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The Enlightenment philosophies, pursuits & methods; importance today; how it guides WO.The Enlightenment in the founding of the US, the Founding Fathers, key documents (Constitution, Bill of Rights & more).Religion & Faith--News, issues, analysis, commentary,  research.Society & Social Issues:  News, analysis, commentary, research on contemporary social problems. Education, all levels:  News, analysis, commentary & research on current issues in education.Protecting Children: News, analysis, commentary & research on issues affecting children today.Supreme Court, courts, legislation, judicial activism, judges gone wild, the ACLU agenda & more!World Observer site map/table of contents.

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"Our Mother Jesus": What has the Episcopal Church Become?
National Review, R. Andrew Newman, 6.27.2006

Connecticut: ACLU Praises Library 'Gay' Pride Display
Connecticut Post, 6.27.2006

Church has Likely Suffered from Irreversible Corruption
The Olympian, Cal Thomas, 6.25.2006

Toward a Free and Virtuous Society
Acton Institute, Robert A. Scirico, 6.2006

UK: Homosexual Foster Parents Who Sexually Abused Boys Get Only 5 Years In Jail  Lifesite, Gudrun Schultz, 6.26.2006

Talking "Timetable" for U. S. Troop Withdrawal Totally Naive (16 June 2006) Senators Kerry and Feingold, other lawmakers, and political pundits calling for a timetable for US troops to come home reflects ignorance of the difference between an unpredictable process vs. a predictable event.   

Marriage under Attack--Will the Traditional Institution Survive?

Lawmakers' finances under scrutiny  and House lawmakers accept $3,300 raise(14 June 2006) 

FEMA fraud paid for football, vacations, erotica  Up to $1.4 billion doled out in bogus assistance to Katrina, Rita victims; 'Assault on the American taxpayer'; a person who spent 70 days at a Hawaiian hotel; one man apparently used FEMA assistance money for a sex change operation; CONTINUED- Season tickets, 'Girls Gone Wild' and Dom Perignon (14 June 2006)

$63M in 'Profit' Not Enough for Planned Parenthood; It Wants More from Feds: American Life League Wonders When Taxpayers Will Say 'No More!'
Agape Press, Natalie Harris and Jody Brown, 6.9.2006

Planned Parenthood Profits at Taxpayers' Expense
Human Events, Jim Sedlak, 6.15.2006

Adobe v. Microsoft:  A Developing Litigation Paradigm  American companies sue other American companies before European Union courts.  It threatens consumers, invites further judicial interference with the free market, and portends increased European encroachment into American business and legal affairs.  Read more

Fun and Games in the Fatherland
As the World Cup begins, Germany's decision to legalize prostitution has paved the way for thousands of women to be trafficked for sex tourism

World Cup Offers Soccer and Prostitution
German government arranges for and profits from huge brothels.

Home-School TV Ad Encourages Parents to Keep Kids Home
Effort is aimed at countering mandatory preschool.

Boys in 1-Parent Homes Have Sex Earlier, CDC Says
Atlanta J. Constitution, Helena Oliviero, 6.1.2006 
CDC Study

MPAA Rates Film 'PG' for It's Christian Message  "The MPAA gives a warning to parents about content that may be found offensive," Randy Sharp, director of special projects at the American Family Association, told CitizenLink. "Usually, a PG rating would include violence or sexual content or profanity. There is none of that during this movie, so the MPAA has basically said, 'We're going to warn parents that it has a Christian theme -- and it may be offensive.' "  read more

Congressman Wants MPAA to Explain Why Christianity Deserves a PG Rating

Christian Conservatives to Host Controversial Scholar at Capitol Hill Forum: The Founders on Religion  Christian Newswire, 6.9.2006

Professor Cited for Delivering Dog Feces to Congresswoman

Congress Approves Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act

Graduate's Diploma Held After She Speaks About Her Faith  School official wrongly asked her to apologize.

Bush warns on 'harsh' immigration bill

Bush Promoting Ban on Judicial Redefinition of Marriage
Reuters, Matt Spetalnick, 6.2.2006

Bishop Jackson--Marriage Amendment Presents Political Vote on a Biblical Issue (2 June 2006)

Married With Children by Chuck Muth (2 June 2006)
A new Gallup Poll finds that "younger people in the United States are less likely to view marriage as important for couples with children." Only 37% of respondents said marriage was "very important when they have children."

Porkers of the Month:  Senators Thad Cochran and Trent Lott--Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) has named Mississippi Senators Thad Cochran (R) and Trent Lott (R) Porkers of the Month for adding $700 million for the “railroad to nowhere” to the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2006 (H.R. 4929) which would use taxpayer funds to purchase and replace a private rail line with a highway benefiting Gulf Coast casinos. Read more Porker of the Month

Thomas More Law Center Strives To Save the Mt. Soledad Cross 

Patriot Post 31 May 2006

40,000 Sex Slaves to Germany for World Cup Soccer  Read it here

31 May 2006

Group Shuts Down to Avoid Being Forced to Accept Gay Adoption

Man Loses Position for Signing Marriage-Protection Petition

"To Catch a Predator"--NBC Dateline and MSNBC Commended by World Observer for Public Service to the Common Good 

30 May 2006

Batwoman Comes Out of the Closet

Immigration policy divides GOP

29 May 2006

Newsweek- How Mexico treats illegal immigrants 

FBI- Grisly Videotape Murder Couple Caught With 5-Year-Old Child also see Captured couple eyed in more murders

Probation for short sex offender sparks debate

Previous  Where Children Play & Child Sexual Predators Lurk  The popular networking web site has over 70 million members, the majority teens and children.  Where young people play on the internet, just as on playgrounds and school yards, child sexual predators lurk.  >>Read more (includes links to helpful sites)

ILLEGALS GRANTED SOCIAL SECURITY   Washington Times.  "The Senate voted to allow illegal aliens to collect Social Security benefits based on past illegal employment -- even if the job was obtained through forged or stolen documents."  Senator John Ensign offered an amendment that would have prevented illegal aliens who engaged in unlawful activity within the Social Security system from receiving benefits. The Senate defeated the Ensign amendment by a vote of 50-49.  You can view the actual roll call vote here.

The Senate will consider whether to end the Death Tax permanently  Please use the "Contact Lawmakers" banner on the left to email both your senators and urge them to permanently repeal the Death Tax.

CBS Poll Finds High Unfavorable Opinions For Clinton, Kerry, Gore   The Washington Times reports:  "A poll  ... found that more people have an unfavorable opinion (35%) of Sen. Hillary Clinton than a favorable one (34%). Nearly a third, 32%, say they are undecided about her or have no opinion.  Scores for Sen. John Kerry were worse: 38% unfavorable to 26% favorable. Al Gore's ratings are equally dismal: 39% unfavorable to 28% favorable."

Curious Quote:  "I believe it is appropriate to have an over-representation of factual presentations on how dangerous it is, as a predicate for opening up the audience..."-- Al Gore admits to overstating the global warming threat in his film,
An Inconvenient Truth

Journal Explores How Today's Development Affects Future Generations Around the Globe  The current issue of Sustainable Development Law & Policy, published by the Washington College of Law at American University, focuses on the topic of "Sound Chemicals Management."  Essays cover the U.S., Europe, Latin America, more.  Examples:  "Why Modernization of the U.S. Toxic Substances Law is Good for Public Health and Business" by Malcolm C. Woolf, "Europe's REACH:  A New Chapter in International Chemicals Law" by Marcos A. Orellana, "Chemical Taking:  Glyphosate and the Eradication of Due Process in Colombia" by David A. Wilhite.








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