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May 2, 2006

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Liberty Counsel Defends Christian Businessman Ordered
to Duplicate Homosexual Videos

Arlington, VA - Liberty Counsel has agreed to defend Tim Bono of Bono Film and Video who, on April 18, 2006, was ordered by the Arlington Human Rights Commission ("Commission") to duplicate two pro-homosexual videos by lesbian activist Lilli M. Vincenz.

Tim Bono was contacted by Lilli Vincenz via telephone to reproduce two documentaries entitled Gay and Proud and Second Largest Minority. Mr. Bono informed Ms. Vincenz that his company does not duplicate material that is obscene, could embarrass employees, hurt the company's reputation or that runs counter to the company's Christian and ethical values. He refused to do the job because he did not want to violate his biblical values by helping promote homosexuality.

Ms. Vincenz asked the Commisison to force Bono to duplicate her videos. On April 18, 2006, the Commission ordered Mr. Bono to acquiesce to Vincenz's request. The Order states that if Mr. Bono refuses to do the job "after a reasonable amount of time, the Commission can reassemble to discuss why the remedy was not done." The Commission could then forward the case to the full county Board of Commissioners and ask for permission to file a discrimination complaint in Arlington Circuit Court.

Although Vincenz argues that Mr. Bono refused to duplicate the videos because of her "sexual orientation," that allegation is demonstrably false. The titles alone revealed that the videos were pure propaganda promoting a homosexual agenda. Mr. Bono does not inquire into a person's sexual practices as a prerequisite to provide services, nor does Bono Film and Video refuse to provide services to persons based on their "sexual orientation" or practices. However, Mr. Bono has just as much right to refuse to duplicate videos which promote the homosexual agenda as he has the right to refuse to duplicate obscenity, pornography or hate speech.

Mathew D. Staver, President and General Counsel of Liberty Counsel, stated: "As a newspaper is not required to run every proposed ad, so a duplicator or printer is not obligated to reproduce every proposed copy. Mr. Bono does not have to reproduce a customer's hate speech, obscenity or pornography, nor may a customer hijack Mr. Bono's business and force him to promote a homosexual agenda. While lifestyle choices are not relevant to his business, what customers request Mr. Bono to duplicate is critically important. Mr. Bono can refuse to duplicate a racist video submitted by Louis Farrakhan without discriminating on the basis of race. He can refuse to duplicate a pro-abortion video without discriminating on the basis of gender. He can also refuse to duplicate a homosexual propaganda video without discriminating on the basis of a person's sexual preference. Ms. Vincenz does not have the right to hijack a private business and force it to become a vehicle of her ideological agenda."

How You Can Help Now

Join with Liberty Counsel as we defend Mr. Bono's religious freedom. When you send a gift to Liberty Counsel on our secure web site, write a message to Mr. Bono in the box that says "please enter your comments" and we will let him know that you appreciate his courageous stand. You can also mail a donation to Liberty Counsel along with your message to Mr. Bono. Our address is: Liberty Counsel, PO Box 540774, Orlando, FL 32854.

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