  By Oliver North
"[T]he president is authorized to use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on Sept. 11, 2001."

Agape Press:  Tavis Smiley's 'State of Black America' Conference a Leftist Diatribe
No matter how much PBS commentator Tavis Smiley wants to spin his "State of Black America" conference held last weekend -- and broadcast on C-SPAN -- no one can honestly say that the conference's commentary was fair and balanced!

Pelosi Hints at Democrats' 'Unified' Agenda
The Republican Party has wondered what's taking Democrats so long to unveil their election-year agenda. Amid press reports that it will happen any day now, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday offered what amounts to a draft version.
>> Read full story

Early Polls are Warning Shot Across GOP Bow  It's March in America, and college basketball will give us the excitement of March Madness. In politics, we have our own form of craziness: polls and pundits making early predictions on the outcome of the November elections. So far, the picture does not bode well for Republicans, but rather than be discouraged, these early indicators should serve as a wake-up call to get our act together and take a strong conservative message to the American people.  >> Read full story

Politics as Usual:  $21 Million Barrett Report on Clinton Administration Kept Secret from American People

On May 24, 1995, David Barrett was appointed to head a commission investigating Clinton Housing Secretary Henry Cisneros, who was accused of paying hush-money to his ex-mistress, committing tax fraud, and lying to the FBI.

During the course of this investigation, Barrett uncovered a scandal that dwarfed the Cisneros fiasco -- the Clinton Administration's use of the IRS and the Justice Department to bully, intimidate, and silence political enemies. For the next several years, Barrett and his team -- initially alerted to the abuse of power by a whistle blower at the IRS -- widened their investigation to include the IRS (headed by Hillary Clinton's college chum, Margaret Milner Richardson), the Justice Department (headed by Janet Reno), and the Clinton White House.

When the Barrett Report, which was ten years in the making and cost the American taxpayer over $21 million, was complete, a three-judge panel at the urging of Clinton lawyers who filed over 140 motions designed to stifle the report ordered 120 pages of the Barrett Report redacted!

Later, just to make sure the public never saw the explosive 120 pages, Senators John Kerry, Byron Dorgan and Congressman Henry Waxman  slyly stuck a provision in a 2005 appropriations bill that affirmed the decision of these three judges and kept the 120 pages under wraps.

Senator Charles Grassley and Congressman James Sensenbrenner are trying to get the information released but Republicans and Democrats both are stalling and playing the political chicanery game as usual.  The American people paid $21 million dollars (an absurd amount and waste of taxpayer money in the first place) for this report; we deserve to have it made public.  Use the Write to Congress button to email Congress and demand they support the release of the Barrett Report.

GOPUSA:  New Message Strategy Needed as Elections Near by Bobby Eberle
The White House has been taking it on the chin lately, and the reverberations are being felt throughout the GOP. From the Harriet Miers nomination to the Dubai Ports and more, the folks in charge of message strategy appear to be asleep at the wheel. Too many times Americans have been surprised by a statement or action, and Americans don't like surprises. This is a crucial election year, and in order for Republicans to be successful, grassroots conservatives need a strong, consistent message around which we can rally.

GOPUSA:  The Right Plays The Race Card By Michelle Malkin
Last week, I skewered Democrat opportunists who have turned into tough-sounding profiling advocates to exploit the White House ports debacle.

Renew America

Against terrorism, Democrats employ liberalism by Marie Jon', February 12, 2006

Americans feel inundated and smothered by the continuous parade ofDrawing Close lies that come from today's Democrat Party. From Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean, to the Congressional leadership of Senate minority leader Harry Reid, (D, Nev.) and House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, (D, Calif.), it is one verbal outrage after another.

Liberals do not own the King legacy by Marie Jon', February 9, 2006

At the funeral of Coretta Scott King, certain crass "guest speakers" used her death to politicize their views and verbally abuse the president of the United States. They lacked any common sense and decency. America was taken aback at their callous disregard for the worthy memory of this great woman who was being laid to rest.

Grassroots Ohioans Echo Need for Unified Message Against Dems  This past week, I had the honor of being the keynote speaker in Ohio's Medina County for the county party's Lincoln Day Dinner. The concerns of the audience are shared by many conservatives across the country: Republicans need to regroup, refocus, and show America that they are the party to lead this country.  >> Read full story

National Republican Senatorial Committee

Elizabeth Dole, Chair, NRSC

If there's one issue that shows why our Republican Senate Majority is so important, it is the War on Terror.  The national leader of the Democrat Party, Howard Dean, recently proclaimed "the idea that we're going to win the war in Iraq is an idea which is just plain wrong."  In November 2005, 40 of 45 Senate Democrats voted to cut and run from Iraq when they supported a resolution demanding a timeline for withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.  If they succeed in gaining control of the Senate, the Democrats' retreat and defeat policy could become the law of the land.  But that's not all, these liberals want us to turn to the United Nations for leadership in international affairs. They look to Europe for clues about how to manage our foreign policy, how to run our health care system, and even how to decide court cases.  President Reagan had it right when he called these liberal Democrats the "blame America first crowd."

GOP Congressman and Former POW Rips John Murtha
Amid cheers, whistles and two standing ovations, U.S. Rep. Sam Johnson (R-Tex.) took fellow Congressman John Murtha (D-Pa.) and the U.S. media behind the proverbial woodshed for a verbal walloping.  >> Read full story

NSA Spying Program Debated by Conservatives
Demanding that "the leaders of this country abide by the laws of this country," former U.S. Rep. Bob Barr lashed out Thursday at the Bush administration over the National Security Agency's domestic surveillance program. Barr debated the legality of the surveillance with former U.S. Assistant Attorney General Viet Dinh, who served in the administration of President George H. W. Bush.  >> Read full story

We Will Never Surrender To Evil  By Gina Parker
Courageous leaders throughout history have cautioned us against allowing fear to dominate our actions.

Tax Reform Likely to Gain Momentum, Conservatives Say 

Wrong Again Ned: We Don't Get French Benefits
By Horace Cooper

Many Washington insiders and their amen choir in the mainstream media repeat a constant refrain that Democrats will achieve a takeover of at least one chamber of Congress and likely gain a sizeable majority of sitting governors in November. This consensus is just plain wrong.  >> Read Full Column


  • FACT: During a study on the competency of teachers, half the teachers failed a qualifying verbal and math test
  • FACT: The National Education Association -- the nations largest teachers union -- spent over $90 million from 2004 to 2005 on (mostly liberal) political activities and related contributions
  • FACT: Democrats are caught up in the Abramoff lobbying scandal too
  • FACT: The Iraq war is consuming far less of the US GDP than other wars in the past
  • FACT: A government agency sponsored a drug conference that included a lecture titled "You Don't Have To Be Clean and Sober... Or Even Want To Be"?
  • FACT: The top 50% of income earners pay 96.5% of the federal income taxes, while the lowest 44% pay no federal income taxes.
  • FACT: The federal government -- with your tax dollars -- subsidizes programs for kids to play golf at posh resorts
  • FACT: Federal employees spent $16.4 billion in 2003 on government charge cards. Some of those charges included: country club fees, personal clothing, movie gift certificates and beer
  • FACT: A national survey found that Democratic professors outnumber Republican professors 3 to 1 in economics, 28 to 1 in sociology, and 30 to 1 in anthropology
  • FACT: At least 1,074,000 illegal aliens were arrested along the Mexican border in 2004, more than 2003 and 2002
  • FACT: The federal government is subsidizing yoga research

Rep. Mike Pence on Republican Party

"It's one thing to drift off course. It's another to continue that course when half the crew and passengers are pointing out that nothing looks familiar, not to mention the tens of millions of Americans lining the shoreline screaming, 'You're going the wrong way!' In short, we're no longer adrift. We might've been when we started, but now 'off course' is the accepted course. The evidence is overwhelming. While President Bush has called for increases in non-defense spending of 4 percent for the last five years, Congress has delivered budgets spending more than twice that each year. Congress has spent $380 billion more than the president requested under Republican control... [F]or the sake of our party and for the sake of the nation, we must say, 'The era of big Republican government is over!'... We are not, as a party, bereft of ideas, we are bereft of will—the will to even consider ideas that might touch on the sacred cows of federal spending. If we are still on the wrong course, it is because we choose to be... The conservative movement is at a crossroads. Are we committed to the ideals of limited government, fiscal discipline and traditional moral values or not?" —Rep. Mike Pence

To play the presidential card

The 2008 presidential primary season started a few days ago. And aspirants in both parties quickly played the George W. Bush card -- to meager effect. In the Democratic primary, Sen. Russ Feingold launched his campaign on the floor of the Senate calling for President Bush's censure.

For the Left, it's only democracy when they win

Play “Find the Leader” web video on  It’s time to find out who the leader of the Democrat Party really is.  Is it Howard Dean, who compares the United States to Iran? Or John Kerry, who worries about American soldiers terrorizing women and children in the dead of night? Or Hillary Clinton, who has likened the Republican management of the House of Representatives to that of a plantation? 

Politics, Marriage and Women's Votes
Townhall, Jeff Jacoby, 3.13.2006

Port Security: Four Examples of What Not To Do
by James Jay Carafano, Ph.D.

Guilt by Association
A Liberal group accuses evangelist James Dobson of being "knee deep" in the Jack Abramoff scandal, but there's no evidence of a connection.

The GOP's Abortion Anxiety
Newsweek, Howard Fineman and Evan Thomas, 3.20.2006
The pro-life movement is on a roll. So why are the Republican Party's top guns suddenly so shy on the subject?

Some Thoughts On Republican Presidential Hopefuls by Carol Devine-Molin
With President Bush's polling numbers hitting new lows, Republicans appear to be eagerly looking beyond our beleaguered President for fresh leadership. Last Saturday the Southern Republican Leadership Conference held its straw poll for the dual-purpose of introducing the party faithful to the 2008 presidential wannabees, and assessing their popularity as candidates.  >> Read Full Column

Murtha to Receive JFK Profile in Courage Award
Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.), who was the subject of a recent Cybercast News Service investigation of his military and political record, will receive the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award for his stance against the Iraq war.  >> Read full story

WO (Rational & Logical) Comment:  Huh???

GOP's White House Hopefuls
Some of the Republican Party's presumed presidential hopefuls will be in Memphis, Tennessee this weekend to try to gain momentum for their campaigns. Expected to attend and test the waters include: Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, Senators Bill Frist, Lamar Alexander, and John McCain, and Rudy Giuliani. Read more, then jump into the debate: Who will emerge as the leader of the "presidential-hopeful pack"?

Liberals Call for Billions in Defense Cuts

Despite some tough talk coming from a select few Democrats on Capitol Hill regarding defense and the war on terror, it appears that liberals are still liberals, and no amount of spin will change that fact. The latest evidence is a program sponsored by the Congressional Progressive Caucus which calls for $60 billion in cuts to the defense budget. And this is the party that wants to be seen as strong on defense?  >> Read full story

DNC Fund-Raiser Held for Pol Targeted in Federal Probe
A Louisiana Democrat who is said to be the target of a federal probe and has been named one of "the most corrupt members of Congress" by a liberal watchdog group was the beneficiary of a fund-raiser held Wednesday at the Washington, D.C., headquarters of the Democratic National Committee.  >> Read full story

America In The Hands Of Angry Democrats
By Christopher G. Adamo
In stark but reliable simplicity, Republican successes of the past several decades can be directly correlated to the contrasts between their philosophy and agenda as compared to that of the Democrats.

Principle Or Partisanship?
By Horace Cooper
Senate Democrats should not join Russ Feingold's efforts to censure President Bush.

Iraq in Perspective
By Joe Mariani
If you judge Iraq by the media reports and Democrat speeches over the last three years, then you'll "know" it's been nothing but a series of major disasters of Biblical proportions.

Cindy Sheehan hangs with the latest anti-American leader who vows to bring America down
  Read it here

WO:  Sheehan, Harry Belafonte, and Hugo Chavez should star in a new "The Three Stooges" movie.

Framing Primer: Part V -- Implementation: Respond with 'Value-Based'  Political Cortex, Tom Ball, 1.30.2006

IFI Questions Mayor Daley's Priorities--Saying 'Yes' to 'Gay Games' and Democrats but 'No' to the 2008 Republican Convention  Christian Wire Service, 2.16.2006

Agape Press

Media Bias Obvious During Coverage of VP's Shooting Accident, Says Media Watchdog
A media watchdog organization says it is amazing how the mainstream liberal media ignored important news stories around the world recently, choosing instead to engage in a "feeding frenzy" on Vice President Dick Cheney.

News Briefs — February 21, 2006
Pro-life Democrat blunders into anti-family territory ... Porno post prompts pro-family pundit to question principal's principles ... Human rights advocate to U.S.: There's no point negotiating with Kim Jong Il ... Violent Muslim-Christian clashes in Egypt ... Brownback advocates for Palestinian Christians ... Cartoon controversy fallout strikes the Church in the Islamic world ... Danish-born scholar predicts anti-Muslim backlash to Islamist outrage over Mohammed caricatures

Less than 24 hours after anti-Bush peace activist Cindy Sheehan was arrested for "unlawful conduct" at last night's State of the Union address, the charge is being dropped and federal officials are apologizing. Find out more at now!

Plus, Cindy says she intends to sue the feds for arresting her.

WO:  The federal officials can drop the charges in a spirit of leniency but they have no reason to apologize, especially in light of her plan to file a lawsuit.  On the contrary, Sheehan should apologize for offending most of the nation, especially the President and our troops.  She should get a clue.  There is no draft in this country; her son volunteered.  If she didn't know that people serving in the military can actually get killed, she is naive as well as irrational with her protests and the insane visit with Hugo Chavez.  She would do well to stay home, grieve, get counseling.  The World Observer Benedict Arnold Award for treason, traitors, un-American, anti-American, irrational, illogical words, deeds, and behavior goes to Cindy Sheehan, Harry Belafonte, and Hugo Chavez--to name a few.

Backing away from Bush

In recent national television appearances, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist backed away from unequivocal support of President Bush in what Republican insiders viewed as preparation for a 2008 presidential run.

Drawing Violence

Freedom of religion and freedom of expression depend on each other for survival.

Terrorist blamed his failure on Bush

Opponents of the Patriot Act and the National Security Agency program that targets al-Qaida-linked communications in and out of the United States should consider the Portland Seven terrorists, one of whom blamed their failure on President Bush.

The Patriot Post

Tony Blankley writes of the week's top stories: "In the absence of any pressing news these days—other than Iran's nuclear-weapons development crisis, the election of Hamas terrorists in Palestine, ongoing worldwide Muslim riots and killing in reaction to a cartoon, Al Gore's near sedition while speaking in Saudi Arabia, the turning over of our East Coast ports to be managed by a United Arab Emirates firm, the criminal leaking of vital NSA secrets to The New York Times, Mexican military incursions across our southern border, the Iraqi crisis, Congress's refusal to deal with the developing financial collapse of Social Security and Medicare, inter alia—the White House press corps has exploded in righteous fury over the question of the vice president's little shooting party last weekend."

Pope: "Democracy Without Values Easily Turns Into Open Or Thinly Disguised Totalitarianism"

WO:  Is the Pope's comment valid?  He is no doubt a rational person.  He is the authority of the Catholic Church and has the respect of other Christians regarding spiritual and moral issues.  He has led a life conducive to reading, study, and reflection on this and many other matters.  History demonstrates that government without moral principles deteriorates into tyranny and chaos.  Based on the Pope's rational thinking, his position of leadership and authority in spiritual matters, and his knowledge-base, it is easy to conclude that the assertion is valid and correct.  We should also point out that the statement made by the Pope should be taken as a warning that if we do not want to live in a repressive, totalitarian regime of tyranny devoid of moral foundations we need to oppose every effort to eradicate religious expression and belief, religious symbols, Judeo-Christian traditions, spirituality and, in a word--God, from American public life.


Constitution & Government

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