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Marriage under Attack--Will the Traditional Institution Survive?

by John F. Wilhite, Ph.D., for World Observer 12 June 2006


Contents:  Click titles to jump down 


Marriage under Attack by John F. Wilhite, Ph.D.


Redefining Marriage--Activist Agenda for Societal Chaos

  Secularists, Liberals, Gay Activists, "Progressive" Christians, the ACLU, and Activist Judges--The Personal Agendas of a Minority Supersede the Common Good of the Many for Stable Society, Families and Children

A Time to Speak: Why Progressive Religious Leaders Must Find Their Voice on Sexual Justice
Center for American Progress, Debra W. Haffner, 6.9.2006

Add the police to the list of the sub-head (secularists, liberals, judges, etc.) of those who pursue their personal agendas to undermine marriage as well as mock religion!  The police--"to protect and serve" or the Gestapo--to harass and intimidate!

Florida Marriage Amendment Campaign Charges Police Harassmentread more

Volunteers circulating petitions to place a state marriage-protection amendment on the 2008 Florida ballot say they were victims of police harassment last weekend.

read more




News on the Marriage Debate

Worried About Marriage Protection: From What?
Houston Chronicle, William Eskridge and Darren R. Spedale, 6.13.2006

Marriage Makes Headway Despite Disappointing Senate Vote on Federal Amendment  ADF, 6.7.2006

Amendment Supporters Vow to Continue Fight for One Man-One Woman Marriage
The founder of a Mississippi-based pro-family group says traditional marriage supporters who are in the fight for the long haul aren't discouraged by yesterday's results in the U.S. Senate. Don Wildmon says the defeat of a move for cloture to end debate on the Marriage Protection Amendment (MPA) and move it to the floor for a vote only helps voters identify senators who won't stand up for traditional marriage.>> Read full story


Marriage Legislation and Judicial Action

Marriage Protection in Ohio  Leonard Link, 6.15.2006

Alabama Same Sex 'Marriages' Banned
Auburn Plainsman, Sarah Day Owen, 6.15.2006

"Anti-Gay Marriage Measure Likely To Fail Illinois Poll Shows", 6.15.2006

Court Considers Future of Tennessee Marriage Amendment

read more

Senate Refuses to Take Up-or-Down Vote on Marriage Amendment

A proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution to define marriage as the union on one man and one woman was stopped before it could get an up-or-down vote. The measure fell short of the 60 votes needed to end debate and vote -- the final tally was 49-48.  Focus on the Family Action Chairman James Dobson stated:

"Today's vote is yet another sign that far too many U.S. senators have abandoned even the appearance of voting the will of their constituents.  The 48 senators who voted against the Marriage Protection Amendment today have left the definition of marriage at the mercy of activist courts intent on forcing a politically correct agenda on our nation. Judges already have struck down marriage-protection laws and amendments in Massachusetts, Nebraska and Georgia. They will continue to do so unless checked; that's the Senate's job, and it has failed at it."  read more

See How Your Senators Voted on the Marriage Protection Amendment




Marriage Issues--Analysis and Commentary

Senate’s Rejection of Marriage Amendment “Unconscionable”: Dr. Dobson
Lifesite, Gudrun Schultz, 6.14.2006

Debating Marriage: 10 Principles - Scholar Says the Real Arguments Are Just Beginning Zenit, 6.14.2006

Wedlock Amendment No Breach of Federalism
Washington Times, Jordan Lorence of ADF, 6.7.2006

Opposition to Marriage Amendment Based on Hypocrisy and Cynicism
by Don Feder, "The people of America want to protect marriage."



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