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Amber Alert

Amber Alerts Mark 10th Anniversary
The notifications have helped save 265 children.

Marriage under Attack--Will the Traditional Institution Survive?

Beatle Paul McCartney on His Dad--A Commentary by John Whitehead

Father's Day by the Numbers Townhall, Maggie Gallagher, 6.13.2006

No Fathers Need Apply Townhall, Terence P. Jeffrey, 6.14.2006

Girls Can Marry at 15, Colo. Court Finds
AP, Jon Sarche, 6.15.2006

A Difference Worth Embracing: Why Mother-Father Couples Are Superior to Same-Sex Couples When It Comes to Adoption (Agape Press, Ed Vitagliano, 6.14.2006)  In what some are calling a "second front" in the culture war -- trailing in the wake of same-sex "marriage" -- the battle over homosexual adoption is increasing in intensity. Homosexual activists claim that scientific studies demonstrate there is no risk in allowing homosexuals to adopt. But the research says no such thing.

Sex-Ed Advocates Tell Congress to Abandon Abstinence Ed  Democrats introduce a bill to cut funding for purity.

Wedlock Amendment No Breach of Federalism
Washington Times, Jordan Lorence of ADF, 6.7.2006
. . . the proposed amendment does not address state power to regulate marriage; rather, it requires states to adopt a uniform definition of marriage of one man and one woman -- something Congress has imposed upon states seeking admission to the Union for 160 years . . . The Republican Party itself began as a party opposed to slavery and polygamy in the territories . . .

Marriage Makes Headway Despite Disappointing Senate Vote on Federal Amendment  ADF, 6.7.2006

U.S. Senate Refuses to Protect Marriage: 49-48
AP on, Laurie Kellman, 6.7.2006
In response [to Kennedy], Hatch fumed: "Does he really want to suggest that over half of the United States Senate is a crew of bigots?"

Marriage Amendment Vote Falls Short  AP, Laurie Kellman, 6.7.2006

H.J. Res. 88 Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States relating to marriage introduced June 6, 2006 Official Roll Call Vote

A Vote for Marriage  National Review Editors, 6.7.2006

FRC Sends Chewing Gum to Senators Reid and Durbin  U.S. Newswire,  6.7.2006

Married With Children by Chuck Muth (2 June 2006)
A new Gallup Poll finds that "younger people in the United States are less likely to view marriage as important for couples with children." Only 37% of respondents said marriage was "very important when they have children."

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean: Opponents of Homosexual "Marriage" are Bigots  Washington Times, Greg Pierce, 5.31.2006
Mr. Dean was responding to news that Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, Tennessee Republican, plans to bring to a vote a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban homosexual "marriage." . . . "It is not only morally wrong, it is shameful and reprehensible," Mr. Dean said.

Plugged In: X-Men: The Last Stand
X-Men: The Last Stand does a better job of raising tough questions than it does answering them.  (WO:  Interesting and well-written commentary on social and moral issues presented in the movie.)

MPA Vote Fast Approaches
Family advocates optimistic measure to protect traditional marriage will pick up votes in second Senate vote.


Marriage Protection Amendment scheduled for vote in Senate 6 June--Take Action!  Send an email to your two Senators today.  If either of your Senators is co-sponsoring the Marriage Protection Amendment, he or she will receive a thank you. If either of your Senators is not co-sponsoring the bill, he or she will get the letter encouraging them to vote for it.  Click Here to Email Your Senators Now! 

On June 6 the Senate is expected to vote on the Marriage Protection Amendment (MPA) which would legally define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Now is your opportunity to contact your U.S. Senators and ask them to support the Marriage Protection Amendment.  To help you understand why this is such a crucial issue, the National Coalition for the Protection of Children & Families has produced a booklet titled Why is Marriage Important? A Reasonable Defense of Marriage, which provides sound arguments in favor of marriage between one man and one woman.  You can call our office at (513) 521-6227 to request a copy of this booklet.

Catholic Church Backs Marriage-Protection Amendment

Two ECUSA Bishops Join Opposition to Marriage Amendment on Capitol Hill

Liberals Defend Gay Marriage As Religious "Right"

read moreFocus Action Launches Marriage-Protection Blitz
Message to grassroots: The vote is only days away. There is no time to lose.

The U.S. Senate is expected to vote June 7 on the federal Marriage Protection Amendment (MPA), and grassroots pro-family groups are stepping up efforts to make sure their constituents weigh in on one of the most important issues of our time.

Focus on the Family Action Founder Dr. James Dobson will focus this week on the MPA during two broadcasts of his nationally syndicated radio show. He is asking Americans to flood the phone lines of some key Senators to let them know how strongly their constituents feel about passing the amendment, which defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman. He said senators need to feel the heat from people all across the country. read more

Take Action: Marriage Protection Amendment


Poll: U.S. views on marriage changing
A Gallup Poll finds that younger people in the United States are less likely to view marriage as important for couples with children.  >> Read full story

Marriage Protection Sunday and Fact Sheet on the Marriage Amendment FRC, 6.2.2006

S.J. Res. 1
Marriage in the United States shall consist only of the union of a man and a woman. Neither this Constitution, nor the constitution of any State, shall be construed to require that marriage or the legal incidents thereof be conferred upon any union other than the union of a man and a woman.

The Senate Debates Marriage
Weekly Standard, Fred Barnes, 6.5.2006
The conventional wisdom in the political community is also wrong on another point: that the marriage amendment won't have a significant role in the race for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination. It will. A Gallup poll found two-thirds of Republicans back the amendment. Perkins, for one, insists the marriage issue has "reached the same plane as the right to life issue" among Republican voters. "I don't think you can win the presidential nomination without endorsing the marriage amendment," Perkins says. This is a huge problem for Senator McCain, the Republican frontrunner in 2008.

No Excuses: Top Three Bad Reasons for Opposing a Federal Marriage Amendment  National Review, Walter Weber, 6.2.2006

Scholars: Marriage Redefinition Will Cause Church-State Clashes
Baptist Press, Tom Strode, 6.2.2006

Why Marriage Is a Constitutional Matter  Human Events, Jan LaRue, 6.2.2006

Smoking Gun: The Netherlands Shows the Effect of Same-Sex Marriage.
National Review, Stanley Kurtz, 6.2.2006

Gay Agenda Means Less Freedom For All  By Star Parker
The latest Gallup polling on attitudes regarding same-sex marriage shows a trend that should concern conservatives as well as all Americans.

read more

New York's Top Court Hears Gay Marriage Appeal New York's highest court -- the Court of Appeals -- is considering a lawsuit which could bring same-sex marriage to state.  But pro-family groups that have filed friend-of-the-court briefs in defense of state laws on marriage said such challenges should never come before a judge -- and wouldn't, if Congress passes the federal Marriage Protection Amendment (MPA) and sends it to the states to be ratified.  read more

New York Court to Hear Gay Marriage Case

New York to Hear Same-Sex 'Marriage' Argument, Washington Times, Cheryl Wetzstein, 5.30.2006 (Chris Stovall of ADF)

NY High Court Hears Homosexual Marriage Arguments
CNN, Christopher Browne, 5.30.2006
Webcast of Oral Arguments

NY: Let Legislators Be Legislators: Marriage Matters.
National Review, Ruben Diaz, 5.31.2006 

Marriage Definition Looms as Battle of Our Times
Christian Science Monitor, Jane Lampman, 6.1.2006
The battle over same-sex marriage is shaping into something more than deep societal tradition vs. civil rights. It is becoming a conflict of equality vs. religious liberty . . . Both sides tend to view the struggle as a zero-sum, society-defining conflict.

Polygamy Versus Democracy: You Can't Have Both
Weekly Standard, Stanley Kurtz, 6.5.2006

Polygamous Union Sparks Split: Divided Utah Supreme Court Holds Lawrence Doesn’t Protect Plural Marriages  ABA Journal, Stephanie Francis Ward, 5.26.2006



Actress Julianne Moore Helps Raise Awareness for Child Safety and Preparedness  

Values Voters' Issues Not a High Priority
Social conservatives disappointed on lack of action on legislation to benefit the family.

Bay State Activist Bothered That Tax Money Going to Governor's Pro-Homosexual Group
A pro-homosexual commission under the direction of the governor of Massachusetts is poised to receive a big increase in funding. According to pro-family activist in the Bay State, school activities sponsored by that commission are not for the faint of heart.

Moms Find Balancing Work And Family Complicated By Outdated Laws  NCPA, 5.9.2006

Washington: Stop Homosexuality from Becoming a Civil Right  The people must secure the right to decide the fate of a sexual-orientation law

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex, and Feminism
Heritage Foundation, 5.4.2006

Why the Fuss Over Gender Differences?
Human Events, Carrie L. Lukas, 4.28.2006

Commentary: End of Language As We Know It
Crosswalk, Alan Sears of ADF, 4.27.2006
  (WO Comment: A very informative essay on how the liberal secularist agenda activists distort, corrupt, and abuse language and words to promote their goals.  It also points out that if they can't control the meanings of words to their ends, they attempt to have the "offensive" terms eliminated from the vernacular--in this case, mother, father, man, woman, boy, girl, for example.)

ADF Radio Clip:  The Case of the Confiscated Bibles
Children at a local school are told that if they continue to hand out Bibles before school they face arrest. 

WO Comment:  Secularist "reasoning"--freedom of speech applies only to liberals, secularists, atheists, gay activists, the ACLU, etc. not to conservative persons of faith.  And that freedom of religion clause--the Founders made a mistake.  We're pretty sure they meant to say freedom from religion.  Maybe we can't find the phrase "separation of church and state" anywhere in the Constitution or Bill of Rights but we're pretty sure the Founders intended to put that in somewhere.  Really.  Trust us, we're enlightened, you know!

Family News in Focus Listen online to the day's top radio news stories, hosted by Bob Ditmer.

With “Psychological Parents,” Courts Find New Ways To Dismantle Families   Alan Sears of ADF, 4.14.2006

Deciding they wanted a baby, two lesbian lovers engaged a male friend to contribute what they could not to the process. He did so, making it clear that he wanted to be an active father to the child, not merely a sperm donor. They agreed, and he supplied funds to purchase a home for the three of them and to assist Ms. Britain, the biological mother. A child, “L.B.,” was born. While Ms. Britain remained on friendly terms with the father, hostility from Ms. Carvin, her lesbian partner, drove him to move out. He continued to provide financial support for L.B. Eventually, Ms. Britain dissolved her relationship with Ms. Carvin (who had never legally adopted L.B.), sought out the child’s father, and introduced him to L.B. The three grew close, and the biological parents made plans to marry. While Ms. Carvin continued to enjoy access to L.B., both parents expressed concern over some of her choices and behavior. (Among other things, she apparently taught the child to play “spin the bottle” with her lesbian friends, and caused L.B. to miss meals and school.) Eventually, the couple cut off her access to the child. Not long afterward, the parents were wed, and L.B. was legally given her father’s name.

Meanwhile, Ms. Carvin filed suit, demanding visitation rights or partial legal custody of “L.B.”  It should have been an open-and-shut case. The U.S. Supreme Court, in Granville v. Troxel (2000), ruled that biological parents have a fundamental right to determine the upbringing of their child – including control over whom their child spends time with. But Britain v. Carvin landed before the Washington Supreme Court, whose jurists decided the Granville decision didn’t apply to Ms. Carvin, because – although she has no biological or legal link to L.B. – they feel she may be psychologically as much a parent as the child’s mother and father. With that decision, the Washington court leaps into a legal quagmire that will embroil legislatures for decades (and will likely make “family law” attorneys very wealthy). Similar cases are clogging the nation’s courtrooms; in 18 of 30 states, judges have recognized “psychological parents.” The U.S. Supreme Court, so far, is silent. Advocates of same-sex “marriage,” though, are thrilled. They see in these tangled webs a way to trump traditional family structures and obtain sometimes elusive custody and visitation rights. Plus, these judicial indulgences offer backdoor recognition for same-sex unions, giving non-biological, unmarried “parents” the same rights as a child’s biological mom and dad – even without their consent.  In several recent rulings, judges have awarded parental authority to the “third parent”…but seldom, if ever, a corresponding financial responsibility.  This separation of rights from responsibilities is at the heart of the current deconstruction of marriage and family in America.

ADF Radio Clip:  Heteronormative
Alan Sears talks about how radical homosexual groups believe that any talk about marriage between one man and one woman is “insensitive” and “intolerant.” 
Book: The Homosexual Agenda

Lesbian Sues Pro-Family Activists for Exposing Truth About Pro-Homosexual Event
A lesbian who was fired for her role in the notorious "Fistgate" conference at Tufts University has brought a civil suit against two Massachusetts pro-family activists who attended the 2000 conference and then proceeded to expose what went on at the pro-homosexual event. Many concerned parents learned about "Fistgate" and its sexually graphic content through the efforts of Massachusetts pro-family activists Brian Camenker and Scott Whiteman, who attended the "Teach-Out" specifically to bear witness to and gather evidence of what went on there. That is why the two men are now facing legal action, along with the Parents Rights Coalition, which is also named in the civil suit. Former state employee Margot Abels alleges Camenker and Whiteman violated her free-speech rights by tape-recording two workshops in which she instructed children as young as 12 years of age in how to engage in homosexual sex acts.  Camenker heads the pro-family group Article 8 Alliance.  Attorney Steve Crampton, chief counsel of the American Family Association  is representing Camenker in the case. A judge has set a July 10 trial date for the lesbian activist's lawsuit against Camenker, Whiteman, and the Parents Rights Coalition.

WO Comment & Take Action:  Read the full article and also check Article 8 Alliance and AFA's Center for Law & Policy and ask what you can do to help.   If the lesbian activist's lawsuit against Camenker, Whiteman, and the Parents Rights Coalition is successful it will be a major defeat of parents' rights to know what indoctrination of their children by gay activists and other liberal agenda-driven activists is being carried out in state sponsored venues such as public schools and it will be a victory for gay activists who will win the "right" to teach young children explicit homosexual sex acts clandestinely without parental knowledge or consent.

Marriage and Family

Traditional marriage & traditional family are the institutions that form society and keep it from devolving into chaos & hedonism

Alliance Defense Fund:  Traditional Family

Reducing Unwed Childbearing: The Missing Link in Efforts to Promote Marriage   "For marriages to succeed among low-income families, it is essential to address the problem of unwed childbearing." Read the full Policy Brief from the Brookings Institution online or Download as a PDF (88K)

More Than 50 Distinguished Scholars Issue Landmark Principles on the Importance of Marriage and the Public Good  Lifesite, 6.7.2006

Marriage under Attack--Will the Traditional Institution Survive?

Senate Ignores American People on Marriage: Values Voters Will Not Relent, says FRC's Perkins  FRC, 6.7.2006

"Politics of Discrimination and Distraction Fail as Senate Resoundingly Defeats Federal Marriage Amendment"  HRC, 6.7.2006

"Discrimination Amendment Fails"  Planned Parenthood, 6.7.2006

CWA: America Needs a One-Man, One-Woman, One-Line Marriage Amendment
Christian Newswire, 6.7.2006

U.S. Reviews Future of Same-Sex Marriage  Angus Reid, 6.7.2006

Children at Risk When Marriage Redefined, Constitutional Amendment Supporters Say  Baptist Press, Michael Foust, 6.6.2006

"Dobbs: Gay Marriage Amendment Sheer Nonsense"  CNN, Lou Dobbs, 6.7.2006

Sen. Murray Says 'Gay' Marriage Debate Wasted Time
AP on Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 6.7.2006

Senators Deep-Six MPA -- For Now  Supporters of the Marriage Protection Amendment are not distraught over the fact that the U.S. Senate has rejected the call for a vote on the measure. Sixty votes were needed to have the measure come up for an up-or-down vote; the move came up 11 votes short.   Read More

Local Police Attempt to Block Collection of Pro-Marriage Petitions
A pro-family group in Florida is outraged over the behavior of some police officers last weekend who tried to stop a petition drive aimed at protecting traditional marriage.


Focus on the Family Action

The U.S. Senate is expected to vote on the Marriage Protection Amendment (MPA) early next week -- and now more than ever your voice is crucial to its passage.
We are urging you to let your two senators know today that you expect them to support the MPA and the overwhelming majority of Americans who think marriage should be defined as the union of one man and one woman. To help you make this point quickly and powerfully, we've done a couple of things we don't often do on legislative calls to action. We've written a short, but direct message for you to send to your senators; and we've made arrangements so you can fax it right to their offices.
E-mails are easy to ignore; faxes are not. That's why, when you send the message, it will be sent -- at no charge to you -- not to your senators' inboxes but to their fax machines. When thousands of faxes begin to stack up in their offices, they will know without a doubt the will of the people on this important issue.
So please take a moment, right now, to click the "Take Action" button and send your fax. Thanks for doing your part to defend the family.
Take Action: Marriage Protection Amendment


A Christian Vision of Marriage and Family, 5.17.2006

LifeWay Survey Examines Top 10 Issues Facing Families
Baptist Press, Brooklyn Noel, 5.9.2006

1. Anti-Christian culture; 2. Divorce; 3. Busyness (sic); 4. Absent father figure; 5. Lack of discipline; 6. Financial pressures; 7. Lack of communication; 8. Negative media influences; 9. Balance of work and family; 10. Materialism.

Marriage Laws Defended in California
Family News in Focus, Jessica Stolling, 5.9.2006 (Byron Babione of ADF)
But the game is not over and same-sex proponents agree. Here’s Babione. “It’s no secret their strategy is to go state by state to look for judges in those states who they think are sympathetic to their cause.” 

GOWYL (Get On With Your Life)
Much of the dialogue about marriage is focused on the problems of modern marriage. Is marriage doomed to failure ... even extinction?

Marriage Litigation Score Sheet and Amendments Now Available on DOMAWatch

US Bishops Join Petition for Constitutional Change to Block Same-Sex Marriage
Lifesite, Gudrun Schultz, 4.24.2006

The Danger of Redefining ‘The Family'
United Families International, Sharon Slater, 4.19.2006

Alaska: "Don't Let Good Intentions Cloud Gay Marriage Issue", Jim Minnery, 4.16.2006
The American Civil Liberties Union is working to repeal all laws prohibiting or penalizing the practice of what some call "plural marriage." Polygamy advocates are following the same script of the gay rights movement . . .

Why Kids Need Married Mothers and Fathers
Zenit, Maggie Gallagher, 4.10.2006

When Did Defending Marriage Become an Act of Bigotry?
CWA, Robert Knight, 4.10.2006

Homosexual Alliance to Attack Marriage
Reality Check, 3.27.2006 

Arizona: Lawmakers Hope to Outlaw Bestiality
AZ StarNet, 3.28.2006

Washington: Lawmakers Vote to Make Bestiality Illegal in This State
Seattle Times, Jennifer Sullivan, 3.2.2006

Lessons from History About the Future of Marriage & Family in the United States
Touchstone Magazine, Allan Carlson, Jan/Feb 2006 Issue

DeWine to Co-Sponsor Federal Marriage Amendment
Cleveland Plain Dealer, Stephen Koff, 3.31.2006

ADF Radio Clip:  This is Oppression?
Alan Sears discusses the tremendous financial resources at the disposal of advocates of homosexual behavior as they attempt to re-define marriage.

Planned Parenthood: Proponent of racism, protector of rapists, promoter of kiddie porn  Read it here

ADF Radio Clip:  Silencing the Church
Alan Sears shares the details behind homosexual activist attempts to silence a church for their stance on the defense of marriage between one man and one woman. 

Richard & Margaret
Difficult man + difficult woman = model marriage.
     Also: Called to Be a family

Why a Marriage Amendment is Necessary
Republican Policy Committee, 3.28.2006

Most in U.S. Remain Opposed to Same-Sex Marriage
Angus Reid, 3.24.2006

Unanimous Florida Supreme Court Approves Proposed Marriage Amendment
How Appealing, Howard Bashman, 3.23.2006 (links to opinion)

Focus on the Family:  Marriage & Family

Evans-Novak Political Report (28 Mar 2006)

Same-Sex Marriage: The Arlington Group, an influential coalition of social-conservative activists in Washington, D.C., appears to have changed its approach to the federal marriage amendment, which is likely to come up for a vote this summer. In a March 16 meeting, sources say that the group's member organizations took a non-binding vote to back a one-sentence version of a constitutional amendment that simply states that marriage in the United States consists only of a union between a man and a woman. This differs from the version brought to the floor in 2004, which would have also forbidden state and federal courts from forcing states to recognize other states' "civil unions" between members of the same sex.

      The legal implications of this change are hotly debated, but the move is unusual because it represents a dramatic change of course politically. Divisions have emerged among conservatives as to the merits of last year's two-sentence amendment. Some believe that it actually encourages or sanctions "civil union" laws. It is also believed that it will be easier to gain votes for the one-sentence amendment, and its near-passage would put many of its opponents on the spot in November.

      Last May, the Arlington Group browbeat Sen. Brownback into going to the Senate floor and withdrawing his marriage amendment -- the exact same one-sentence amendment they may now support

Californians Disapprove of Same-Sex Marriage
Angus Reid, 3.23.2006

The Reality of Polygamy: Very Different From What's Depicted on HBO's "Big Love"
Findlaw Commentary, Marci Hamilton, 3.23.2006

"As we spread freedom around the world, I think there is concern, judging from much of what we see going on at home, that we're losing a sense of what the pillars are that hold our own free society together. If we're losing our compass at home, can we really spread the word abroad? This is a subject blacks know well. It's why the marriage issue struck as responsive chord as it did in this community. We know from what we have seen in our own communities that when core traditional values collapse, when the integrity of families collapses, when life becomes cheap, when property has no meaning, there is no freedom." —Star Parker 

Social Scientist: Biblical Marriage Matters, Freedom Depends on the Family
A sociologist and writer says America cannot afford to say no to traditional marriage. Brad Wilcox believes how U.S. society defines marriage can affect everything from the nation's economy to its citizens' individual rights.

Alliance Defense Fund Radio Clip:  It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over
Alan Sears talks about the need for persistence in the legal battle to defend, protect, and affirm marriage between one man and one woman. How Much Marriage Litigation Has There Been?
Sample Listing of Cases

AFA Calls for Senate to Push Federal Marriage Amendment
The Washington state supreme court is soon expected to issue its ruling on whether or not that state has to legalize same-sex "marriage." As pro-family groups wait apprehensively for the verdict, one of them has renewed its call for a federal solution to the assault on marriage.

Polygamy Is 'Next Civil Rights Battle,' Activists Say
CNSNews, Randy Hill, 3.16.2006

Polygamists, Unite! They Used to Live Quietly, but Now They're Making Noise.  Newsweek, Elise Soukup, 3.20.2006

Polygamy, Polyamory, and the Future of Marriage

Pro-Family Leaders Condemn DefCon Claims That Dobson Has Gambling Ties
The founder and chairman of Focus on the Family is responding to accusations of ties to a controversial Washington lobbyist to gambling interests. James Dobson says last week's full-page New York Times ad and additional TV commercials placed by a liberal special interest group are just part of a larger attack against pro-family leaders.
>> Read full story 

Politics, Marriage and Women's Votes
Townhall, Jeff Jacoby, 3.13.2006

Family Fuse: Why the Rules About "Gay" Parenting Are Changing Under Your Nose  Slate, Dahlia Lithwick, 3.11.2006

Behind the Baby Gap Lies a Culture of Contempt for Parenthood
Guardian Unlimited, Madeline Bunting, 3.7.2006 

California: 'Mom,' 'Dad' to Be Axed from Schoolbooks to Accomodate Gender Neutral Agenda
WorldNetDaily, 3.9.2006 

Commitment to Marriage, Emotional Engagement Key to Wives’ Happiness Newswise, 3.1.2006

The Myths and Reality of Living Together Without Marriage    
Read it here

Renew America

 One sure way of not having a wedding ring on your finger by Marie Jon', February 7, 2006

There is an old saying: "Why buy the cow when you are getting the milk for free." It is an old and possibly crude saying, but it is one that provides truth.  In a thoroughly modern and pleasure-driven world, might this "old and crude" saying possibly be referring to sex? Indeed.  Sex is a very sensual and beautiful act between people. It's an act of passion that brings the couple into a mental bond that no other physical act can accomplish. It amazes those of us who live by the idea that keeping oneself for marriage is widely misunderstood. To ourselves, we are the wise and prudent ones. When we do eventually get married, we will enjoy the everlasting and breathless love that most dream about.  Read more>>>One sure way of not having a wedding ring on your finger

HBO Promotes Polygamy With “Big Love” Series
Lifesite, Gudrun Schultz, 2.28.2006

Marriage as a Public Good: Scholars Defend Institution's Role in Society  Zenit, 2.25.2006

Nordic Bliss: There’s No Refuting the Claim that Same-Sex Partnerships Harm Marriage.  National Review, Stanley Kurtz, 2.28.2006

Designed for Sex  CERC, J. Budiszewski, 1.2006

Alliance Defense Fund Radio Clip:  Who's Afraid of Fuzzy Bear?
Alan Sears talks about how Arizona social services tried to censor the distribution of a teddy bear and quilt to foster children, simply because they contained the words: “Jesus Loves You.”


Alliance Defense Fund

Another HUGE Win for Marriage (And Defeat for the ACLU) in the Empire State…

The New York Yankees baseball team may field a team of all-stars, but attorneys defending marriage are now batting .1000 – by the grace of God -- in the legal battle to defend, protect, and affirm marriage in New York State.  In the latest case, the New York Supreme Court Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department, ruled 5-0 that preserving the definition of marriage as the union between one man and one woman is legitimate and permissible under the New York Constitution.  The court wrote: “this case is not simply about the right to marry the person of one’s choice, but represents a significant expansion into new territory which is, in reality, a redefinition of marriage.   The cornerstone cases acknowledging marriage as a fundamental right are laced with language referring to the ancient recognized nature of that institution, specifically tying part of its critical importance to its role in procreation and, thus, to the union of a woman and a man.”

ADF attorneys filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the case representing Family Research Council, in which 12 same-sex couples were represented by the American Civil Liberties Union.  The full text of the opinion can be read at ..........  In December, an earlier challenge to marriage between one man and one woman was rejected by a state intermediate appeals court, which ruled that same-sex “marriage” is not a constitutional right and would not provide the same benefits for society as traditional marriage.  The court also stated that the union between one man and one woman is the “cultural, social, and legal ideal in an effort to discourage unmarried childbearing and to encourage sufficient marital childbearing to sustain the population and society.”  ADF Senior Legal Counsel Chris Stovall says: “We’re pleased that another New York court recognizes that same-sex ‘marriage’ is not, and never has been, a “right.”  This victory will provide momentum in the fight to preserve marriage in the state and across the country.”

The Founders@Home: The Framers' Idea of Marriage and Family.
National Review, David F. Forte, 2.14.2006

Parents Should be Involved, 2.10.2006

Altruistic Love Related to Happier Marriages
Fox News, Robert Roy Britt, 2.10.2006

Marriage Education Advocate Applauds Federal Funding to Build Healthy Families  Agape Press, Mary Rettig, 2.9.2006

Doc: Birth Defects Up in Polygamous Area
AP on Boston Globe, 2.9.2006

Pornography & Other Sex-related Issues




A society that is excessively sexualized & secularized puts families, women & children at risk

read more

Anti-Child-Exploitation Group Calls on Men to Avoid Porn--National TV and radio campaign launches this weekend

A group of men wanting to defend their homes -- and themselves -- from the all-too-accessible world of pornography and sexual exploitation is speaking out in radio and television ads that will air Father's Day weekend.

Read more, join the group, and take action for the common good of society, especially women and children, by visiting The Defenders now.

Hollywood Actress, Bush Administration, Lawmakers, Victims, Join Forces to Eradicate Human Trafficking  Lifesite, 6.15.2006

Kyl Bill Targets Net Child Porn, Touts Web Labels
AZ Republic, Billy House, 6.14.2006

The Pornography Plague -- A British View, 5.31.2006

Porn--Home wrecker or harmless fun?

The industry’s VIPs mingle at political galas and Super Bowl parties. Their product is available on cell phones, podcasts, and particularly the Internet.  It’s pornography. And if you’re a consumer, John Harmer thinks you’re damaging your brain.  Harmer is part of a cadre of anti-porn activists seeking new tactics to fight an unprecedented deluge of porn which they see as wrecking countless marriages and warping human sexuality. They are urging federal prosecutors to pursue more obscenity cases and raising funds for high-tech brain research that they hope will fuel lawsuits against porn magnates.  The activists’ adversary is a sprawling industry that offers more than 4 million porn sites on the Internet, that in the United States alone is estimated to be worth $12 billion a year. A tracking firm, comScore Media Metrix, says about 40 percent of Internet users in the United States visit adult sites each monthMajor hotels provide in-room porn, and adult film stars are now mainstream celebrities. Mary Carey attended a VIP Republican fundraiser in Washington in mid-March; Jenna Jameson’s “How to Make Love Like a Porn Star” hit the best-seller lists and she hosted a racy pre-Super Bowl party in Detroit in February.  As much as there is national consensus on the evils of child pornography, there is none whatever on porn featuring adults and marketed to them. It’s more pervasive than ever, yet activists and experts disagree bitterly over the extent of harm it causes.

WO Comment:  The political gala referred to was a Republican event to which Mary Carey, a porn star, was invited.  The photo above was taken the day she attended.  If the conservative political party legitimizes and mainstreams pornography the battle against social ills detrimental to families, women, and children is indeed an arduous one.  Pornography harmless fun?  A glance at the items on this page and our Children page would suggest otherwise, especially considering that these numerous disturbing news items are from a short period of time and represent only a small fraction of incidents reported in media nationwide. 

Porn, Pedophiles, Our Kids and MySpace
Townhall, Rebecca Hagelin, 5.30.2006

A ‘Smorgasbord’ for Pedophiles: The Allure of MySpace
Breakpoint, Mark Earley, 5.30.2006

Gonzales Pressing Data Retention in Fight Against Child Porn
Jurist, 5.29.2006

Downloads of Net Porn Hit Record High
Daily Mall, 5.29.2006 

Legal Swingers Clubs Fuel Growth in Canadian Group Sex Activity
Lifesite, Gudrun Schultz, 5.16.2006

Legal Swingers Clubs Fuel Growth in Canadian Group Sex Activity
See previous LifeSiteNews coverage:

Canadian Supreme Court’s “Swingers” Ruling Sets Dangerous Precedent, Says Organization

Canada Legalizes "Sex Clubs" - "14-year-olds will be exploited"

Washington Post Series on Teen Sex, Pregnancy, Contraception: Part of Democrat and Planned Parenthood Initiative?
Kaiser DRHR, 5.16.2006

Teen Sex Series of Articles in Washington Post, 5.16.2006

"To Catch a Predator"--NBC Dateline and MSNBC Commended by World Observer for Public Service to the Common Good

Internet Dangers to Families and Children Exposed
Pornography and Online "Communities" Place Children at Risk
NBC Dateline Series "To Catch a Predator" Focuses National Attention on a Deadly Serious Threat to American Society

Suspects Arrested in Global Child Porn Raid  Reuters, 5.10.2006

Louisiana: Police Search For Man Accused of Bestiality with Horse; Surveillance Tape Released, 4.26.2006

About 31% of Sexually Active U.S. Teenage Girls Become Pregnant, Report Says  Kaiser DRHR, 5.4.2006

Adult Entertainment Industry Moving Technology Forward  The adult entertainment industry continues to pave the way for technological advances. In an attempt to grow online distribution, a producer of hard-core adult movies will begin selling downloadable movies to customers, allowing them to burn the movies to DVDs. This new technological advancement will help increase profits for the already multibillion dollar industry.   Read the Article Now!

Attorney General Issues Warning for Sex Sites  Attorney General Alberto Gonzales recently made it mandatory that all websites containing sexually explicit material post an official government warning label to alert visitors of its pornographic content, especially those who unintentionally stumbled upon the site. If website operators do not comply with this new legislation, they risk up to five years of incarceration. Learn more about the problem of internet pornography by visiting  National Coalition for the Protection of Children & Families    Read the Article Now!

Television Stations Challenge FCC Rule  Four television networks and their affiliates have filed an appeal, challenging the Federal Communications Commission's indecency rulings. ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox are opposed to the recent federal indecency fines levied against the networks for objectionable language. The networks are hoping to prove the FCC's ruling is unconstitutional and reduce government control over the airwaves. For more information on broadcast decency, please visit the National Coalition’s website.   Read the Article Now!

Sex with a robot- Maybe not yet, but ...  When America's top sex researchers gathered recently to discuss the next decade in their field, some envisioned a future in which artificial sex partners could cater to every fantasy.  A field dubbed "teledildonics" already allows people at two remote computers to manipulate electronic devices such as a vibrator at the other end for sexual purposes.  Sinulate Entertainment, which has sold thousands of Internet-connected sex devices over the past three years. "This is not something that just the lunatic fringe does."  Annie Sprinkle, a former adult film actress, prostitute and author of "Spectacular Sex," said teledildonics are a logical outgrowth of improvements in pleasure devices.  "Now people use vibrators like mad and rightly so; the technology of sex toys has vastly improved," she said. "The more options the better."  Entrepreneurs are also seeking to fuse explicit video imagery with real-life tactile sensation.  Brad Abram, president of XStream3D Multimedia, said his firm's "Virtually Jenna," an online game in which the player has sex with realistic cartoon of porn star Jenna Jameson, can link hardware devices following the action to genitalia. 

Online games replace monsters with sex  In "Naughty America: The Game," set to launch early this summer, players will assume the forms of alluring but cartoonish people who meet, flirt and have sex with other player characters.  Characters will have their own apartment, but the world will also have "public sex zones" and themed rooms, "We've got the cowboy room, the make-your-own-porn room ... it doesn't just have to be ‘Your place or mine?'"said Tina Courtney, the game's producer.

Road to Perversion Is Paved With Porn (Part III)
Human Events, Jan LaRue, 4.27.2006
Part III: Pornographers pursue profits and kids become sexually abused and abusers

Research Shows Early Porn Exposure Has Lasting Effects
Recent studies confirming the corruptive impact of pornography on people revealed a growing concern among both secularists and Christians regarding its effect on children, especially if they are exposed at an early age.

Research Shows Early Porn Exposure Has Lasting Effects
AFA J., 4.21.2006 

Eleventh Circuit Disavows Earlier Ruling: Congress Has Power under the Commerce Clause to Prohibit Intrastate Possession of Child Porn
How Appealing, Howard Bashman, 4.20.2006 (links to opinion) 

Porn Industry Again at the Tech Forefront
LA Times, Dawn C. Chmielewski and Claire Hoffman, 4.19.2006

Mobile Phone Users Love Their Pornography
Ars Technica, 4.17.2006

The Serpent of Porn  Solomon intimately understood how powerful sexual temptation can be for a young man. "My son, give attention to my wisdom, incline your ear to my understanding .... For the lips of an adulteress drip honey and smoother than oil is her speech" (Proverbs 5:1-3). Those two sentences perfectly describe both the power of sexual temptation -- and its antidote.   Read More

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit holds that PROTECT Act's pandering provision is both substantially overbroad and vague, and therefore facially unconstitutional: In today's decision, the Eleventh Circuit has declared unconstitutional a provision that prohibits the promotion of child pornography.  Posted at 02:55 PM by Howard Bashman 

WO Comment:  The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit believes that promoting child pornography is legal and thus, by implication, acceptable to society.  Legislators fail to protect our children.  The courts fail to protect society.  What recourse then is left to parents and concerned citizens?

'Reality Porn' Promotes Immorality, Corrupts Family Members
Once again the smut industry is finding new ways to lure in new customers and add to the already billions of dollars it collects from Americans each year. "Reality porn" is the new rage -- and, as with other forms of pornography, it is corrupting men, boys, and family members across the county.

The Road to Perversion Is Paved With Pornography: Part I: 'Regular Guys' Becoming Sexual Predators of Children
Human Events, Jan LaRue, 4.13.2006 

CWA: Porn Industry Paves Way to Exploiting Kids
Christian Newswire, 4.12.2006

Internet Porn, Plus Child Predators, Make Web Doubly Dangerous for Children
A Family Research Council official says although it may be difficult for many Americans to imagine that sex tourism could be such a big business in their country, the fact that it is can be attributed largely to the proliferation of pornography in the U.S.

Polygamist Married Off 100s of Young Girls, Former Members Say
AP on Fox News, 5.17.2006 

Battle Waged Over .xxx Domain: Mandated Web ID for Smut Seen as Help to Pornographers
WorldNetDaily, James L. Lambert, 3.28.2006 

Sex in the Syllabus: Colleges are Getting Serious About Porn Studies, but Should Professors Show or Just Tell?
Time, Lisa Takeuchi, 3.26.2006 

Porn Pushers - The ALA and Looking For Alaska - One Example of How the ALA Pushes Porn On Children, 3.27.2006

Crime & Punishment on MSNBC--Search on this page for video titles listed below:

April 4: Justin Berry, a former teen porn star, testifies at a House hearing on sexual exploitation of children over the Internet

  • Teen discusses his online porn past
  • 'Part of me wanted to die'
  • 'A nightmarish Internet world'
  • Child porn victim testifies in Congress

MN: Lawyer Takes on Strip Club Law
Duluth News Tribune, Chris Hamilton and Will Aschenmacher, 6.7.2006

Strip Clubs Statewide Fighting Alabama's Anti-Obscenity Law
WSFA TVm 2.28.2006

Lawmaker Proposes Taxing Strip Clubs, Adult Entertainment
NBC 10, 3.1.2006

By Ann Coulter, Legal Affairs Correspondent, Human Events

However the Duke lacrosse rape case turns out, one lesson that absolutely will not be learned is this: You can severely reduce your chances of having a false accusation of rape leveled against you if you don't hire strange women to come to your house and take their clothes off for money. Also, you can severely reduce your chances of being raped if you do not go to strange men's houses and take your clothes off for money. And if you are a girl in Aruba or New York City, among the best ways to avoid being the victim of a horrible crime is to not get drunk in public or go off in a car with men you just met.  Read the rest of Ann's article here

One Voice, Unheeded
Citizen Link, Daniel Weiss, 4.5.2006
A teenager offered the government 1,500 pedophiles, but nothing has been done.    WO Comment:  Click the link and read this disturbing report.  It indicates that the DOJ, even with a task force devoted exclusively to child exploitation, is failing to protect children from online porn, chat, and sexual predators.  After you read it, please use the "Contact Lawmakers" banner on the left above and write the President, your senators, representative and others demanding more enforcement of existing laws and passage of additional stringent legislation to protect children.

Online Profiles Can Be 'Predator Magnets,' Internet Safety Expert Warns
An Internet safety advocate is warning parents not to let their children post pictures of themselves online. She warns that a simple and seemingly harmless posting of an young person's image or basic personal information can become, in the twisted mind of a predator, an opportunity and an open invitation to stalk the innocent child.

President Bush Makes 'Historic Contribution' in Fight Against Human Trafficking, Opinion Piece Says  Kaiser DRHR, 5.10.2006

Virtually No Country Immune from Scourge of Human Trafficking – UN Report  UN News Center, 4.24.2006

Iraq: Stolen Away
Time, Brian Bennett, 4.23.2006 As criminal gangs run amuck in Iraq, hundreds of girls have gone missing. Are they being sold for sex?

Sex Trafficking: The Real Immigration Problem by John W. Whitehead              While debates concerning immigration rage over economics and labor, little has been said about the Mexican women and children being bought and sold as sex slaves. The third largest crime scheme after drug and weapons trafficking, sex traffickers transport at least 18,000 captives into the United States each year. Read more here >>>

The Evil of Sex Trafficking: Those Emotionless Faces Haunt Me.
CWA, Janice Shaw Crouse, 4.12.2006

UN Agency Criticizes Efforts to Slow Human Trafficking, Seeks Unified Approach  Jurist 4.24.2006

Arizona: Porn Complaints Decrease Since Hayden Library Installed Filters  ASU Web Devil, Shea Drefs, 4.5.2006

WO Comment:  Porn filters can be hacked and their use requires more effort for installation and upgrade than a firewall blocking an entire domain.  We are puzzled that there is objection from anti-porn groups to a triple x domain.  It would seem to be the most efficient way to block pornography from public school and library computers.

Man Arrested On Child Porn, Rape Charges

Plans for .xxx web domain shelved

Many in U.S. playing a risky game of sex

Teen Girls Discuss Their Sex Lives  ABC, 5.17.2006


Quiz: Do you have an online sex problem?

Sexploration- With computer porn, anyone can get an eyeful

Arizona: Reading Porn Won't Develop 'Critical Thinking Skills' - Students Should Have Opt-Out Right
AZ Republic, Brad Frese, 3.30.2006 

Study: Sexy media triggers promiscuity    Sexually charged music, magazines, TV and movies push youngsters into intercourse at an earlier age, perhaps by acting as kind of virtual peer that tells them everyone else is doing it, a study said.

Court Transcript Offers Teen Girl's View on Plural Marriage
Scrippts Howard News, Brooke Adams, 4.5.2006
As Mary tells the story of how she became a plural wife at age 16, the shock of it all is still fresh.

Focus on the Family:  Pornography  (several useful articles)

Eighth Circuit Rejects Commerce Clause Challenge to Federal Conviction for Homemade Child Pornography
How Appealing, Howard Bashman, 3.28.2006 (links to opinion) The court opinion is interesting reading with reference to the complexities of the pornography industry due to surreptitiously homemade and distributed (largely on the internet) photos and videos.  In this case the man gave his 13-year-old daughter sleep medicine, had intercourse with her, took photos of the act, previously molested two of his nieces, watched porn video with a third niece and another minor, and took sexually explicit photos of a daughter from a previous marriage.  He was sentenced to 20 years. 

NASA HQ Raided In Kiddie Porn Probe
The Smoking Gun, 3.31.2006

WO Comment:  The article includes the affidavit in support of search warrant which shows the amount of work & time law enforcement must invest in gathering info on just one perpetrator.  We need less legal red tape and better legislation to protect children.  We do not understand the objections of both Christian groups and porn producers to the notion of a triple-x internet domain for adult content.  It seems that such a move would help to monitor and control pornography for the purpose of enforcing laws against child pornography while still permitting adults access to permitted adult content.

Battle Brews over Gay Paper in Ohio Library

Walk into the Upper Arlington, Ohio, Public Library and you'll be confronted by a gay newspaper that routinely contains graphic sexual content. One library trustee wants the Outlook Weekly thrown out. Bryce Kurfees is concerned that young eyes could get more than they can handle from the Outlook.  The American Civil Liberties Union  is threatening a lawsuit if he does dispose of the papers.  Alan Chambers, president of the ex-gay ministry Exodus International, said homosexuals use such periodicals mainly for one purpose:  "They are a means for mostly homosexuals to hook up with other homosexuals or materials that promote pornography."

Sexualized Culture Blamed for Teacher-Student Sex Epidemic

An author says parents may want to consider pulling their children out of public schools once they find out young people are much more likely to be sexually abused at the hands of public school employees than by Roman Catholic priests. 

Anti-Child Porn Groups Target Online Porn Industry
CBN, Melissa Charbonneau, 3.31.2006

UK: Violent Pornography Blamed for Turning Boy Aged 14 Into a Rapist  Times, Russell Jenkins, 3.24.2006

The Nine Lives of a Topless Bar: Complaints Hit a Wall of Law  NY Times, Michael Brick, 5.31.2006

Adult Entertainment Lawyer Prevails at 11th Circuit in Battle Over Obscenity Law
Fulton Co. Daily Report on, Meredith Hobbs, 3.24.2006


Shareholders Can Be Effective by Paul M. Weyrich
The Reverend Kenneth L. Hutcherson is an impressive fellow. He has a deep commanding voice. He is Pastor of the Antioch Bible Church, Kirkland, Washington, and also runs a ministry called "Mayday for Marriage." Like many pastors he is concerned with the way things are going in the country. He especially is bothered by corporate sponsorship of pornography and of homosexual lifestyles. Most people, he contends, are unaware of these corporate activities.  >> Read Full Column

Banned Books Week: Smoke screen of hypocrisy

US Court OKs Computer Searches for Child Porn
Reuters, 3.9.2006
Opinion linked on How Appealing

WO Comment:  Apparently not all courts make a mockery of justice, decency, and sanity with "judges gone wild."  Every court needs to render reasonable and fair rulings like this to protect US women and children as well as society in general.  A person's right to a safe and secure life supersedes a so-called "right" to privacy.  Anything held in private that inflicts or intends to inflict harm on an individual should be exempt from legal protection.    

Area Juvenile Sex Rings Targeted Using Anti-Trafficking Laws
Washington Post, Debbi Wilgoren, 3.6.2006

School teachers molesting students dwarfs in magnitude the clergy sex-abuse scandal that rocked the Catholic Church  Read it here

Ex-teacher accused of sex with student arrested again for violating probation

Rachel HoltTeacher Charged With Rape Free On Bail

Rachel Holt, a Delaware teacher at Claymont Elementary, allegedly had sex with a male student, age 13,  more than two dozen times last month at her Wilmington apartment.
Holt allegedly provided alcohol to the 13-year-old and let him drive her car. They said that she allegedly allowed the boy's 12-year-old friend to watch them having sex.  Holt has been charged with 21 counts of first-degree rape and with giving alcohol to minors. Police said Holt had sex with the student 28 times during a seven-day period.

Coach Accused Of Having Sex With Student Is Indicted  Quanette Vales, 22, a former Akron coach and substitute teacher accused of having sex with a 15-year-old female student was charged with unlawful sexual conduct with a minor and sexual battery.

No plea deal for former Chesterfield teacher,Kimberly Padua, accused of having sex with an underage student

Woman fired for sex with boy, 15
Teacher hired teen student to do chores around her house
--McMinnville News Register, Oregon

Teacher had sex with boy, 13
Pamela Turner (Rogers) can't talk with media outlets for 8 years
--WTVF-TV, Nashville

Former Teacher Convicted of Having Sex With Student Out of JailWO Comment:  What would induce these women to do this?  Could it be the influence of internet pornography?  If so, it would be evidence of two points:  first, more and more women are becoming involved in pornography; second, pornography and other aspects of a sex-centered society have detrimental effects.  We know basically why men engage in this behavior--they are carnal beings who can't control their physical impulses.  Some answers from women regarding what impelled them to have sex with underage boys would be useful.  Unfortunately, in the case of the second teacher mentioned above, Pamela Turner, there will be no useful insight forthcoming from her as she is prohibited from speaking with the media.  Turner, married at the time of the sexual encounters, now goes by the name Pamela Rogers.  Divorce is but one of the negative effects of a "culture gone wild" with inappropriate (and illegal) sexual behavior.  Another is that Ms. Rogers' now has a criminal record is a registered sex offender.  The latter brings up another point.  It seems that male teachers taking advantage of young female students receive more lenient punishment than female teachers engaging in sex with young boys.  That's inconsistent and ironic since boys with raging hormones are more likely to be willing partners rather than seduced, coerced, or forced as in the case of young girls.  The inconsistency in punishment meted out by "judges gone wild" is another example of failure to meet our New Millennium Enlightenment four-point criteria of rational, logical, reasonable, and fair in regard to ideas, proposals, laws, punishment, legislation and so forth.

Follow-up on the above case of Pamela Rogers

'Sex Teacher' Arrested For Contacting Victim

MySpace page puts teacher back in jail

"Rogers reached a plea deal to serve nine months on an eight-year sentence, allowing her to avoid a trial on 28 charges of sexual battery and statutory rape.  Under terms of the plea deal, she was, among other things, ordered not to contact the victim or his family and not to use the Internet.  Authorities said she violated probation by establishing a Web page on the online social networking hub Her page featured a blog that included what authorities said was communication. The Web site also featured several pictures of Rogers in a bikini."  Rogers' page has been removed from the site. 


Did 'rapist' teacher have sex with 3 other boys?
Nov 26, 2005 -- Deanna Bobo, an Arkansas mother of five accused of having sex with
three other juveniles, 37-year-old special education teacher allegedly had sex twice with a 14-year-old boy in his bed while his parents were not home.  She's charged with sexual assault, a first-degree felony punishable by 10 to 30 years in prison if convicted.  Sgt. James Flynn of the Greenwood Police Dept. remarked on the national press coverage of the story:  "I think had it been a male teacher and a female student, it wouldn't have been the story that it was."

WO Comment:  Why wouldn't such a story be significant and just as troubling?  Because it's OK for male teachers to have sex with juvenile girls?  Because stories involving male teacher sexual predators are so common they are not newsworthy?  Because such behavior in men is accepted and acceptable due to the absurd notions:  boys will be boys, it's just boys having fun.  That attitude is part of a serious problem.  It also explains why (male) judges throw the book at female offenders and let the males go with a slap on the wrist.  Again, judicial action that fails to pass the test of rational, logical, reasonable, and fair is not in the best interests of the public common good.

In another case of a female teacher accused of having sex with one of her students, 25-year-old Debra Lafave changed her plea from not guilty by reason of insanity to guilty.  Lafave, a teacher at Greco Middle School in the Tampa area, had been charged with having both oral sex and full intercourse with a 14-year old male student in her classroom, home, and car. On Nov 22, 2005, she pleaded guilty to a single count and was sentenced to three years of Community Control (house arrest) and seven years of probation. Additionally, Judge Timmerman placed several restrictions on Ms. Lafave intended to keep her from profiting financially from this case.  On Dec 8, 2005, a Marion County judge rejected the plea deal and set a trial date for Apr 10, 2006.

Carol Flannigan, 50: Boca Raton, Fla., music teacher reportedly slept with 11-year-old former student, and also had a simultaneous sexual relationship with the boy's father. 

Celeste Emerick, 32: Police in Huber Heights, Ohio, say she hosted a party where students were shown porn.

Nicole Long, 29: English teacher at Ayersville High School in Ohio resigned her teaching post after being accused of raping a 17-year-old boy.



Elizabeth Miklosovic, 36: Grand Rapids, Mich., woman pleaded no contest to sexually assaulting a 14-year-old female student she "married" in a pagan ritual.

Elizabeth Stow, 26: Woman from Fresno, Calif., area convicted of having sex with three of her students was sentenced to nine years, but the judge suspended that sentence and gave her one year, possibly on house arrest, as well as faces five years probation.

Kelly Lynn Dalecki, 28: Woman from St. Augustine, Fla., pleaded no contest to charges she had sex with a 13-year-old boy.

Lakina Stutts, 40: School-bus driver admitted to cops she had sex with a 14-year-old student in her home and in a car outside the boy's home.

Laura Lynn Findlay, 30: Middle-school band teacher in Buena Vista Township, Mich., charged with having sex with at least 5 students, one as young as 14.

Margaret De Barraicua, 30: Sacramento, Calif., area woman arrested after police found her having sex with a 16-year-old male student in her car while the woman's toddler was strapped into a seat in the back.


Melissa Michelle Deel, 32: Bristol, Tenn., woman pleaded guilty to crossing the state line into Virginia to have oral sex with a 13-year-old male student

Michelle Kush, 29: Ohio woman allegedly had sex with a 15-year-old boy several times during summer break.

Robin Gialanella, 26: Elementary teacher in Toms River, N.J., engaged in kissing, and inappropriate conduct and conversations with two sixth-grade boys, ages 11 and 12. She was sentenced to 364 days in jail

Toni Lynn Woods, 37: The Braxton County, W.Va., woman confessed to having sexual intercourse with three juveniles a total of four times and oral sex with one of those juveniles and another juvenile a total of four times. She resigned.

WorldNetDaily to unveil explosive report on sex-predator teachers

Is a sex offender living near you?  © 2006

Posted: February 18, 2006  1:00 a.m. Eastern

First there was "Megan's Law," which strongly encouraged all 50 states to register those who commit sexual offenses against children and sexually violent adults. While some states complied with the minimal requirements to continue to receive federal crime-fighting funding, others went further.  And, now, the private sector – including Internet businesses – are making it easier than ever for Americans to keep track of sex offenders in their own neighborhoods.  All you've got to do is punch in your address and the registered sex offenders closest to you pop up – with addresses, convictions, sometimes even photographs.   The most popular website for tracking sexual predators is Family Watchdog.  The typical sexual predator will attack 30 to 60 times before being caught

Townhall:  Get over it  by Jennifer Roback Morse 02/27

As the author of a book called Smart Sex, I have become an expert on many forms of Dumb Sex.  One of the weirdest to come to my attention is pornography addiction. I know, I know, we all have a First Amendment right to view just about anything we want, as much as we want, any time we want. But that doesn’t mean that every legal activity we choose is intelligent. If you’d rather view pornography than have a relationship with a real person, you’ve got a personal problem.  A recent book, Pornified by Pamela Paul, shows how pornography addiction affects men, women and their relationships.  Neither Pamela Paul, nor Ben Shapiro, author of Porn Generation, gives any indication how widespread pornography addiction is. 

WO Comment:  Use your favorite search engine to research it and you'll find that pornography is an extremely widespread addiction.  Pornography and its related issues are among the most significant social problems we face in America, if not the most serious, because they lead to many other grave criminal concerns:  rape, serial rapists, child predators, violent crimes against women and children, to name a few.  And it's not just men viewing and being adversely affected by extreme porn; women numbering in the many millions are drawn to it.  The internet is the primary culprit responsible for this abhorrent epidemic that is so detrimental to society.

'Sex Worker' Art Shows Not Appropriate for Colleges, Says Activist
A pro-family leader in Pennsylvania is condemning two art shows celebrating "sex workers" being held this month at college locations in her state. The shows, she explains, literally feature art related to professions glorifying sex. Caution: This article contains references that some may find offensive

To Porn or Not to Porn The Modern World is a Treasure Trove of Pornography. We Need to Challenge That., Jason Ketola, 3.6.2006
One of the most powerful points in their work is that pornography teaches and reinforces unhealthy sexual norms and behavior. This suggestion prompts the question: What exactly do we learn from pornography? 

Pocket-Sized Porn Proves Profitable
Another facet of the pornography industry may well become booming business in the United States due to emerging technological innovations such as the new video iPod and similar pocket-sized gadgets.

Dial P for Pornography  Reuters on, 2.23.2006

Child Pornography Has Expanded into a Business So Profitable It is No Longer Limited to Pedophiles.
Parade Magazine, Andrew Vacchs, 2.19.2006

Life Sentence for Child Pornographer  AP, Brian Witte, 2.17.2006

Teen-Sex Decision Next Week, Judge Says
Wichita Eagle, Ron Sylvester, 2.10.2006

Pornography's Corrosive Growth  Zenit, 2.4.2006

Web Sites Fight Proof of Age Rules for Porn Performers
WSJ, David Kesmodel, 2.13.2006
More on the Rules in the May 2005 Community Defense Reporter

Denver Archdiocese Uncovers Sexual Abuse Bias for Public School Teachers
CWNews, 2.13.2006
The Archdiocese has lifted the lid on some 85 Colorado Department of Education reports of sexual impropriety among teachers since 1997.

Porn Feeds Human Trafficking
Family News in Focus, Josh Montez, 2.3.2006

Views on Pornography Differ Among Sexes
AFA J., 1.30.2006

Porn 'Tidal Wave' Puts Parents to Test
USA Today, Janet Kornblum, 1.29.2006

Ex-Counselor Gets Life Term for Child Porn: Judge Calls Case Worst in Her Career  San Diego Tribune, Dana Littlefield, 2.10.2006


Porn Industry Balks at Law Mandating Minimum Age for “Performers”  By Terry Vanderheyden

WASHINGTON, February 14, 2006 ( – The US Department of Justice is in court to defend its mandate that internet pornography sites maintain records ensuring their “performers” comply with minimum age laws in the country. In order to fight the exploitation of children, women who appear in x-rated pictures or videos must be at least 18 years old in the US.  The Justice Department justified the reporting when they announced the new rules, saying that minors are “often forced to engage in sexually explicit conduct.” Web site operators are opposed to the measure, since many purveyors argue that they are simply re-sellers of material produced by other companies, and that the requirements impose an undue burden on them. The rules are retroactive to 1995; first-time violators face prison sentences of up to five years.  The regulations are a Congress-mandated update of the 1988 criminal code law mandating minimum age requirements for sexually-explicit materials. A pornography advocacy group, the Free Speech Coalition, has filed a lawsuit claiming the requirements violate the First Amendment. Denver District Court Judge Walker D. Miller issued an injunction in December blocking the Justice Department from implementing the policy against producers who re-issue materials produced by other companies, but allowed the policy to proceed for primary pornography producers.  The Coalition has appealed the decision, set to be heard by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit.  The 1988 law mandated that all producers of photographs and video maintain records ensuring that women meet the minimum age requirement. The new policy applies the law to digital and computer-generated images and video – a subsection of the pornography market that has grown “exponentially,” according to a Wall Street Journal report.  Judge Miller also threw out a Justice Department requirement that internet chat site operators store a log of all chats.  (c) Copyright:, a production of Interim Publishing. Permission to republish granted but acknowledgement of source (use is *REQUIRED*

See Wall Street Journal coverage:

Early Exposure to Porn Causes Harm

Porn Industry Stoops to New Low
Agape Press, James L. Lambert, 2.28.2006 (ADF)

Media Influence

Movies, TV, music, video games, the internet have detrimental effects on children & teens--they must be monitored by parents

Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act Becomes Law  FRC, 6.15.2006

Morality in Media President Comments on New Law Increasing Maximum Fine Allowed for Violations of Federal Broadcast Indecency Law
U.S. Newswire, 6.15.2006

Why Media Choices Matter
Do our media choices really matter? Plugged In Director Bob Waliszewski gives advice on media and worldview.

Sexy New Video Game Tests Industry: Online Computer Game Lets Players Have Sex and Meet in Real World ABC, Lisa Burgess, 6.14.2006

CBS Affiliates Claim Indecency Complaints Are Invalid (14 June 200)

Understanding Your Child’s Development- TV Facts  (14 June 2006) Research reveals surprising statistics about children's TV viewing habits.

Congress Increases Indecency Fines Tenfold
Washington Post, Frank Ahrens, 6.7.2006

Too much TV for tots
Townhall, Brett Bozell, 5.26.2006

Indecency Complaints in Q1 '06 Surpass Full 2005 Count
Billboard Monitor, Tony Sanders, 5.30.2006

Networks' Ad Campaign No Solution to Indecency Violations, Say Critics
Family-friendly media watchdogs say the television industry is merely trying to dodge its responsibility to police itself and its content. And the head of the FCC says the multi-million-dollar ad campaign just announced by the industry won't be enough to satisfy his agency's mandate to patrol the airwaves for indecency.  >> Read story

Sex Angle Pushed by Online Game Makers
Chicago Tribune, Peter Svensson, 4.6.2006

The Networks, the FCC, and Our Kids: It's Time to Fight Breakpoint, Mark Earley, 4.26.2006

Google hosts 'boy love' site Read it here

TV Networks Taking FCC to Court on Indecency Rulings
Advocates for family-friendly TV programming are blasting the four major television networks for suing the FCC over recent indecency rulings handed down by the federal agency. The networks say the FCC "overstepped its authority" in making the determinations -- but media watchdogs claim the networks merely want the right to indiscriminately broadcast foul language in violation of current law. >> Read story

TV Networks Taking FCC to Court on Indecency Rulings  Advocates for family-friendly TV programming are blasting the four major television networks for suing the FCC over recent indecency rulings handed down by the federal agency. The networks say the FCC "overstepped its authority" in making the determinations -- but media watchdogs claim the networks merely want the right to indiscriminately broadcast foul language in violation of current law.   Read More

xxx Domain Bill Returns
Family News in Focus, Steve Jordahl, 3.20.2006 (Pat Trueman, ADF)

Senators renew call for .xxx domains

News Briefs — March 17, 2006
Christians and porn profiteers speak out against Triple-X domain

Media a Strong Influence on Teens' Sexual Behavior
Citizen Link, Wendy Cloyd, 3.22.2006

Pro-Family Groups Laud FCC's Crackdown on Broadcast Indecency
The Federal Communications Commission wants CBS and some of its stations to pay millions in a crackdown on what the federal agency is calling indecent programming. The FCC is proposing a $3.6 million fine against the network and dozens of its affiliates, and family advocates are cheering the Commission on.  >> Read full story

Focus on the Family Expert Calls for Approval of Indecency Proposal; Alaska's Sen. Stevens Blocking Broadcast-Indecency Legislation  U.S. Newswire, 2.21.2006

Michigan Finds New Way to Fight Nudity on Cable
Family News in Focus, 2.28.2006 (Patrick Trueman, ADF)

Era of Erotica: From Racy Scenes on TV to 'Passion Parties' at Home, Sexuality has Gone Mainstream
AZ Republic, Jaimee Rose, 2.22.2006

Broadcast Indecency Bill Refined
Family News in Focus, Josh Montez, 3.6.2006


Major US TV Networks Plan To Use More Nudity And Profanity

Read it here


TV Sex And Violence Reduce Brain Power, Study Finds

Read it here


America leads the industrialized world in unwanted teenage pregnancies, and according to the American Social Health Association, there is a direct link between permissive attitudes toward premarital sex and adolescents who watch television with high levels of sexual content. An a la carte cable TV plan would let consumers choose which channels to allow into their homes and stop forcing families to pay for unwanted channels containing objectionable content.

Please click here to let Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin know you commend his statement supporting an unbundled cable option and you want further research into this alternative.  

Hollywood Sex Scenes Attract Lawmakers' Attention
Reuters, Brooks Boliek, 3.8.2006 

Kids' TV More Violent Than Prime-Time, Study Finds
Television entertainment programs for young children contain much more violence than prime-time shows aimed at adults, according to a report released Thursday by a TV watchdog group.  >> Read full story

Patriot PostEntertainment is the most effective means of ideological indoctrination

Entertainment is the subtlest and most effective means of ideological indoctrination. It creates a psychological opening through which cultural messages bypass the intellectual filters that arrest most input for critical analysis. Because the context for these messages is "entertainment," they get a free pass into the mind's cultural context, where they compete, at a subconscious level, with established ethical and moral standards. Those at greatest risk for this form of indoctrination are emotive adults--those whose behavior is strongly characterized by their emotions (you know who you are)--and all children. If emotive adults are not constantly vigilant about screening ethical and moral messages from TV, theater, music, books, magazines, infotainment programs, etc.—and deliberate about evaluating that communication—they risk having these messages not only encroach upon, but, over time, actually displace the source code for wholesome values. Adults notwithstanding, this point cannot be emphasized strongly enough: Children, who do not have the sturdy character foundation that only time and good parenting can provide, are at very high risk of indoctrination through entertainment media. The only means of avoiding such indoctrination in children and highly emotive adults is to avoid exposure to entertainment media with harmful messages. Of course, for emotive adults and older children, the purposeful vetting of challenging entertainment messages with the deliberate objective of intellectualizing them—in effect, shuttering the emotional window into the subconscious—is a useful means of strengthening one's filter on such messages.

Video Game Maker Faces $500 Million Suit
Citizen Link, 1.30.2006
The city attorney of Los Angeles has filed suit against the makers of "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" because the game contains hidden areas that feature explicit sex acts.

Best Film Oscar Nominees Suggest Radical Hollywood's Political Agenda  According to a pro-family activist, Hollywood's agenda will be on display like never before at this year's Academy Awards ceremony. In addition, some analysts are saying the movies vying for top honors at the Oscars could be the least-viewed movies in Academy history.   Read More

The Academy Awards: Whose Vote Really Counts?
Top-ten lists and gratuitous award shows are ways that critics and insiders pat themselves on the back for their superior insight. Let's have a look at what the Academy awards, what Hollywood rewards, and whose vote really counts. Clear-eyed analysis overcomes Hollywood hoopla every time.

Winners of 'Christian Oscars' Announced
Disney and Walden Media's The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, WB's 7th Heaven, ABC TV's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and PAX TV's Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye won the three biggest honors at Thursday nights "Christian Oscars" gala.

WashPost On Hollywood's Lust for Liberalism -- Oops, "Social Issues"
Read it here

Los Angeles Times And New York Times Hypocritical on Religious Speech
Read it here

Alcohol & Drugs


Murfreesboro mother found in bar, charged with child neglect





















Crimes against Women & Children

Sexualized society, sex-obsessed media, porn, adult "entertainment" & "toys" coupled with substance abuse lead to crimes against women & children

Also see our page on Children

Amber Alert

Man Charged With Raping, Killing 7-Month-Old Niece

In Remembrance of Zoey

Go to our page on Children for this heart-breaking story, WO Comment, and Take Action.


Crime Scene: Missing in Paradise
As the one-year anniversary of Natalee Holloway's disappearance approaches, Greta Van Susteren reveals the missed opportunities, false leads and outright lies that have plagued this investigation from the beginning. Greta takes you inside the case as only she can, with exclusive video and never-before-scene interviews.

WO Comment:  A rich white girl gets a year of media coverage, concern, and outrage.  In contrast, Zoey, pictured above, and most of the other cases presented on this page receive limited attention resulting in little to no outrage.  If the media would devote as much coverage to these cases as the Holloway incident perhaps there would be sufficient concern to cause legislators to take action for the greater good of women and children. 

Authorities Await DNA Results in Bikini Strangulation Case  (1 June 2006) Geraldo Rivera reported the latest on the case. "What I believe happened here is that Tiffany posted a provocative and seductive photo on the Internet, and she had 426 'friends' on her mail list. I submit that the likely suspect is one of those men. I believe there was a date that turned into date rape and homicide. He strangled her with her own bikini top and fled the scene."

FBI- Grisly Videotape Murder Couple Caught With 5-Year-Old Child

Sebastian man, accomplice face attempted murder, kidnapping, rape charges

Eliot (Maine) boy, 15, charged in rape of child half his age

Friends Sentenced for Taped Sex Assault

Three friends were each sentenced to six years in prison for the videotaped sexual assault of an unconscious teenage girl, (age 17 ? at time of assault).  The victim, now 20, told the judge she had been violated "in every way possible....When did I become a piece of meat? How can anything human do the things that they did? They did things not even a savage animal would do."   A jury convicted the three defendants last March of a total of 15 felony counts of sexual assault. They were acquitted on other charges, including rape.    One of the defendants, Gregory Haidl, 20, who taped the July 2002 assault at his father's home, is the son of millionaire and former Orange County Assistant Sheriff Don Haidl.

WO Comment:  A six-year sentence means they will probably be free in a year or two.  One of the men is the son of a millionaire and sheriff.  That explains a lot.  Justice?  You decide.

Gang members charged in rape of 23 year old woman while mother of one rapist watched  Read this story here

Sexual Violence, Abortion in the Spotlight on International Women's Day  AFP, 3.8.2006

Reason to Rejoice: Three Strikes Against Human Trafficking
Breakpoint, Charles Colson, 2.20.2006

Bondage Breaking: Bill Boosts Fight Against Sex and Labor Trafficking. Christianity Today, Sheryl Henderson Blunt, 2.14.2006

Sex Trafficking Expert Speaks at Grove City College: Dr. Crouse Links Liberal Feminism to Sex Trafficking  CWA, 2.10.2006

Crime and Punishment--Judicial Leniency

The Case of Judge Kristine Cecava

  • Lets repeat offender child rapist walk
  • He's "too short" to be in prison!
  • No direct link for this case.  Search for video clip from "The Abrams Report"

Friends Sentenced for Taped Sex Assault

Three friends were each sentenced to six years in prison for the videotaped sexual assault of an unconscious teenage girl.  A six-year sentence means they will be free in a year or two.  Adequate punishment or too lenient?  You decide.

Alternatives to reality

Horrifying stories about the rapes and murders of children, and about judges who go easy on sex offenders who prey on the young, have prompted some state legislatures to tighten up the laws and restrict the sentencing discretion of judges.


Urgent Action Needed!    

Use the "Contact Lawmakers" button on the left to email the President, your senators and representative urging them to enact legislation that addresses judicial leniency, incompetence, and activism.  Just as important, encourage legislators to address the epidemic of sex crimes with federal laws to protect women and children nationwide. The process of enacting Jessica's Law 50 times, once in each state, is absurd.  Read about the Jessica Lunsford Act passed in Florida that provides strict sentencing for child sex offenders and check Jessica's Law for a national report card where you can see what your state is doing and send an email to your governor if necessary.  You may also want to view the Federal Database of Sex Offenders. 

Same-sex Relationships--Gay Agenda

The gay agenda--"diversity" and "tolerance" or indoctrination of school children with explicit, obscene info on gay sex acts??


HomosexualitySeveral articles and information from faith-based Focus on the Family

Homosexuality & GenderArticles, studies, commentary

Guide to Family Issues: Sexual Orientation
United Families International

Episcopal Church USA Considers Moratorium on Gay Bishops (14 June 2006)

Taxpayer Money Going to Gay and Lesbian Center Averted (14 June 2006)

"Macy's Removes Gay Pride Display"  AP, 6.9.2006

"Washington Gay-Rights Challenge Fails"  AP, 6.6.2006

UK: "Gay Group Push for Equality in Faith Schools"
Pink News, Marc Shoffman, 5.31.2006

Lesbian Teens 5 Times More Likely to Commit Suicide
AFP on Yahoo, 5.30.2006

US 'Sees Rise in Unsafe Gay Sex'
BBC, Peter Bowes, 5.30.2006

Gay Agenda Means Less Freedom For All  By Star Parker
The latest Gallup polling on attitudes regarding same-sex marriage shows a trend that should concern conservatives as well as all Americans. 

Activists Engage in Concerted Effort to Place Homosexuals in Key Offices at State Level  USA Today, Andrea Stone, 9 May 2006

Homosexuality and the Threat to Liberty  
Claremont Institute The Remedy Blog, Richard Reeb, 5.15.2006

Worldwide Network of Former Homosexuals Says to John Stossel: 'Give Us a Break'; Journalist's Book Says Change for Homosexuals is a Myth
U.S. Newswire, 5.11.2006

Research on the Gay Brain Reported Inaccurately  Author disputes media accounts that suggest homosexuality has a biological origin. 

CWA Exposes Faulty AP Report on ‘Gay Brain’ Study  5.10.2006

"Gay Marriage's Future Lies with DotNet Youngsters"
Detroit Free Press, Deb Price, 5.8.2006

A s the gray heads in the U.S. Senate get ready to weigh in again this June on gay marriage, look elsewhere if you want to see the real deciders.  Their generation will, I predict, have the final say over full marriage equality for those of us who're gay -- and they'll give it an enthusiastic thumbs-up.  Variously dubbed the DotNets or Millennials, Americans born between 1985 and 2004 are already demonstrating refreshing levels of civic engagement.  Social researchers have found that each new generation is more gay-friendly than the one before.  This youngest generation is very tolerant, a very large group ...  it spells a huge change in gay rights -- and one not very far off.  Within perhaps 10 years, gay marriage will enjoy majority support nationwide because younger, more accepting voters will have replaced many of today's 65-plus voters.  Already, Millennials are beginning to drive public opinion. We can trust them to make good, solid gay-friendly decisions.

"Rising Syphilis Rate Linked to Gay Men"
LA Times, Jia-Rui Chong, 5.9.2006

Associated Press Reports 'Gay Brain' Study Incorrectly
CWA, Robert Knight, 5.9.2006

Liberty Counsel Defends Christian Businessman Ordered
to Duplicate Homosexual Videos

Activists Engage in Concerted Effort to Place Homosexuals in Key Offices at State Level
USAToday, Andrea Stone, 5.9.2006

Lesbian Sues Pro-Family Activists for Exposing Truth About Pro-Homosexual Event

Gay activists want to teach young children explicit homosexual sex acts without parental knowledge, consent, or interference.

A lesbian who was fired for her role in the notorious "Fistgate" conference at Tufts University has brought a civil suit against two Massachusetts pro-family activists who attended the 2000 conference and then proceeded to expose what went on at the pro-homosexual event. Many concerned parents learned about "Fistgate" and its sexually graphic content through the efforts of Massachusetts pro-family activists Brian Camenker and Scott Whiteman, who attended the "Teach-Out" specifically to bear witness to and gather evidence of what went on there. That is why the two men are now facing legal action, along with the Parents Rights Coalition, which is also named in the civil suit. Former state employee Margot Abels alleges Camenker and Whiteman violated her free-speech rights by tape-recording two workshops in which she instructed children as young as 12 years of age in how to engage in homosexual sex acts.  Camenker heads the pro-family group Article 8 Alliance.  Attorney Steve Crampton, chief counsel of the American Family Association  is representing Camenker in the case. A judge has set a July 10 trial date for the lesbian activist's lawsuit against Camenker, Whiteman, and the Parents Rights Coalition.

WO Comment & Take Action:  Read the full article and also check Article 8 Alliance and AFA's Center for Law & Policy and ask what you can do to help.   If the lesbian activist's lawsuit against Camenker, Whiteman, and the Parents Rights Coalition is successful it will be a major defeat of parents' rights to know what indoctrination of their children by gay activists and other liberal agenda-driven activists is being carried out in state sponsored venues such as public schools and it will be a victory for gay activists who will win the "right" to teach young children explicit homosexual sex acts clandestinely without parental knowledge or consent.

WO Comment & Take Action:  Gay activists' claims that they merely seek "tolerance of diversity" is belied by this example of their true agenda.  Another reason parents need school choice or we need major, sweeping, dramatic changes in government and public education is illustrated by the following.  Warning:  The link shows explicit (and repugnant) images and text from a gay "handbook" given to children in public schools in Massachusetts.  Are gay activists distributing this or similar graphic "how to have gay sex" guides at schools your children attend?  Find out and take action!  Download of infamous "Little Black Book - Queer in the 21st Century" given to kids at Brookline High School, now available - make sure your public officials see this. This page shows a few pages from the booklet, there is also a link to download the entire booklet in PDF.

U.S. Court of Appeals Hears Oral Arguments in Lambda Legal’s Case Charging Condoleezza Rice with HIV Discrimination
Lambda Legal, 4.27.2006


In keeping with homosexual militants’ ongoing campaign against the Boy Scouts of America, activists in the American Library Association have launched a new drive to stigmatize the Scouts.  In 1999, the ALA governing body passed a resolution demanding that the Scouts “reconsider their policy of discrimination in the areas of sexual orientation and religious belief and demonstrate a commitment to human rights, inclusiveness and mutual respect.”

How about the ALA respecting the Scouts’ right to freedom of association? The Boy Scouts of America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. Its oath acknowledges God, honor and duty. As a private organization, the BSA has decided that it can not accept members who reject its code specifically atheists and homosexuals.

Now the Library Association is considering another resolution condemning the Scouts. Says BSA spokesman Bob Bork: “It is scary that an organization which purports to believe in free speech and intellectual freedom would take this kind of action.”  But it’s also typical of the way the left operates free speech only to express ideas of which it approves. Every time the left attacks the Boy Scouts of America who have suffered so much for standing on principle -- Christians should rally to their defense.

Pro-Taliban Speech Constitutionally Protected, Criticisms of Homosexuality Unprotected  Volokh Conspiracy, 4.24.2006

Easter Egg Roll Hubbub Shows Once Again: "It's All about the Adult 'Gay' Activists, Not What's Best for Children," LaBarbera Says Christian Newswire, 4.17.2006

Liberty Counsel and Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays Launch the “Change is Possible Campaign”
Liberty Counsel, 4.12.2006

Religious Conservatives Slam 'Gay Agenda,' ACLU
Townhall, Randy Hall, 3.28.2006 (Mike Johnson of ADF) 

Pennsylvania Official Charged With Using Position to Push Homosexual Agenda
The American Family Association of Pennsylvania is accusing the Human Relations Commission in that state of overstepping its stated purpose and goals to promote pro-homosexual causes.

ADF Radio Clip:  Their Tolerance is Our Silence
Alan Sears outlines the hypocrisy behind the left’s mantra of “tolerance.”  Book: The Homosexual Agenda 

Historic Church Associated with Adams Family to Hang Pro-Same Sex 'Marriage' Banner  Advocate, 3.31.2006

WO Comment:  We don't believe the First Patriots, our Founding Fathers, Samuel and John Adams, would be pleased.

Diversity Adversity by Steve Kipp
Pushy homosexuals won’t leave the public alone, not even in some companies’ restrooms.

It's Not Gay  (DVD) presents a story that few have heard, allowing former homosexuals the opportunity to tell their own story in their own words. Along with medical and mental health experts, these individuals express a clear warning that the prevalent view of homosexuality being presented in the media and in our educational institutions is not the whole story.

Same-Sex Marriage and Polygamous Marriage
Volokh Conspiracy, Eugene Volokh, 3.17.2006 

The "Science" of Sexual Orientation?
Crosswalk, Michael S. Craven Blog, 3.19.2006 

US Public Opinion on Homosexuality -- Homosexual Marriage
Roper Center Poll, 2.2006

Homosexual Activists in Europe, Canada Using Gov't to Silence Opposition
Now that homosexuals are experiencing cultural acceptance unheard of in Western Civilization since the time of ancient Greece, they are no longer unseen nor unheard. In fact, the homosexual community has obtained a seat at the table of political power.

The Science Of Sexual Orientation CBS, 3.12.2006

10% of Americans are 'Gay' -- Urban Myth Explored
Renew America, Warner Todd Huston, 3.15.2006

Harvard Law Students Pressured Law Firm to Drop Representation of Catholic Charities in Favor of Homosexual Agenda  Boston Globe, Sacha Pfeiffer, 3.15.2006

Violating the Founders' Vision: The Catholic Charities Exemption Bill Threatens What this Country Stands For  Harvard Crimson, Loui Itoh, 3.15.2006              Harvard law student cites John Locke out of context and distorts Founders' philosophy to condemn religion and Catholic Charities and support homosexual and atheist indoctrination agendas.

Homosexual Activists Using Bad Science
Family News in Focus, Kim Trobee, 3.10.2006
Gay activists are being accused of infiltrating influential professional groups and in the process, using bad science to turn them into political propaganda machines.

Activist: Gay Straight Clubs About Promotion, Not Protection
Read it here

24 homosexual-rights activists arrested at Falwell university
Read it here 

Illinois Gay Activists Engage in Extreme Rhetoric Against Governor Hopeful Find it at Lifesite News 

AgapePressNew Disease Strains Heighten Risks of Unhealthy Homosexual Lifestyle
Culture and Family Institute (CFI) director Bob Knight says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has discovered some new reasons why homosexual men need to stop their destructive and potentially deadly lifestyle.

Conference on Homosexuality Met with Vandalism, Protests; Despite Controversy, Record Attendance Anticipated at Saturday Event U.S. Newswire, 2.21.2006

The Same-Sex Marriage Dilemma
CWA, Tres Kerns, 2.21.2006
The problem with same-sex “marriage,” apart from embracing homosexual behavior as normal and healthy, is that it automatically eliminates a loving father or mother by definition.

Flawed Reasoning on Same Sex Unions
Philadelphia Inquirer, Jordan Lorence of ADF, 2.17.2006
Issues of benefits and even love aren't the keys to why cultures allow a man and woman to marry.

The Bedroom Police: 'Non-Platonic' Policies
Breakpoint, Charles Colson, 2.9.2006
You see, one of the dangers of granting marriage benefits to domestic partners is how easily that privilege gets abused. How do you determine whether two people living together are really domestic partners? What if they are simply two friends who are living in the same house to get benefits? 


Alliance Defense Fund:  Sanctity of Life

New Zealand Researcher: No Denying, Abortion Harms Women
A self-described pro-choice atheist and rationalist set out to prove that abortion does not have any psychological consequences. He found the opposite, and the results were so profound that they cannot be ignored in the scientific field or the political arena.

Sekulow of ACLJ before Supreme Court on Partial-Birth Abortion--click to read more and donate to this cause

The Rutherford Institute Asks Supreme Court to Oppose Gruesome Abortion Procedure, Uphold Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003  Click here to read more.

Planned Parenthood Vows to Help Elect 'Progressive Voices'
CNSNews, Randy Hall, 6.14.2006

74-Year-Old UK Pro-Lifer Jailed, Denied Health Care for Sending Abortion Pics to Hospital
Truth of abortion of no consequence to UK courts

by Gudrun Schultz and Hilary White

NORFOLK, England, May 9, 2006 ( – A man who sent graphic pictures of mutilated and aborted babies to staff and officials at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn was jailed for a month, given a five-year anti-social behaviour order, and threatened with five years incarceration if he disobeys the order. Atkinson was charged with “sending malicious communications” to the hospital.  74-year-old Edward Atkinson told the judge, “Then you may as well lock me up and throw away the key,” reported the Eastern Daily Press. During the hearing, he said, “Since 1968, seven million unborn babies have been brutally and callously murdered with the full connivance of the state.”  The feisty Mr. Atkinson sent the photos and a video of a child being aborted to hospital chief executive Ruth May who described them as “offensive, horrendous and absolutely disgusting.”   Ms. May said she received an envelope of “very upsetting and offensive literature” and became tearful when she told the Press, “It is upsetting for everyone. I believe people who work for the NHS, and particularly at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, are passionate about providing excellent care for their patients.”  Since the court case, Mr. Atkinson has been removed from the hospital’s wait list for an evaluation for hip surgery and has been banned from anything other than life-saving treatment as a punishment for his activism. A hospital spokesman said he had broken its “zero tolerance” policy by ignoring its warnings to stop. Hospital staff said they were upset and “quite disturbed’ by the images.  The hospital said, “We exercised our right to decline treatment for anything other than life-threatening conditions.”  The pro-life advocates at the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform (CCBR) – an organization that pioneered in Canada the public display of graphic images of abortion to make the case for life – were “appalled” at the conviction and the hospital’s denial of care.  “This is one of the most disturbing cases of intolerance for the pro-life perspective I have ever heard,” said CCBR executive director Stephanie Gray. “To disagree with or be horrified by the pro-life perspective is one thing, but to put an elderly man in jail and to deny him health care is outrageous.”  Gray added, “In a society that kills the most weak and vulnerable lf human beings, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.”   Gray said the pictures show the horrors of abortion to a culture that does not want to know. “People hold a double standard about abortion. They’re fine with graphic images of the Ethiopian famine or Abu Ghraib prison, but if it’s closer to home then they respond with hostility.”  James Dowson, the national co-ordinator of the UK Life League, told The Scotsman, “It is ridiculous. I think it is completely unfair. They are refusing to treat him. Would they refuse a murderer or a paedophile? He has paid his taxes, he is entitled to that treatment, who are they to withhold it from him?”   Atkinson, who refused to give the oath at the hearing until a Roman Catholic Bible was obtained, said the purpose of sending the images had been “to educate.”   “I accept that the documentation was highly distressing. It’s horrendous, monstrous and sickening but it represents the truth of what is going on in our world. Everyone in this courtroom knows that abortion is murder and no one has the guts to say it.”  Atkinson was found guilty on three counts of sending malicious communication to the hospital, and jailed for 28 days concurrently on the charges, with an additional 14 days for failing to pay a £650 fine, received for a similar offence in 2002. He was also told £500 would be deducted from his pension to cover court costs.

See Centre for Bioethical Reform website:

(c) Copyright:, a production of Interim Publishing.
Permission to republish granted but acknowledgement of source (use is *REQUIRED*

Option Line - 24 hour Pregnancy Hotline          

NARAL Pro-Choice America Praises Sens. Reid, Clinton and Murray for Protecting Women's Access to Contraception
U.S. Newswire, 5.10.2006

CWA Urges Senators Not to Waste Time Grandstanding on an Unethical Bill that Bush Has Promised to Veto  CWA, 5.10.2006

Many States Continue Fighting to Outlaw Abortion
Citizen Link, 5.8.2006

Secret Abortions on Young Girls in California Will Stop if the Parents' Right to Know and Child Protection Initiative Gets on the Ballot and Wins in November, 2006  Christian Wire Service, 5.4.2006

Amnesty International Asks Members to Allow It to Promote Abortion Worldwide  Life News, Steven Ertelt, 4.27.2006

Zogby Poll: Are Most Americans Pro-life?  Jakubczyk on Life Blog, 4.10.2006

Rutherford Attorneys Weigh in on ‘Nuremberg Files’ case, Ask U.S. Supreme Court to Affirm Right of Pro-Life Activists to Engage in Non-Violent Speech  Rutherford Institute, 4.6.2006

ACLU Endorses Bill To Suppress Free Speech Of Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers     Pro Life Blogs, 4.5.2006

List of Canadian Vaccines Made from Aborted Babies Body Parts
Body parts must be “harvested” from live unborn children in order to be useable. Visit here to see a complete list of vaccines.  See related coverage:
Vatican Condemns Vaccines Made with Tissue Obtained by Abortion Read it here          Abortion Advocate Recommends Curtailing Religious Freedoms to Avoid "Contagion"
Read it here

The Patriot Post  --  "As much as we humans try to convince ourselves that we can determine the exact time when certain legislation should be passed, the reality is that it is God's time that is important. We pray that God will use the efforts of the people in South Dakota and other states to bring a full recognition of the personhood of every human being from its point of creation to its natural death." —American Life League President Judie Brown

WO Comment:  Think about that brief and seemingly simple statement for a moment and its implications become extraordinarily significant.  Consider the current state of affairs brought upon society by secularists to the extent that we have government, legislators, lawyers, and judges defining and recognizing or not recognizing as they see fit what constitutes "personhood" or humanity or human existence.  Humanity is of God and of nature; it is of the natural world, not the political.  Any person who purports to grant or withhold recognition of who, what, or when a person or human is assumes the authority of God or nature, overstepping his bounds in the secular world and arrogantly entering the dominion of the natural and spiritual worlds.  Human existence needs no man to "recognize" it. 

The GOP's Abortion Anxiety
Newsweek, Howard Fineman and Evan Thomas, 3.20.2006
The pro-life movement is on a roll. So why are the Republican Party's top guns suddenly so shy on the subject?

Teen Abortion Down Since Notification Law Passed
Dallas Morning News, Laura Beil, 3.8.2006

Heritage Foundation:  The Truth about Parental Notification and Abortion Rates  A NY Times article this weeks claims that state-level parental involvement laws have not reduced the incidence of abortion among teens. That's bunk, says Prof. Michael New, a leading academic researcher of abortion incidence. New identifies four major shortcomings in the newspaper's statistical analysis and then goes a step further and runs the numbers himself. Using more robust data than the Times, New finds "significant reductions in the teen abortion rates after the passage of parental-involvement laws." New urges the Times to make public its dataset and methodology so that researchers can take a closer look at the newspaper's analysis. To date, the newspaper has not responded to this call.

Read A Lesson in Data and Analysis for the New York Times Michael J. New, Ph.D


Abortion lies vs. abortion realities  Read it here

New York Times wrong on parental consent legislation Read it here

Abortion-Rights Movement Needs To Focus on Reducing Number of Abortions, Unplanned Pregnancies To End Debate Over Roe, Opinion Piece Says Kaiser DRHR, 3.7.2006

ADF Radio Clip:  Secret Abortion
A teenage girl seeks help from her high school counselor regarding her unplanned pregnancy and is given more than just bad advice.

States Poised to Ban Abortion if Roe is Toppled: Newfound Energy Fuels Pro-Lifers as Standards of Decency Evolve in Favor of Life
Citizen Link, Pete Winn, 3.1.2006 

Its No Racket: High Court Says Pro-Life Advocates Not Subject to Racketeering Law  ADF, 2.28.2006

Unanimous Supreme Court Hands Pro-Lifers Big Victory After 19 Years of Litigation: Scheidler v. NOW  SCOTUS Blog, Lyle Denniston, 2.28.2006 Link to the Opinion on How Appealing

Newsweek Examines State of Abortion Rights Debate               Kaiser DRHR, 3.2.2006

Abortion is All About Sex
Baptist Press, Kelly Boggs, 2.24.2006
I do not know how much official cooperation takes place between homosexual activists and proponents of abortion. However, I do know that I have never witnessed a pro-abortion rally that did not have a strong presence of homosexual activists participating.

Human Rights and the Barbaric Partial-Birth Abortion Technique
Life News, John Whitehead of Rutherford Institute, 2.27.2006

Abortion Causes Massive Mental Health Problems for Women
NCPA, 2.10.2006

Abortion Study Causes Stir in New Zealand
The director of the Elliot Institute says a New Zealand study could have a big effect on abortion around the globe. The study reports that women who have abortions have a higher rate of subsequent mental problems that couldn't be explained by any pre-abortion mental issues.

Two Courts Rule 'Barbaric' Partial Birth Abortion Constitutional
Christian Wire Service, 2.1.2006

Medical Records Link Abortion With Death
Agape Press, 2.28.2006

Thomas More Law Center Agrees to Defend Michigan’s Pro-Life Constitutional Amendment 3.6.2006

South Dakota Governor: Other Governors Support State Abortion Bans Life News, Steven Ertelt, 2.28.2006

Georgia Abortion Legislation Advances: Pre-Birth Images Would Be Required Atlanta J. Constitution, Sonji Jacobs, 2.25.2006

WO Comment:  South Dakota, Georgia and most other states are involved in the same issue, in this case, abortion.  Fifty states, fifty times, fifty groups of lawmakers working on the same law.  It's inefficient and time-consuming and a waste of energy and taxpayer money.  Issues such as this and many more that are addressed fifty times should be handled on the federal level so that legislation for the common good of all fifty states is accomplished in a timely, efficient, and fair manner.  Again, it's a problem of federalism vs. states' rights; it's necessary to revise the system to provide the proper balance between the two.

ACLU and National Abortion Federation Hail Two Appeals Court Rulings Holding Federal Abortion Ban Unconstitutional
ACLU, 1.31.2006

WO Comment: The ACLU will keep it up until there are no religious or moral foundations left in the US.  The ACLU's agenda is a tyrannical, totalitarian, atheistic, hedonistic anarchy devoid of religion, morals, ethics, values, and human dignity--a nation of unenlightened, primitive, hedonistic, carnal beings.

Research Confirms Unborn Learning About Outside World 
February 24, 2006 ( - New research funded by Pampers has confirmed that the unborn are actively learning about the outside world.  The study group found that from at least 25 weeks, the unborn can recognize their mother's voice, and can react to taste, touch, and sound, as reported by Ireland On Line.  See related coverage:
Science Reveals Unborn can Dream, Smell, Hear, Remember Events and Feel Pain
British Study Shows Unborn Are 'Conscious Before 24 Weeks'
(c) Copyright:, a production of Interim Publishing.
Permission to republish granted but acknowledgement of source (use is *REQUIRED*

Other Topics

Teaching Children About Race
Teach your child to value unique qualities in others.

"I pledge allegiance to my black people"

One of the nation's fastest-rising poetry prodigies is a 7-year-old New York girl whose poisonous demagogic advocacy of black separatism makes Al Sharpton look like Mister Rogers.  Autum has appeared at a tribute to black nationalist Marcus Garvey, America-bashing 9/11 conspiracy-monger Amiri Baraka's annual family cookout and the extremist New Black Panther Party's Million Youth March.  "White nationalism is what put you in bondage . . . The mis-education of she and Hegro -- leaves you on your knee2grow .."  Autum's performance also included commanding white students to remain seated as she led black students in a recitation of the "Black Child's Pledge," by Black Panther Shirley Williams.  Complaints from shocked students and parents led to a tape-recorded apology sent to all parents apologizing for the performance. Autum's father condemned white district officials as "racist crackers." Autum defended her poem by explaining to the Westchester Journal News that white people are "devils and they should be gone. We should be away from them and still be in Africa." 

Bridge to a Place Called Home
How one ministry partners with churches to put the homeless back on their feet.

Links to Organizations & Useful Web Sites

Brookings Institution Center on Children and Families

Concerned Women for America

Family Research Council

Family Watchdog

Focus on the Family

Mission America, a pro-family organization which monitors homosexual activism in youth culture

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence

National Violence Against Women Prevention Research Center

National Network to End Domestic Violence

National Center for Victims of Crime

National Coalition for the Protection of Children & Families

Obscenity Crimes

Perverted-Justice Fighting Online Sexual Predators

RAINN--The Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families

Perverted-Justice Online Predator Watchdog

Child Seek Network
Pure Life Ministries exists to serve individuals and organizations dealing with sexual sin throughout the world by providing biblically based counseling, teaching materials and a public speaking ministry with the goal of leading Christians to victory over sexual sin and a deeper life in God.
For those who are seeking help with addictive or compulsive computer based sexual activity.
Resources for ministry leaders, parents and couples on sexual intimacy and sexual addictions.
L.I.F.E. Ministries is dedicated to encourage, empower, and equip God's young people to live everyday in sexual integrity.
Darkness to Light: training of adults on how to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.
Information and resources on how to keep your child and teen safe online
i-SAFE Inc. is the worldwide leader in the Internet safety education. Founded in 1998 and endorsed by the U.S. Congress, i-SAFE is a non-profit foundation dedicated to protecting the online experiences of youth everywhere. i-SAFE incorporates classroom curriculum with dynamic community outreach to empower students, teachers, parents, law enforcement, and concerned adults to make the Internet a safer place.


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