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Current Topic News, Analysis, Commentary & Take Action

Border Security & Immigration Reform

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News, analysis & commentary below WO Policy Position and Take Action.

World Observer Policy Position on Border Security and    Immigration Reform

Border Security--Improve border security--including illegal entry, drug & human trafficking--with:  1)  Various types of barriers where feasible.  2)  More tech surveillance--cameras on posts, unmanned planes, satellite(s) dedicated solely to border.  3)  Increase law enforcement with specialists in each of the three areas--illegal immigrants, drug trafficking, human trafficking.  4)  Train national, coast & air guard in border states to assist with patrolling, air surveillance (active and/or trainee helicopter pilots, for example), detention, processing, guarding detainees, and other police action (active and/or trainee military police).  5)  Establish at key points along the border an adequate number of service centers to process immigrants as "guest workers" including connections to employment centers nationwide.  6)  Quicker return of illegal entrants to "return points" on Mexico side (if they enter from Mexico they should be returned to Mexico, not to their country of origin which is Mexico's responsibility).  7)  Pressure Mexico to establish ID & job skills centers to correlate with ours and return points on their side.  8)  Rather than burdening our prison system, establish minimum security temporary housing for detainees along the border (use the vacant mobile homes from Katrina, for example), using the National Guard for security.  9)  Enter detainees' ID (fingerprint, eye scan, DNA, etc.) into national database and inform them they will never be granted legal entry in the future (the word will spread & the threat of never getting legal status will become a major deterrent).  

Immigration Reform--1)  No blanket amnesty; grant work visa or guest worker status to those who are employed.  2)  The "return to home country" provision is a major area of concern and the compromise fails to address the consequences of such a requirement. Taxpayers will no doubt pay for these return trips and the expense could potentially reach into the billions of dollars.  Disruption and inconvenience to guest worker, his/her employer, and his/her family are other factors.  What is the point of a trip to the border to cross it and simply return immediately?  3)  Employer should inform proper agency when guest worker leaves employment.  4)  Guest worker to keep proper agency informed of current address.  5)  Guest worker permit or work visa to be renewed periodically.  6)  Assessing fines/penalties could impose undue hardship on guest workers and employers and discourage them from coming forward.  Perhaps deduct a reasonable amount from worker's pay and offer employers a flexible payment schedule.  7)  No special privileges for residency, sponsoring family members to enter U.S., or citizenship status for guest workers (current laws to apply); time in the US illegally prior to receiving legal guest worker status should not apply to residency requirement for citizenship.  8)  Increased effort to apprehend and deport non-working illegal immigrants, especially criminals, gang members, those without family, etc.  9)  Non-working illegal immigrants consisting of families, especially those with young children, should be treated with leniency.  Efforts of charitable/humanitarian agencies to find them employment, provide humanitarian aid should be supported.   Revise HR 4437, Section #274, sentence that would   prohibit activities by anyone who "assists, encourages, directs, or induces a person to reside in or remain in the United States . . . who lacks lawful authority" by adding the word "maliciously" before the word "assists."  This would allow pursuit of criminal element without criminalizing the humanitarian efforts of charitable organizations.  10)  Deny "automatic" citizenship to the U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants.  Obviously this provision of the 14th Amendment applies only to mothers who entered the country legally; granting citizenship, a legal designation, to a child born of someone who has no legal right to be in the U. S. is a contradiction.  11)  Across the board decrease in immigrant quotas, including students and technical/professional immigrants until national security & illegal immigrant issues are stabilized.  Although there is a shortage of technical and professional employees, it should be addressed by a government/industry/education partnership to prepare Americans for the jobs, not by immigrants who send money to their home countries to the detriment of the U.S. economy.      

Use WO's Policy Position as a guide, copy & paste it into your emails to lawmakers.  Revise it as you deem appropriate or write your own proposals and/or opinions. The important thing you can do as a rational activist of the New Millennium Enlightenment is Take Action!

Take Action!   After you have read the facts, analysis, and  commentary included in this Current Hot Topic use the "Contact" banner on the left of this page to email the President and Congress urging them to cooperate in addressing immigration & border security problems with rational, logical, reasonable, and fair legislation for the common good without delay and without political posturing.  Contact other federal, state & local officials as appropriate.  Also write to newspapers & call talk radio.  Use your knowledge, computer & the internet to work for the greater good and include yourself among the growing number of enlightened rational activists of the New Millennium Enlightenment

If you need more information before taking action, continue reading below.


"Go back to Plymouth Rock, Pilgrims! Get out! We are the future.  You are old and tired. Leave like beaten rats, you old white people.  It is your duty to die... We are going to take over."  --Augustin Cebada, a Brown Beret protestor, demanding amnesty for illegal aliens

Leo Jarzomb


Whittier area students from Pioneer, California and Whittier high schools walked out of classes to protest the proposed federal immigration bill March 27, 2006. The protestors put up the Mexican flag over the American flag flying upside down at Montebello High. (Leo Jarzomb/Staff photo)


From the Center for Individual Freedom

The Cartoons of Michael Ramirez


View more of Michael Ramirez's latest cartoons on CFIF's website now.

Constitution of Mexico:  Sections Relevant to Foreigners

According to an official translation published by the Organization of American States, the Mexican constitution includes the following restrictions:

  • Pursuant to Article 33, “Foreigners may not in any way participate in the political affairs of the country.” This ban applies, among other things, to participation in demonstrations and the expression of opinions in public about domestic politics like those much in evidence in Los Angeles, New York and elsewhere in recent days.
  • Equal Employment rights are denied to immigrants, even legal ones. Article 32: “Mexicans shall have priority over foreigners under equality of circumstances for all classes of concessions and for all employment, positions, or commissions of the Government in which the status of citizenship is not indispensable.”
  • Article 11 guarantees federal protection against “undesirable aliens resident in the country.” What is more, private individuals are authorized to make citizen's arrests. Article 16 states, “In cases of flagrante delicto, any person may arrest the offender and his accomplices, turning them over without delay to the nearest authorities.”  In other words, Mexico grants its citizens the right to arrest illegal aliens and hand them over to police for prosecution.  Imagine the Minutemen exercising such a right!
  • The Mexican constitution states that foreigners -- not just illegal immigrants -- may be expelled for any reason and without due process. According to Article 33, “the Federal Executive shall have the exclusive power to compel any foreigner whose remaining he may deem inexpedient to abandon the national territory immediately and without the necessity of previous legal action.”
  • Article 55 denies immigrants the right to become federal lawmakers. A Mexican congressman or senator must be “a Mexican citizen by birth.” Article 91 further stipulates that immigrants may never aspire to become cabinet officers as they are required to be Mexican by birth. Article 95 says the same about Supreme Court justices. Foreigners, to say nothing of illegal immigrants, are denied fundamental property rights. For example, Article 27 states, “Only Mexicans by birth or naturalization and Mexican companies have the right to acquire ownership of lands, waters, and their appurtenances, or to obtain concessions for the exploitation of mines or of waters.”

Fast Facts on Immigration & Border Security

  • Over 12 million immigrants already have broken the law and are living in this country illegally.
  • Every minute an additional 2 illegal aliens cross our borders.
  • Every day an additional 3,178 illegal aliens cross our borders.
  • Every month an additional 98,518 illegal aliens cross our borders.
  • Every year an additional 1,159,970 illegal aliens cross our borders.
  • Illegals cost U.S. $10 billion a year The research, conducted by the Center for Immigration Studies, used Census Bureau data from 2002.  If illegal aliens were extended amnesty the impact to the federal budget would grow to nearly $29 billion.
  • Nearly two-thirds of illegals lack a high school diploma.
  • Ted Kennedy's 1965 immigration law no longer favors skilled workers from developed nations, but instead favors unskilled immigrants from the Third World. Kennedy's bill promptly cut the number of European immigrants in half and increased Third World immigrants to 85 percent of the total.  Post-1965 immigrants have sharply higher levels of poverty and welfare dependence. 
  • Arizona is the largest gateway for illegal immigrants, accounting for 54 percent of the 1.1 million apprehensions nationwide during the 2004 fiscal year.
  • In one state in 2005, more than 217,000 illegal aliens were taken into custody. Of the 217,000, about 168,000 were returned to more than 100 countries
  • A government agency is likely one of the biggest employers of illegal immigrants in the state of California
  • The Mexican government publishes books, pamphlets and other materials detailing how to illegally cross the border, where the best trails are and even gives maps showing water sources and the best cell phone coverage
  • Over 40 tunnels have been found crossing under the U.S./Mexican border, since Sept. 11, 2001. Many had lighting, ventilation and concrete floors and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to build. 
  • Studies show that there has never been a guest-worker plan that has worked
  • Grass-roots activists orchestrated the defeat of a bill that would have given college tuition to illegal immigrants 
  • Exposed: Widespread fraud by companies who file false W-2s for their (presumably) illegal immigrant workers -- and the IRS refuses to investigate or prosecute
  • Suspected al Qaeda members have been arrested trying to enter the U.S. from the Mexican border

White House Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet: Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Securing Our Border, Enforcing Our Laws, and Upholding Our Values  

White House: In Focus--Immigration Reform

MSNBC/Washington Post Fact Sheet

The immigration debate
A look at reform efforts in Washington.
As the contentious debate over immigration reform heats up, competing proposals have reached Capitol Hill with varying attempts to address the need for foreign workers and homeland security concerns.

President Bush’s plan would match foreign workers with employers when Americans cannot be found to fill the jobs and would be open to future immigrants and undocumented workers already in the country.

But some conservatives say that amounts to amnesty for lawbreakers and have pushed their own proposals addressing a hot-button issue in a midterm election year.

Details have yet to be determined, but here’s a look at the proposals in Washington.

The House of Representatives approved a bill that would require employers to verify potential employees’ legal status. It also subjects employers to criminal penalties and imposes civil fines of up to $50,000 for each illegal hire. It does not include a provision for guest workers.

In principle, the latest draft would allow undocumented workers already in the country and a limited number of future immigrants to eventually apply for permanent resident status — without having to return to their native country. Critics say that amounts to amnesty.

A proposal by Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., would also hold employers accountable for verifying the legal status of workers, but increases penalties. Hiring more than 10 illegal workers in one year would bring up to 10 years in prison.

The Specter plan expands the guest-worker program, authorizing immigrants to work for three years but requiring them to return home for a year before re-applying.

Sens. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., and John McCain, R-Ariz., have proposed legislation that would allow undocumented immigrants to remain for six years under temporary work visas after paying a $1,000 fine and passing background checks.

Participants can later apply for permanent residence and citizenship by paying an additional $1,000, all back taxes and prove proficiency in English and civics. It also allows 400,000 new guest workers per year.

  • An estimated 11 million illegal immigrants reside in the United States.
  • The government issues a work visa – known as H-2B – that allows about 66,000 unskilled workers to enter the country each year for up to 10 months.
  • Undocumented workers comprise nearly 5 percent of the U.S. labor force, according to a recent study by the Pew Hispanic Center.
  • Source: NBC News, The Washington Post

    Updated: 2:19 p.m. ET Mar. 27, 2006

    © 2006    MSNBC Fact Sheet

    Reasoned Analysis of Immigration Reform by the Heritage Foundation

    A temporary worker program is an important part of immigration reform. But how a guest worker program is structured makes a big difference. Edwin Meese and Matthew Spalding lay out a set of core principles to ensure that national security, rule of law, economic growth, and American values all come out ahead. The key is to discourage illegal immigration by providing a safe and legal alternative and concentrating on law enforcement. Amnesty is not the answer. And "temporary" must mean just that.

    Permanent Principles and Temporary Workers by Edwin Meese III and Matthew Spalding, Ph.D.

    Private Employers and Border Control by Helen E. Krieble

    The Real Problem with Immigration…and the Real Solution by Tim Kane, Ph.D., and Kirk A. Johnson, Ph.D.

    America needs a better policy on immigration  by Edwin Feulner

    Section 287(g) Is the Right Answer for State and Local Immigration Enforcement
    by James Carafano

    Mexico's Economic Progress Can Ease Migration Woes
    by Stephen Johnson

    WO Comment on Immigration . . . and Basic English Grammar

    Background:  Cardinal Roger Mahoney, of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, is concerned that a  proposed immigration law, HR 4437, if it is passed by the Senate would force charitable organizations to require legal documentation from immigrants before giving them aid or face possible arrest and imprisonment.  HR 4437 passed the House on December 17 and is awaiting Senate action.  The disputed language of HR 4437 is found in Section #274 defining "alien smuggling." The bill would prohibit activities by anyone who "assists, encourages, directs, or induces a person to reside in or remain in the United States, or to attempt to reside in or remain in the United States, knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such person is an alien who lacks lawful authority to reside in or remain in the United States."  Rep. Sensenbrenner explained on the O'Reilly Show (March 7) that the terms "assists" and "directs" were being added to existing law by this bill.  that language sounds like it could apply to anyone providing the basic needs - food, housing, medical care, clothing - helping undocumented immigrants "reside" in the United States. The word "assists" could be construed to include social services, without some qualifying explanation.  Rep. King explained why the word "assists" was added to the law. "It is my understanding that we added the word "assists" at the request of the Justice Department so we could go after those who issue false ID cards. If those who are concerned about the language have better language to suggest, let them offer it and we will certainly consider it." 

    Comment:  We have a language suggestion to offer and it's only one word.  Insert the word "maliciously" before the word "assists" in the disputed section of the bill.  That would apply to those providing assistance to illegal aliens with nefarious or criminal intent such as supplying forged documents or concealing persons or information, for example.  Malicious intent would not pertain to the efforts of religious/charitable organizations. 

    We have another suggestion for the government.  Hire some people with expertise in English grammar, rhetoric, and logic to help write and edit documents for clarity and precision!!  Bills and other government documents are too long, convoluted, and unclear creating volumes of bureaucratic red tape and making brevity a desirable standard of writing.  However, a few extra words--one word in the above instance--would avoid time and energy expended in controversy and subsequent clarifications.

    Evans-Novak Political Report (28 Mar 2006)

    Immigration Bill: On Monday, under pressure from Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.), the Senate Judiciary Committee made key choices that will affect the future of immigration reform, a signature issue for President Bush.

          1) Frist threatened to bring to the floor an enforcement-only immigration bill, similar to the one that passed the House, unless the Judiciary Committee approved a bill. Frist's bill would more than double the number of Border Patrol officers and implement several other policies aimed at border enforcement. It includes the beginnings of a full border fence, to be built on several high-traffic portions of the U.S.-Mexico border.

          2) President Bush opposes an enforcement-only bill. By calling for a "comprehensive bill" that includes the two issues, he is using border-enforcement as a bargaining chip in order to establish a guest-worker program. Whereas Bush's approach has his business supporters and a broader diplomatic agenda in mind, Frist's approach is more sensitive to the needs of a troubled GOP Congress that now faces an uncertain election year.

          3) The pre-recess threat by Frist prompted quick action from Judiciary Chairman Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) to mark up a comprehensive immigration bill. By leading on this issue as well as asbestos, judicial nominations, and wiretapping, Specter continues to dominate the workings of the U.S. Senate. His ability to hurry this bill through his committee in a single day was truly impressive, even to those dissatisfied with the final product.

          4) Bush has long insisted on uniting the issues of guest-workers and border enforcement. Politically, this approach is a loser for Congressional Republicans, who, unlike Bush, face re-election this year. At the very least, it squanders an opportunity to make Democrats vote against border enforcement. Moreover, some Republican members of Congress could be damaged by a "comprehensive" bill, especially if it comes in the more permissive form that will emerge from the Senate Judiciary Committee.

          5) The committee bill will include the McCain-Kennedy amnesty provisions that give those illegally present in the U.S. guest-worker status and a path to citizenship. This passed the committee with the vote of presidential hopeful Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.). The bill also contains other provisions that will never survive on the Senate floor, or at least will not become law. A significant portion of the Republican base is so strongly opposed to amnesty that there could be consequences in the 2006 election.

          6) The best political move for Republicans is a vote on the Frist bill and a separation of the two issues of border security and guest-worker/amnesty programs. The need for border enforcement is universally acknowledged, and voters would likely punish Democrats if they filibuster a border-security bill in the Senate. On the other hand, such a move would require total Republican support.

          7) The immigration issue is troubling for Republicans and divides conservatives, but it is not exactly the great boon for Democrats that one might expect. A hint of this came about when Democratic Sens. Clinton (N.Y.), Reid (Nev.), Chuck Schumer (N.Y.) and Ted Kennedy (Mass.) threatened to filibuster the border-security bill Frist was proposing. Such a filibuster would be devastating for Democrats on the issue of national security. Fully 75 percent of Americans polled believe that the government is not doing enough to secure the U.S. border.

          8) The threat of filibuster also comes after Clinton spent months positioning herself as an immigration hawk. Democrats have no choice but to play both sides of the fence on immigration for two separate and competing interests within their base of support: low-income laborers and immigration advocates.

          9) Republicans are still scared about this issue. Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) was absent from the entire hearing. The only proxy vote he cast was on the final bill.

    Human Events

    Over the last week, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants took to the street in Los Angeles and other cities around the country to demonstrate for their "rights" in America. Incredibly, many demonstrated by chanting in Spanish and waving the Mexican flag.  HUMAN EVENTS has long been in the forefront of the immigration debate, which could well be the most important issue this election year. We have always been a staunch supporter of securing our borders and promoting the idea that America is a country of laws.  To further this position, HUMAN EVENTS recently asked each Republican senator whether he would "rule out voting this year for an immigration reform bill that converts illegal immigrants to legal guest workers without making them return to their home countries first."  Only seven senators went on record to say "Yes." So, to pressure the rest of the uncommitted senators, we published their names and contact information. Today there are 13 senators on record saying "Yes." 

    Conservatives Strongly Object to Immigration Legislation Passed by Senate Judiciary Committee

    ALEXANDRIA, VA – The American Conservative Union, the nation’s oldest and largest grassroots lobbying organization, today expressed its strong objection to the immigration reform legislation passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee on March 27, 2006.

    “The immigration bill produced yesterday by the Senate Judiciary Committee can in no way be viewed as positive reform.  On the contrary, the bill essentially provides for a sweeping amnesty program for the 11 million-plus illegal aliens already in the United States,” said Bill Lauderback, ACU Executive Vice President. “It appears that the members of the Committee who voted for this misguided legislation are more in tune with the thousands of protestors waving Mexican flags in the streets of LA than they are with the overwhelming majority of Americans who are demanding that America’s borders and national security be protected.”

    While the Senate Judiciary Committee bill provided funding for more border patrol agents, the legislation is woefully inadequate in terms of stopping the flood of illegal aliens across U.S. borders.

    “The first priority of any immigration reform bill must be to secure our borders,” Lauderback continued. “By contrast, this bill undermines respect for the rule of law and encourages more illegals to storm our borders."

    ACU applauded Senators Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Charles Grassley (R-IA), Jon Kyl (R-AZ), Jeff Sessions (R-AL) John Cornyn (R-TX) and Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma) who refused to allow misplaced compassion to excuse criminality. 

    ACU stressed that the full Senate must work to correct the mistakes of the Judicatory Committee by amending the bill to provide for real border security, interior enforcement, and employer accountability.

    Republican National Hispanic Assembly Decries Talks on Filibustering Immigration Debate, Amnesty 
    WASHINGTON D.C. - The Republican National Hispanic Assembly (RNHA) denounces Senator Reid’s (D-NV) threat of filibustering any immigration bill that does not include amnesty. The RNHA, which support comprehensive reform, does not approve of amnesty for undocumented immigrants. 
    “We all agree that the immigration system is broken and something must be done to ensure our national security and economic stability,” said RNHA National Chairman, Pedro Celis, Ph.D. “But by threatening to filibuster a debate that has yet to begin, it only shows the intransigence of those who say they want a stronger America, yet stall improvements to our security and economy.”
    Immigration Reform is expected to be debated by the full Senate early next week. The Senate Judiciary Committee, lead by Chairman Arlen Specter (R-PA,) is working on comprehensive immigration reform, that does not include amnesty.  “The RNHA remains confident that Chairman Specter’s bill will provide an adequate comprehensive solution for immigration as it makes its way to the Senate floor.”
    “While some organizations that purport to represent the views of Hispanics, like the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) and the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), are comfortable with amnesty proposals, we reject this notion,” said Celis.
    We stand behind President’s Bush words that:  ‘Our nation needs orderly and secure borders. To meet this goal we must have stronger immigration enforcement and border protection. And we must have a rational, humane guest worker program that rejects amnesty, allows temporary jobs for people who seek them legally and reduces smuggling and crime at the border’, as stated during the President’s state of the union address." said Celis. 
    On Monday, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee approved the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006.  A full Senate debate on immigration reform and border security will begin this week on the Senate floor. 

    Now is the time for you to call your Senator and express your support for comprehensive immigration reform.  For other ways to let your Senator know your support for President Bush's proposals for strong national security and a guest worker program go to the Action Center.

    For more information on President Bush's plan for immigration reform, read his speech  English / Español or watch the video of the President's speechRead the White House Fact Sheet on Immigration Reform. Listen to our Radio Ads English  / Español

    Resources and information that allow you to have a clear understanding of this issue.

    Rational arguments explaining the root causes of illegal immigration in our nation and describing how to end it.

    Tools enabling you to express your support of comprehensive immigration reform to your elected representatives.


    U.S. patrols border with unmanned plane

    The UAV (Unmanned Arial Vehicle) “can identify an object the size of a milk carton from an altitude of 60,00 feet" and "provide real-time imagery to ground control operators who can pass that information on to Border Patrol agents," according to a 2005 Congressional Research Service report. The UAV can fly 18 to 24 hours consecutively at an altitude of 18,000 feet, has electro-optical/infrared imagers that can view a license plate and distinguish between humans and animals. This has been invaluable in arresting illegals and making drug seizures. It's been so successful that officials are planning to add a second UAV.  The technology has helped agents make more than 1,000 apprehensions and many drug seizures.  They cost $14 million dollars and are expensive maintain. There are other concerns. A UAV cannot detect other aircraft, terrain or civil airspace users in their flight paths, and they cannot maneuver to avoid a collision.  It also has trouble operating in bad weather.

    WO Comment:  You'd think for $14 million they could add a video camera.  While the UAVs are expensive, more are needed along the US/Mexican border.  "Pork barrel" or special interest government spending benefits a few (such as the Alaskan "bridge to nowhere" for half a billion to benefit only 50 families that almost got approved).  Rational, common sense spending for the common good would be items such as UAVs that serve the entire nation. Half a billion dollars would buy a lot of them.

    Current News, Analysis & Commentary on Immigration Reform & Border Security from Various Sources

    American Conservative Union

    Under a provision inserted at the eleventh hour by Senator Arlen Specter, the Senate bill forbids the federal government from building a fence without first consulting with the Mexican government."

    "In fact, state and local governments are also forbidden by this bill to take any border control actions without first consulting with their Mexican counterparts. In other words, if the city of San Diego wants to put up any sort of barriers, it would have to consult with the municipal authorities in Tijuana before doing so."
    The Senate keeps telling us that illegal aliens would be required to "pay" back taxes and a $2000.00  fine to be eligible to stay in this country.

    But what exactly does the Senate means when they say "pay?" 

    Consider the following scenario:

    Joe is an illegal alien and a father of six who has lived and worked in this country illegally for years.

    Joe obtained a fraudulent Social Security number when he first came to the United States but NEVER filed an income tax return -- after all, he was here illegally.  However, since the Senate amnesty bill requires him to "pay" some of his back taxes, he files an income tax return.

    Because he worked for the ABC Corporation at a ridiculously low wage -- Joe actually receives an "earned income credit" of up to $3,200 for each filing year!   That's a clear profit even after the "fines" he is required to pay are applied.  And that's just for one year's worth of taxes.  That money comes out of YOUR pocket.

    This scenario will play itself out over and over as illegal aliens "pay" their back taxes.  But that's not all:

    In addition, Joe's family can also receive low-cost Section 8 housing and federal help with the rent.  Once again, you foot the bill.

    And Joe's six children can also receive food stamps, free medical care under Medicaid and free school lunches.  Once again, you pay.

    Arlen Specter, John McCain and Ted Kennedy keep claiming that the bill the Senate wants to send to the Conference Committee is NOT amnesty and they're right -- it's not amnesty.  It's really amnesty on steroids!

    If you or I obtained a phony Social Security number and avoided filing tax returns we most certainly wouldn't be paid -- we'd likely go to jail.

    According to a study published by the Center for Immigration Studies in 2002, illegal aliens already cost the American taxpayer over $10.5 billion -- $10,500,000,000.00 -- per year.

    That same study maintains that simply granting amnesty to the illegal aliens already in this country would triple that cost.

    Here are just a few of the other shocking findings from that study:

    Illegal alien households are estimated to use $2,700 a year more in services than they pay in taxes, creating a total fiscal burden of nearly $10.4 billion on the federal budget in 2002.

    Among the largest federal costs: Medicaid ($2.5 billion); treatment for the uninsured ($2.2 billion); food assistance programs ($1.9 billion); the federal prison and court systems ($1.6 billion); and federal aid to schools ($1.4 billion).

    If illegal aliens were legalized and began to pay taxes and use services like legal immigrants with the same education levels, the estimated annual fiscal deficit at the federal level would increase from $2,700 per household to nearly $7,700, for a total federal deficit of $29 billion.

    But what is probably even more disturbing is that this study was published long before the Senate passed its amnesty bill.

    If anything... these numbers are probably much too conservative.

    Where is this money coming from? In this era of congressional fiscal irresponsibility, earmarks and run-away pork, how are we going to pay for all of this?

    Who will foot the bill? Once again, the answer is YOU!



    Lawmaker balks at Senate immigration plan

    U.S.-born kids may be split from illegal parents

    Are immigrants bad for the U.S.?

    62 Senators Betray America's Sovereignty
    The United States Senate approved an amnesty bill on Thursday that effectively advertises to foreigners that the U.S. refuses to enforce its own immigration laws.


    That was a front-page headline in Friday's Washington Times.  According to Times reporter Charlie Hurt, "The Senate voted yesterday to allow illegal aliens to collect Social Security benefits based on past illegal employment -- even if the job was obtained through forged or stolen documents."  As the Senate continued to debate immigration reform legislation this week, Senator John Ensign offered an amendment that would have prevented illegal aliens who engaged in unlawful activity within the Social Security system from receiving benefits. The Senate defeated the Ensign amendment by a vote of 50-49.  You can view the actual roll call vote here.

    Part of current Senate proposal:  Provide additional permanent visas for family members of immigrants, including siblings, parents, and adult children

    Open the door to nearly four times as many permanent worker visas as are now issued
    Provide for the largest expansion of the welfare state ever and cost the American taxpayer $46 billion per year half of all adult illegal immigrants in the U.S. have less than a high-school education. In addition, recent immigrants have high levels of out-of-wedlock childbearing, which increases welfare costs and poverty.

    Senators debate English's status (19 May 2006)

    Bush visits Arizona for immigration reform (19 May 2006)  also see Mexicans vow to continue illegal trips north and Report- Border Patrol demoralized

    Bush seeks $1.9 billion for border security

    Battling the immigration stalemate and Senate votes for fence on southern U.S. border, approves 370 miles of fencing, clashes over citizenship for immigrants

    Of U.S. Children Under 5, Nearly Half Are Minorities: Hispanic Growth Fuels Rise, Census Says Washington Post, D'Vera Cohn and Tara Bahrampour, 5.10.2006

    Congress Must Weigh Cost of Amnesty
    Americans, the most recent CBS/New York Times poll found, hold a nuanced set of views on immigration reform. The percentage saying that the level of legal immigration should remain the same or increase now stands at 59%, the highest level ever recorded. Over half (53%) believe illegal immigrants work in the sort of gritty jobs that native-born Americans shun. An even larger percentage (61%) wants to give illegals who have lived and worked here for two years or more a chance to apply for citizenship rather than be deported. Two-thirds say they oppose building a 700-mile fence along the U.S.-Mexican border.

    Mac Johnson: Immigration Reform Will Fail Without Deportation
    The current media consensus on immigration reform is that we probably have to build a wall along our southern border to stop the flood of illegal aliens pouring into our country, but we cannot deport any significant portion of the 11 million illegal aliens who have already forced themselves onto our population. 

    Michelle Malkin: Color-Coded Cronyism at DHS
    Who needs the government to tell us the status of homeland security? If you're not seeing five-alarm red over the perpetual chaos at DHS, you need to call the eye doctor. The Ontario (Calif.) Daily Bulletin reported Tuesday that Border Patrol agents are now ratting out Minutemen, immigration enforcement volunteers who have broken no laws, to Mexico. Yes, we are paying our federal immigration officers to gather intelligence on our own citizens -- and then turn it over to a foreign government intent on sabotaging our sovereignty.

    Senate Leaders Reach Deal To Revive Immigration Reform Bill  (12 May 2006)               ABC World News Tonight reported, "Leaders from both parties in the Senate today agreed to revive a bill giving millions of illegal immigrants a chance to become US citizens. The bill was stalled for weeks while immigrants demonstrated across the country. The measure still has strong opponents in the Senate, and the House has passed a much different immigration measure that does not include a path to citizenship." The Los Angeles Times reports, "The agreement gives new momentum to a bill that seemed on the verge of Senate approval before collapsing in early April amid partisan bickering. Senate leaders said debate would start Monday, with the Senate aiming to pass legislation by Memorial Day." The New York Times reports, "The deal does not mean that a bill will emerge from Congress soon." But "it is significant that the Senate leaders agreed to proceed, because the chamber operates under peculiar rules and traditions that can bury legislation indefinitely." The Washington Times, meanwhile, headlines its story "Senators Agree On 'Amnesty' Proposal," and reports, "Derided by conservatives as 'amnesty,' the proposal could be amended but senators on both sides of the aisle say they doubt it will be dramatically altered."

    Patriot Post on Immigration  Reasoned analysis, commentary, and suggestions on the issues of border security and illegal immigration, pointing out the deficiencies in current legislation and proposals.  Similar to World Observer's Policy Position outlined at the top of this page.

    Heritage Foundation Analysis: The Best immigration reform.
    Stimulating growth south of the border will stem the tide of illegal aliens
    4/25/06  also see 
    Reforming immigration by Helle Dale
    April 19, 2006

    Brookings Institution:  Immigration Reform: Why Now?    Brookings demographer William Frey argues that the "remarkable dispersion of the nation's foreign-born" into all regions and cities over the last decade has spurred a "silent majority" of Americans to urge Congress to act on immigration reform—injecting the issue into states and congressional districts where it was previously irrelevant.
    Read more »

    Brookings Institution:  Financial Access for Immigrants: Lessons from Diverse Perspectives

    Pro-Legal Immigration Ads Put Positive Light on Doing Things 'by the Book'
    Mainstream media has dishonestly portrayed the issue of illegal immigration, says a pro-family citizens group. That's why the group has launched a radio campaign designed to counter that misperception. 

    Posse Hunts Immigrants
    One Arizona county sheriff has created a 250-strong posse to hunt down those who cross the border illegally. “It’s a felony; I am enforcing a new law,” Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio told FOX News. “I’m the elected sheriff and I’m going to do what I feel is right regardless of the controversy.”  Read more.

    Newt Gingrich:  Just Say No... To Bilingual Ballots  Legislation to reauthorize the historic Voting Rights Act contains a bad idea for America and for all our voting rights. It would continue to force certain counties to provide ballots and election materials in foreign languages.  Supporters say that requiring bilingual ballots strengthens our democracy by allowing everyone to participate. But the reality is the opposite. By sending the message that learning English isn't important, bilingual ballots help consign immigrants to the margins of our democracy.  And Roger Clegg of the Center for Equal Opportunity has pointed out another problem with the federal government's requiring bilingual ballots: If only United States citizens can vote, and one of the requirements for being a citizen is that you learn English, why in the world would we need bilingual ballots? The answer, unfortunately, is election fraud. Non-citizens are using these ballots. How exactly does this strengthen our democracy?  Fifty-six members of the House have rightly called on Judiciary Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) to remove the bilingual ballot requirement from the Voting Rights bill. Congress should just say "no" to bilingual ballots and "yes" to English-only federal election ballots.

    Just 19 immigration-limiting plans pass
    Unusual coalitions of Hispanic groups, civil liberties advocates, chambers of commerce and law enforcement officials have beaten back most immigration-related legislative proposals this year, the New York Times said.  >> Read full story

    With Hill Action Stalled, States Setting Own Immigration Policies   The Washington Post reports in a front page story that state legislatures "around the nation are considering hundreds of proposals dealing with illegal immigration, reflecting the exasperation of many local officials with Congress's failure to contend with the millions of undocumented workers who have entered the nation in recent years." Most of the "new state measures are designed to get tough on illegal immigrants," but some states are also "moving in the other direction -- making life easier for immigrants, legal or otherwise."
          Frist More Optimistic About Chances For Senate Bill  The Los Angeles Times reports that while "denying that Monday's massive demonstrations put pressure on Congress, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) voiced new optimism Tuesday about ending the stalemate on legislation to overhaul the immigration system. He predicted the Senate would approve a bill by the end of May."

    With the federal government having a perceived do-nothing attitude to stop the ongoing invasion of illegal aliens into the U.S., fed-up Americans are logging on to the Internet to fight their own battle.
    Read it on

    WP- States spurred to action on immigration  State legislatures around the nation are considering hundreds of proposals dealing with illegal immigration, reflecting the exasperation of many local officials with Congress's failure to contend with the millions of undocumented workers.  For the most part, the new state measures are designed to crack down on illegal immigrants, on employers who give them jobs and on state officials who give them benefits.  At the same time, though, some states are moving in the other direction -- making life easier for immigrants, legal or otherwise. In April, Nebraska's legislature overrode a gubernatorial veto to offer in-state college tuition rates to the children of illegal immigrants. Nine other states have formally authorized tuition breaks for undocumented immigrants.  The multi-state approach, with some states at variance with others, threatens to create a maze of laws and regulations at a time when the nation as a whole is struggling with how to contend with an unprecedented wave of illegal immigration. "We're not going to solve this problem with a patchwork approach at the state level. It's a national problem, and the need is to repair the national system," said Josh Bernstein of the National Immigration Law Center.  The National Conference of State Legislatures has tallied 463 bills introduced this year in 43 states. 

    Hundreds Of Thousands Of Pro-Immigration Demonstrators Take To Streets Across US.   Massive demonstrations in support of immigrant rights took place across the US Monday, as many immigrant workers skipped work and school, and boycotted businesses, as a show of their economic might. USA Today says rallies took place "in more than 40 states," closing businesses "from Providence to San Diego and drawing protesters to rallies from Anchorage to Atlanta." The media is portraying the "Day Without Immigrants" very positively. The Los Angeles Times alone runs several glowing accounts, saying immigrants "powerfully asserted their importance," with a second Los Angeles Times account calling the impact "emphatic and unmistakable." The Financial Times says "the biggest effects" of the boycott "appeared to be on restaurants, construction projects and small retail businesses," while the CBS Evening News says businesses coped with "skeleton crews" and construction sites that were "virtually empty." The three broadcast networks devoted a cumulative 27 minutes of coverage to the events.
          Media reports varied in their efforts to quantify the strength of the protests, with most saying "hundreds of thousands" attended the rallies, and CNN's The Situation Room at one point estimating turnout in the "millions." ABC World News Tonight pegged the number as "close to one million." In Los Angeles, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa estimated up to 400,000 people participated in two marches, and that city's school district said more than one in four middle- and high-school students were absent. NBC Nightly News adds, "At ports in Southern California, 90% of the truckers needed to move cargo didn't show up." The New York Times notes that while the "mix of illegal immigrants and legal residents and citizens" were "mostly Latino," the demonstrations differed from similar recent protests in that "large numbers of people of other ethnicities joined or endorsed many of the events."
          Still, the Wall Street Journal says, "attendance at midday rallies across the country was a mixed bag," with only "modest" turnout in "Texas, Atlanta and other places," in contrast to sizable crowds in Chicago and Los Angeles. Those smaller numbers were "partly a result of calls within the pro-immigrant community to keep workers and their kids in place until events later in the day," but also "also due to fear that recently swept through some immigrant communities in the wake of a government crackdown on employers who intentionally hire undocumented workers." In fact, the Washington Times reports several House Republicans are calling on US Immigration and Customs Enforcement to "prosecute businesses shut down yesterday by their illegal alien employees who took the day off" to protest. NBC Nightly News raised the specter of a "backlash" against immigrants, and a second Wall Street Journal story cites a Pew poll of US Latinos that found 43% saying the day of demonstrations would "hurt their cause," and just 34% saying it would help. That ambivalence reached Capitol Hill as well, Roll Call reports, where the 22 Democratic members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus registered "diverse reactions" on the impact.
    Border Control Advocates Demonstrate "Around The Edges."   The New York Times notes that "around the edges of the immigration demonstrations that filled cities," there were "some who went to disagree." While "far fewer went to speak for the other side" of the debate, "advocates for tighter border security and increased enforcement of immigration laws said that their quieter voices were actually more representative of the views of Americans as a whole."
    64% Disapprove Of Bush On Immigration; 69% Say Anthem Should Be Sung In English.   USA Today reports that according to a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll taken over the weekend, "nearly two-thirds -- 64% -- disapproved" of President Bush's "immigration policy," while "26% approved."
    Most Oppose Spanish-Language Anthem; Supporters Claim Rice As Backer.
      The USA Today /Gallup poll also found that 69% of Americans say the national anthem should be sung only in English, while 29% believe it is acceptable to sing it in Spanish. Meanwhile, those who support a Spanish rendition "are pointing to comments by Secretary of State Condoleezza ammunition for their side of the argument," the AP reports. On CBS' Face the Nation Sunday, Rice said, "I've heard the national anthem done in rap versions, country versions, classical versions. The individualization of the American national anthem is quite under way."

    Newt Gingrich Welcome Aboard, Senator Clinton and Chairman Dean Immigration is a big topic this week. And guess which unlikely duo has come around to the American people's view that our borders are out of control? In the past couple weeks, both Senator Hillary Clinton and Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean have called for increased border security. We welcome their voices of support to the effort to protect our nation's security. Now let's see if their actions match their rhetoric.  Republicans in Congress should take this opportunity to act. The House should immediately pass a new stand-alone bill that focuses exclusively on controlling our borders. Then the Senate should, with the support of Senator Clinton and Chairman Dean, welcome the chance to make the House bill law for the American people. Will they seize that opportunity?  America needs border control now. So we extend a hand of welcome to Senator Clinton and Chairman Dean. For us, border control isn't a question of politics but of national security. We look forward to knowing which Senator Clinton and Chairman Dean will put first.

    Marchers say gringos, not illegals, have to go

    Illegals estimated to number 18-20 million

    Study: Illegals cost U.S. $10 billion a year

    California Senate Votes Against America  The planned boycott of American businesses on Monday by groups who support "rights" for illegal aliens has gained a new ally: the California Senate. In a mind-boggling move, the legislative body passed a resolution which supports the "Great American Boycott 2006." In other words, the California Senate is siding with illegal aliens and against the overwhelming will of the American people.  >> Read full story

    Senate agrees on $2 billion for border defense
    The U.S. Senate has agreed to spend an unprecedented $2 billion to stop illegal immigration, but was divided on where the funding should come from.
    >> Read full story

    Immigration Agents Nab Execs, Employees in Illegal Worker Raids and Companies hiring illegal immigrants targeted

    WO Comment:  While illegal workers and employers hiring them should be pursued by authorities, these immigrants are at least working.  Since policy affecting them is currently under consideration by Congress it would be more logical and reasonable to wait for the outcome regarding the working immigrant and in the meantime the DHS should devote its limited resources to pursuing those who are not working--human traffickers, drug smugglers, gang members & assorted criminals & thugs.

    Effect of U.S. immigrant boycott unclear  While hundreds of thousands of immigrants and supporters stayed off the job across the United States Monday, the economic and political effects were unclear. In Chicago, as many as 400,000 people observed "Day Without an Immigrant," while in Los Angeles, a similar number marched Monday evening.  >> Read full story

    "A Day Without Immigrants" Protests Kick Off
    Illegal immigrants and their allies took to streets across America Monday to take part in "Un Dia Sin Inmigrantes" — "A Day Without Immigrants" — in an effort to show their economic importance to the country. Read more

    House Could Remain Obstacle To Bush-Favored Immigration Bill  The Washington Post reports President Bush's "growing confidence that he will secure a victory on immigration runs in direct contrast to the House Republican leadership, which is prepared to block legislation that offers illegal immigrants a path to citizenship without sending them home." White House advisers "said Bush believes that he can count on House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) and other leaders to rally skeptical House Republicans behind legislation. But the White House may be underestimating the degree of opposition from within his party, according to several GOP members and aides."
    Reid Says He Will No Longer Block Amendments To Immigration Bill The Washington Times reports Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid "said yesterday he is willing to allow consideration of Republican amendments to the comprehensive immigration bill, a concession that removes a primary obstacle that killed the bill earlier this month." Reid spokesman Jim Manley "said later that while his boss is flexible about amendments, he remains opposed to allowing the legislation to be bogged down by too many."
    Immigrants Taking Varied Approaches To Planned Worker Boycott   The AP reports Monday "has been set aside for immigrants to boycott work, school and shopping to show how much they matter to their communities. But with some growing tired of street protests, and others afraid they'll be deported or fired for walking out, people are planning to support the effort in myriad ways." Some will "work but buy nothing on Monday. Others will protest at lunch breaks or at rallies after work. There will be church services, candlelight vigils, picnics and human chains."

    No Surprise: Mexico Treats Illegals Like Felons
    While some American lawmakers decry new immigration reform legislation as being too unfair and mistreating of illegal immigrants from south of the border, it is no surprise to Freedom Alliance policy analyst Jon E. Dougherty that the Mexican government is known for harsh treatment of illegal aliens on its own soil.

    Immigration is tough issue for GOP
    Republican officials in the U.S. Southwest have concluded they need to adopt a tough stance on illegal immigration or face defeat in November.

    Hispanic Employment Initiative - Creating a Government That Looks Like America  
    The Hispanic Employment Initiative is a nine-point plan from the U.S. Office of
    Personnel Management that helps U.S. government agencies improve the representation
    of Hispanics in the federal workforce. 
    The Nine-Point Plan is a strategy to recruit, advance,
    and retain qualified Hispanic candidates in the federal workforce, and includes student
    employment, internships, volunteer service, federal job information, and more. 
    For more information about the Hispanic Employment Initiative, visit this web site from the Office of Personnel Management:

    Senate agrees on $2B for border defense
    The U.S. Senate has agreed to spend an unprecedented $2 billion to stop illegal immigration, but was divided on where the funding should come from. 
    >> Read full story

    National Shopping Day to Counter Immigrant Boycott  

    May Day Boycott Plans Divide Pro-Immigration Activists  USA Today reports, "Masses of illegal immigrants and their supporters around the USA plan to boycott workplaces, stores and schools on Monday, but the move is dividing some pro-immigration activists and business owners." Organizers "of the May Day walkout call it el gran paro - 'the big stop' - and 'a day without immigrants.'" The Los Angeles Times says "two immigrant rights demonstrations Monday in Los Angeles could each draw a half-million marchers or more, police said Thursday, as officials expressed concern about a major disruption of traffic, commerce and school." Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Cardinal Roger Mahony and "others have encouraged protesters to attend the late-afternoon march from MacArthur Park down Wilshire Boulevard to La Brea Avenue, prompting authorities to say that crowd might be the larger of the two." Police in Chicago, "meanwhile, estimated that as many as 500,000 could take to the streets in that city, while Seattle officials and protest organizers said they expect anywhere from 10,000 to 50,000 marchers."     

    Two-Thirds Of Hispanics Blame Bush Or GOP For Inaction On Immigration Reform  The Wall Street Journal reports in its "Washington Wire" column that a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll "shows a 46% plurality of Hispanics place immigration atop 'must do' list. The poll, conducted in English, included an expanded sample of Hispanic respondents. Eight in 10 embrace Senate guest-worker compromise differentiating among illegal immigrants based on residence. Though Republicans blame Democrats for earlier collapse of that deal, two-thirds of Hispanics would hold Bush or his party responsible for inaction."     

    Spanish Version Of Star-Spangled Banner Generates Outrage  ABC World News Tonight reported, "With Congress debating a crackdown on undocumented immigrants, Latino singers decided to record a Spanish-language version of the national anthem. They wanted to make a point about America being an inclusive nation that many immigrants and cultures are absorbed in. But there are those who say sing it in English or don't sing it at all." The "Spanish language rendition has sparked incredible outrage."

    Senate Diverts Funds From Iraq Supplemental Bill To Border Security   CNN's The Situation Room reported the Senate voted yesterday "to divert some of the money President Bush requested for the war in Iraq and the war on terror to efforts to increase US border security. The move only intensified a battle over pork that spurred President Bush to issue a veiled veto threat." Because Republicans "are really under the gun from conservatives, very angry at them about the amount of government spending, they had to cut it somewhere. And this is an emergency spending bill primarily to fund Iraq. So, that's where it was cut in this particular bill. And Democrats went to the Senate floor and called it outrageous."
          The Washington Times reports Republicans "turned back an effort by Minority Leader Harry Reid to grant the same expenditures for border security but without making cuts elsewhere in the emergency spending bill, which has ballooned to a $106.5 billion proposal. The Nevada Democrat, whose amendment failed on a mostly party-line 54-44 vote, said the Republican amendment would hurt the military." The Washington Post reports that when "some Democrats said the move would take money from needed combat funds, Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H., the bill's sponsor, called the criticism 'pure poppycock.'"

    Bush Position On Senate Immigration Compromise Ambiguous  Congressional Quarterly reports supporters "of putting most of the 11 million to 12 million illegal immigrants on a path to earned citizenship are all but certain" that President Bush "is on board with that concept. They met with the president April 25, and though he refrained from expressing outright support for the proposal, they left feeling secure about his position." But Republicans "who have labeled the earned citizenship approach as offering 'amnesty,' however, cautioned that view may be an overzealous interpretation." Sen. John Cornyn said, "The president didn't endorse the compromise."

    Anti-Immigrant Group Says Marches Have Helped Recruitment.   The AP reports, "Minuteman organizers say this spring's marches" by advocates for illegal immigrants in the US "have proved to be an unexpected recruitment tool for Americans who feel uneasy about the burgeoning immigration movement but may have considered the organization a pack of gun-toting vigilantes." Since this spring's "huge pro-immigrant rallies, 300 people nationwide have applied to start local chapters."

    Immigrant Advocate Groups Split Over Business Boycott.   The Washington Post reports, "Disagreement over whether immigrants should walk off the job and boycott businesses Monday appeared to deepen yesterday as one immigrant group mustered support for the protest while another group cautioned immigrants that it might put their jobs at risk." Although "groups in Dallas and Los Angeles say momentum is building for a major May 1 boycott," the Washington-area coalition "that organized the recent rally on the Mall has discouraged participation for fear it could lead to firings and create a negative climate as Congress debates immigration legislation."     

    US Business Group Criticizes Call For Mexican Boycott Of US Goods.   The AP reports US lobbyists "lashed out Wednesday at the Mexican 'Nothing Gringo' campaign timed for May 1 to coincide with the 'Day Without Immigrants' boycott in the United States." The American Chamber of Commerce in Mexico "said organizers are risking a backlash and foolishly targeting some of their best allies, since U.S. corporations have actively lobbied the U.S. Congress for immigration reform including legalization for many of the estimated 11 million undocumented migrants."

    The Victims Of Illegal Immigration
    By Michelle Malkin
    President Bush accuses those of us who want to secure America's borders and fully enforce our immigration laws of lacking "compassion."  (WO Note:  The article describes the vicious rape and murder crime spree of one illegal alien and the inadequacies of law and immigration policies and procedures.)

    A Possibly Unifying Immigration Proposal
    By Paul M. Weyrich
    (WO Note:  Describes Lamar Alexander's bill for citizenship.)

    Bush wants immigration bill by year's end  --  One day after saying "massive deportation" of illegal immigrants is unworkable, U.S. President George Bush Tuesday thanked Congress for tackling the issue.  Bush said he believes lawmakers can debate and pass a comprehensive immigration bill and have it on his desk before the end of the year. > Read full story

    Bush, Senators Meet To Hammer Out Revival Of Immigration Bill   The New York Times reports members of both parties in the Senate promised on to work together to "revive the sweeping immigration bill that was killed nearly three weeks ago amid partisan bickering on procedural grounds." Majority Leader Bill Frist and Minority Leader Harry Reid, emerging from a White House meeting with President Bush, "said they were confident they could resolve their differences and get a bill passed by Memorial Day." But participants said that "even at the meeting Mr. Frist and Mr. Reid argued over terms for breaking the stalemate." The Washington Times says the President and the senators "reached general agreement on an immigration bill that includes a pathway to citizenship for many illegal aliens." The meeting did not include senators who oppose a path to citizenship, and "even snubbed two men who had been considered allies of Mr. Bush on immigration," John Cornyn and Jon Kyl.
          Senators told CNN's The Situation Room that "when they were back home with their constituents, it was very clear that this election year issue, immigration, has really, really taken off. ... Essentially what Republican and Democratic senators were telling us today is that it is time for the President to really engage, really step in. If he wants this as a victory, if he wants this to happen, to get to his desk, he needs to say more clearly what he will and will not support."
          Gregg Introduces Border Security Measure.   The Los Angeles Times reports Senate Republicans "introduced a $2-billion security measure Tuesday to add extra agents, surveillance equipment and detention facilities along the U.S.-Mexico border -- raising fears that the move may undercut efforts to reach broader immigration reform." The bill "came as House leaders reiterated their opposition to a Senate proposal to create a guest-worker program and legalize many illegal immigrants." The Washington Times says the amendment, "sponsored by Budget Committee Chairman Judd Gregg of New Hampshire, would direct millions of dollars in emergency funding for additional border patrol agents, border patrol vehicles, new stations and checkpoints, and enhanced surveillance of border crossings."
          Sensenbrenner Calls Immigration, Border Security Top Issue.   The CBS Evening News interviewed House Judiciary Chairman F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr., who said he could become a human "buzz saw" shredding Senate immigration legislation if it ever reaches the House. Sensenbrenner: "I think immigration and controlling our borders is the top issue of concern to Americans, even more than the war. ... There are a lot of people who have called me names for stepping up to the plate. But if it isn't done, I think all of America suffers."
          ICE's Myers Says More Immigration-Related Arrests Coming.   In a USA Today op-ed, Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Julie Myers writes, "Since our creation in March 2003," ICE "has always prioritized our resources to target illegal workers who have access to critical infrastructure worksites. But more must be done, and ICE is responding. ... Last week, ICE and the Justice Department announced the largest worksite case ever against a single employer. ... And to cynics: Expect more."

    Bush Says Deporting All Illegal Aliens Not A Realistic Alternative The Orange County Register reports Bush "remained firmly committed to a comprehensive immigration-reform approach that would provide a temporary-worker program and a path toward legal status for those now in the country illegally."  GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher declined to appear with the President yesterday. Knight Ridder says Rohrabacher, "whose district includes parts of Orange County, boycotted the president's event and called Bush's remarks 'an insult to the American people.'" Said the congressman, "No one I know is advocating mass deportations. If we simply prevent people who are here illegally from getting jobs and we stop giving them benefits...they will go home on their own." USA Today also quotes Rohrabacher.  Bush's remarks about the Senate immigration reform measure are creating some confusion, with media sources and members of Congress offering conflicting assessments of the degree of the President's commitment to the bill. The AP reports that in commenting on the immigration bill "sponsored by Sen. John McCain, which stalled before the congressional break," Bush said, "It's just an interesting concept that people need to think through." The Washington Post reports that "to Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), a co-author of the compromise, Bush's statements amounted to an endorsement of the bill at a critical time. Other Democrats -- and many Republicans -- were not so sure." Meanwhile, "White House aides emphasized that Bush has no intention for now of staking clear legislative positions on the immigration bill." The New York Times titles its report "In Immigration Remarks, Bush Hints He Favors Senate Plan," and says the President "reinserted himself into the divisive debate over immigration...speaking favorably of a stalled Senate compromise." Bush's words "fell short of endorsing the plan, but they signaled that he preferred the Senate approach over a House bill that focuses on border security and would turn illegal immigrants into felons."

    Senate's Immigration Plan Overlooks Budget
    "It could be pretty big," fretted Sen. Jon Kyl (R.-Ariz.), "and one of the problems is nobody knows how big." Moreover, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R.-Ala.) added, "this is something...that we never discussed at we moved forward with legislation which ultimately cleared Committee and came to the floor."

    Immigration Agents Nab Execs, Employees in Illegal Worker Raids

    Companies hiring illegal immigrants targeted

    This Just In... U.S. to Try Enforcing Immigration Laws  The Department of Homeland Security announced Thursday that it would be implementing a new, revolutionary, cutting-edge, state-of-the-art approach to the illegal immigration problem. Believe it or not, the department declared that the U.S. would now be cracking down on employers who "knowingly and recklessly" hire illegal aliens. In other words, they are going to try a "new" program called "enforcing existing laws." >> Read full story

    WO Comment:  While illegal workers and employers hiring them should be pursued by authorities, these immigrants are at least working.  Since policy affecting them is currently under consideration by Congress it would be more logical and reasonable to wait for the outcome regarding the working immigrant and in the meantime the DHS should devote its limited resources to pursuing those who are not working--human traffickers, drug smugglers, gang members & assorted criminals & thugs.

    Immigration deal puts risk in Bush’s lap

    Senate Republicans revise immigration bill

    Hidden Costs  By Thomas Sowell
    The immigration bill passed by the House of Representatives made it a felony for an illegal alien to be in the United States and for others to aid or abet that illegality.

    Borders Worth Securing  By Robert Yoho
    When anyone suggests that the United States should deport illegal aliens, the detractors immediately claim that logistically it is impossible.

    Immigrant groups split on boycott
    The call for a May 1 boycott, with workers and students staying home, has split major immigrant rights groups in Los Angeles.  >> Read full story

    Sex Trafficking: The Real Immigration Problem by John W. Whitehead                 While debates concerning immigration rage over economics and labor, little has been said about the Mexican women and children being bought and sold as sex slaves. The third largest crime scheme after drug and weapons trafficking, sex traffickers transport at least 18,000 captives into the United States each year. Read more here >>>

    I’m Mad as Hell and I’m Not Gonna Take It Anymore
    Washington, D.C. – As hundreds of thousands of protestors gather to show their support for the pro-immigration movement, Freedom Alliance ( plans to start a movement of its own, the “I’m Mad as Hell and I’m Not Gonna Take it Anymore!” coalition.

    Click here and tell us how mad you are over illegal immigration. We will forward your message to members of Congress.

    Negative impact of illegal immigrant demonstrations 

    Photo from Mexico Movement protest in L.A.

    "I'm not sure what it says about a nation that allows illegal aliens to openly protest uninhibited in the streets of our country, against legislation they have no legal right to oppose or support, but that can't bode well for our future.  When our lawmakers and president don't even have the moral courage and sense of duty to protect the sanctity and sovereignty of our own borders, then it is time for Americans to elect someone who will." -- Jon Dougherty is a policy analyst at Freedom Alliance

    Howard Dean Jumps on Immigration Bandwagon  Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean is now calling border security the top immigration priority for the Democrats. Likely reacting to public opinion polls which show overwhelming concern among Americans regarding illegal immigration and border security, Dean has now established that the Democrats are officially "all over the map" on the immigration issue.  >> Read full story

    U.S. immigration sweep nabs 1,000  A national U.S. immigration sweep has netted more than 1,000 illegal workers and resulted in the arrests of at least nine people who employed them.  >> Read full story

    Corporate America's Vanishing Allegiance  By Christopher G. Adamo
    Greater even than the social or economic impact of the illegal invasion, the biggest casualty of the immigration debate is the rule of law itself.

    Divided We Stand? United We'll Fall!  By Debbie Daniel
    The big ship called the US of A is filling up fast, and if we're not careful, we're going to all go down with this giant.

    Why Not Everybody?   By Thomas Sowell
    One of the ways of trying to justify illegal immigration from an economic standpoint is to point out that the work done by these immigrants is adding to the total output of the United States.

    Alien Proposals
    Evangelical leaders divided over moral, policy questions on immigration.

    Student’s suicide may impact immigration talks
    An eighth-grader who killed himself after allegedly being threatened by his vice principal for wanting to participate in an immigration march is now being portrayed as a martyr.

    Bush, Reid swap barbs on immigration
    President George W. Bush and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid traded barbs Thursday over responsibility for stalled immigration reform in Congress.  >> Read full story

    Immigration 'Solutions'
    By Thomas Sowell
    Activists who are organizing mass marches and demonstrations in cities across America may well be congratulating themselves on the huge numbers of people they can get to turn out to protest efforts in Congress. 

    Immigration 'Solutions': Part II
    By Thomas Sowell
    The massive marches organized and orchestrated by people supporting illegal immigrants have created a political problem for elected officials.

    Immigration 'Solutions': Part III
    By Thomas Sowell
    The same man said all of the following things. Can you guess who it was?

    Immigration 'Solutions': Part IV by Thomas Sowell
    Shaky political arguments for going easy on illegal immigrants are sometimes backed up by equally shaky economic arguments. There is, of course, the perennial favorite that we "need" immigrants to "do work that Americans won't do." But what is the basis for this claim?  >> Read Full Column

    Current Issues Of Immigration In America by Nancy Salvato
    For a great many people born in this great nation, citizenship is taken for granted. However, aliens, seeking permanent residences, have long appreciated the abundance of wealth and opportunity available to citizens residing in this country.
    >> Read Full Column

    Race, Race, And More Race by Erik Rush
    Have you noticed the similarities between some of our high-profile news stories lately? You too? Yes, it's all about race, isn't it? The Cynthia McKinney - Capitol police officer altercation, in which the Black female congresswoman from Georgia clocked a Capitol police officer with her cell phone after bypassing security and refusing to acknowledge the officer's direction to stop. He put his hands on her -- so she thumped him.
    >> Read Full Column

    Evans-Novak Political Report on Immigration

    Dropping Felony for Immigrants
    House Speaker Dennis Hastert and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, confronted with internal party divisions as well as large public demonstrations, said Tuesday they intend to pass immigration legislation that does not subject illegal immigrants to prosecution as felons. Read more, then tell FNC what you think: Should illegal immigrants be prosecuted as felons? E-mail us at

    Visit the Speak Out page to read what FOX Fans are saying.

    An elegant pro-immigrant plea against the "guest worker" concept from the New Republic online magazine (requires free registration to read entire article).

    Christianity Today editorial on immigration

    Follow-up to the Christianity Today editorial on immigration

    Blessed Are the Courageous
    When it comes to immigration policy, let's remember who we're talking about.

    By Ann Coulter
    Legal Affairs Correspondent, Human Events

    "This is the only country on Earth that thinks it's not sporting to consider our own interests in choosing immigrants. Try showing up in any other country on the planet, illiterate and penniless, and announcing: "I've seen pictures of your country and it looks great. I think I'd like to live here! Oh, and by the way, would you mind changing all your government and business phone messages, street signs and ballots into my native language? Thanks!" They would laugh you out of the country.  On CNN's "Lou Dobbs Tonight" on Monday, Dobbs was interviewing Nativo Lopez, president of the Mexican-American Political Association about his demand for "full immediate, unconditional legalization for all persons currently in the United States."  Dobbs posed this innocuous question about Lopez's planned boycott, "You're talking about a boycott of all illegal aliens in this country?"  Lopez exploded: "Well, first off, I refute your terminology. You don't say 'kike,' 'patty,' 'WOP,' OK. You don't say 'nigger'! ... You're using language that's offensive to me and offensive to my people! ... You pollute the air every day, Dobbs. ... That language is offensive, it's derogatory, it's denigrating, and don't use that terminology to me again, referring to my people!"  Dobbs eventually ended Lopez's Tourette's episode by calmly asking him what he expected the impact of the boycott to be.  Sen. Lamar Alexander (wrote a) proposal to provide government grants to immigrants who want to learn English and American history and to organizations offering those courses.  (WO Note:  "Want" to learn?? They should be required to learn.)

    Activist Urges Boycott of Catholic Leaders Who Support Illegal Aliens
    A Roman Catholic immigration reform activist is joining a growing number of her fellow Catholics in calling for a boycott of parishes and dioceses that support the deliberate violation of American immigration laws.

    Republicans soften on immigration felony  Republican Congressional leaders have called for removing language in an immigration bill that would make illegal immigration a felony.  In a joint statement, House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., said they couldn't support the provision contained in an immigration reform bill passed by the House in December.  >> Read full story

    Conservative Lawmaker Hopes Hastert Will Act to Block Amnesty Legislation
    An Arizona Congressman has said he will call on Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert to use a procedural move to block any Senate bill that contains a guest worker provision.

    Encouraging Illegal Behavior for the Mighty Vote  As rallies popped up across the country to protest efforts by Congress to secure the borders, enforce existing immigration laws, and deal with the illegal aliens already in the country, the Democrats revealed in unmistakable clarity their true motives. It's about votes, and in their zeal to tap into the illegal alien voting bloc, they are not only condoning illegal activity, they are encouraging it.  >> Read full story

    U.S. immigration rallies draw 1 million
    Well over a million U.S. immigrants and their supporters in some 150 cities rallied peacefully against a congressional clampdown and possible deportations.
    >> Read full story

    Nationwide Immigration Protests
    As many as 1 million people were expected to turn out Monday at rallies in dozens of cities across the country aimed at protesting any get-tough measures federal lawmakers are considering to crack down on illegal immigration. Read more.

    Responding to immigration protests:

    Kennedy said:  "One million immigrants rallied in communities across the country, and the crowds included thousands of families waving American flags, celebrating America as their adopted homeland."   McCain referred to the protests as proof that the "country has spoken" in favor of granting amnesty to over 11 million ILLEGAL ALIENS!

    FNC wants to know what YOU think. Do these rallies help or hurt the cause? E-mail us at to voice YOUR opinion. Then, visit the Speak Out page to read what FOX Fans are saying.

    Clearing The Air On Immigration
    By Linda Chavez
    As the Senate continues to grapple with immigration reform, it's time to clear the air of some broad misconceptions in the current debate.

    AFA Online Poll on The Senate Bill Granting Amnesty

    The proposal in the Senate:

    • 1.  Illegal immigrants who have been here more than five years could apply for legal permanent residency immediately without having to leave the country.
    • 2.  Those here two years to five years would have to go to border entry points and get a visa but could immediately return as temporary workers.
    • 3.  Those here less than two years would have to leave, go back to their home country and wait in line for visas, then return through the regular immigration process.

    Click Here to Take the Poll

    Blessed Is the Law—Up to a Point
    A gentle challenge—and invitation—to the critics of our recent immigration editorial Blessed are the Courageous

    Christianity Today's full coverage on immigration issues

    Domestic Terrorist Group Behind Immigrant Rallies by Rachel Alexander
    ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), a front for the communist/socialist Workers World Party, which was identified by former FBI Director Louis Freeh as a "domestic terrorist group," is behind the immigrant rallies taking place around the nation.

    'Shoot illegals' comment earns host FCC complaint - radio talker calls suggestion satirical  --    Read story

    Americans favor pro-barrier candidate - want someone tougher on illegals  --  Read story

    Radio Talk-Show Host: More Balance Needed in Immigration Dialogue
    His on-air motto is "America is worth protecting. It's up to us." -- and talk-radio host Rick Roberts has taken it upon himself to make sure that more than just the "politically correct" side of the immigration issue is being heard in Southern California.

    Immigration proposals fail in Senate test vote

    Two Republicans personify immigration fight 

    Border War- Immigration Debate Heats Up 

    Immigration Reform Battle Hot Topic In D.C.

    Hidden cost of illegal immigration- ID theft 

    Latinos plan boycott to protest immigration bill

    Where they work- A breakdown on illegal aliens

    By the numbers -- a record wave of immigration

    WP- Blacks conflicted in immigration debate

    War of words in immigration debate 

    Immigration 'Compromise' Has Massive Fraud Potential  Members of the U.S. Senate worked late into the night on Thursday in an effort to agree on immigration reform legislation. What appeared to be emerging as a "compromise" would put millions of illegal aliens on a citizenship track and would introduce the potential for massive fraud in its implementation.  >> Read full story

    Chairmen Sensenbrenner, King, Hyde Release Open Letter to U.S. Catholic Bishops on Immigration  U.S. Newswire, 4.5.2006

    Immigration compromise unsure of passage
    A compromise bill that would offer an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants a path to legal status was endorsed Thursday by U.S. Senate Democrats.  >> Read full story

    Rep. Charlie Norwood: The Truth About 'La Raza'   The nation's television screens many days recently have been filled with scenes of huge crowds carrying the colorful green and red flag of Mexico viewers could well have thought it was a national holiday in Mexico City.  It was instead, downtown Los Angeles, Calif., although the scene was recreated in numerous other cities around the country with substantial Mexican populations. Hordes of Mexican expatriates, many here illegally, were protesting the very U.S. immigration laws they were violating with impunity. They found it offensive and a violation of their rights that the U.S. dared to have immigration laws to begin with.   Read the story here

    Texas Sheriffs Tell Congress of War at Border
    Sheriffs from counties along the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas say the daily battle with illegal immigrants continues to escalate. Illegal immigrants trying to get across the border "are getting so bold as to try to run over officers, assaulting officers," said Sheriff Arvin West of Hudspeth County. "They're definitely out gunning us, out manning us and the sophistication that they're using is beyond our capabilities at this point."

    No Leniency for Illegal Aliens
    The protests in some cities by thousands of illegal aliens are a stunning reminder of how shameless the lawless have become. It is bad enough that they came illegally and have no right to be here, but imagine their audacity to demand rights! What is even more troubling is that there are politicians who will kowtow to such brazen displays of impudence.

    Illegal Immigrants Follow the Money
    It's no secret that immigration reform lately has consumed and divided congressional Republicans -- and many Democrats. Missing, though, from the emotional arguments concerning amnesty for illegal aliens, guest worker programs, and a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border is an understanding of why so many risk life and limb to come to the U.S. and what, if anything, we can do about it.

    Hillary -- House Immigration Bill Would Make Me Criminal
    Recently Sen. Clinton appeared before the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, where she spoke about (what else) illegal immigration. She apparently has toned down her rhetoric a bit, because whereas last week she claimed that the House immigration reform bill would probably criminalize "even Jesus himself," now she only says it would probably make her and her staff -- mere mortals -- criminals. 

    Live Talk Transcript- Wolffe on Immigration

    Immigration reform enters key stage in Senate

    Immigration debate mobilizes Latinos

    Immigration reform enters key stage in Senate

    Frist wants immigration vote this week
    Despite high divisiveness between the chambers of the U.S. Congress, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., wants a vote on immigration reform this week.
    >> Read full story

    Poll: U.S. ineffective on immigration
    The U.S. government is not doing enough to curb illegal immigration, 81 percent of respondents said in a Time magazine poll published Monday >> Read full story

    Pandering To Lawbreakers Blurs Line Between Legal And Illegal
    By Doug Patton
    Several years ago, as part of my duties working for a very conservative member of Congress, I attended a forum on immigration. 

    Grassroots Conservatives Weigh In on Immigration Debate By Bobby Eberle    Over the weekend, GOPUSA began conducting a survey of grassroots conservatives to get their feelings on the immigration debate and the priorities of the Republican Party. The final results are still being tallied, but so far, nearly 2,400 members of GOPUSA's Grassroots Survey Team have participated.  The responses are amazing and indicate a thoughtful approach to the issues of illegal immigration and a potential guest worker program. Despite the heated nature of the debate and efforts by the left and even some Republican leaders to label pro-border security advocates as "anti-immigrant," the grassroots Republican base has a clear understanding of the issue, and responses reveal a possible track to moving the debate forward. >> Read Full Column

    Poll- Guest workers OK, but with limits

    GOP divided over illegals

    Allen wants border enforcement first
    Sen. George Allen, R-Va., said he wants immigration reform that focuses on securing U.S. borders and developing more detention centers, not citizenship.

    Gingrich calls for absolute border control
    Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich says the United States needs absolute border control and to ensure new immigrants learn to be American.  >> Read full story

    Rep. Steve King: Democrats Will Use Immigration to Divide and Conquer  It reads like a page directly out of the Democrat's playbook on midterm elections. Let Republicans self-destruct by splitting from their base on a core issue. Senate Republicans this week will decide if the federal government will respond to 89 percent of Americans who believe illegal immigration is a serious problem.  Any bill that does not refuse amnesty, and require true border and internal enforcement will collapse public confidence in the GOP Congress, and therefore be the breaking point of the Republican Party. The bill passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee rewards lawbreakers with amnesty, plain and clear.   Full Story

    Rep. Dan Burton: Stop the Insanity -- Secure Borders Now  Full Story

    Rep. Phil Gingrey: Enforcement First; Amnesty Never  Full Story

    Rep. J.D. Hayworth: Vicente Fox Needs a Lesson in Civility  Full Story

    Rep. Patrick McHenry: 'Nation of Immigrants' Needs Borders, Not Amnesty
    Full Story

    Rep. Tom Price: Amnesty Is the Last Thing U.S. Needs  Full Story

    Bush Wraps Up Mexico Trip with Immigration, Economic Talks

    This Week's Top 10 List: Ten Worst Border-Security Congressmen

    Ranked by the editors of HUMAN EVENTS

    10. Sen. Mike DeWine (R.-Ohio)
    Judiciary Committee member, voted for amnesty for agricultural workers and for spouses and children of illegals. Co-sponsored in-state tuition bill for illegals. Opposed increasing funding for Border Patrol and adding more ICE agents.

    9. Sen. Patrick Leahy (D.-Vt.)
    Ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Worked with Sen. Specter on his amnesty-granting immigration bill and called building a fence along the United States border a "cockamamie" idea.

    8. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D.-Ill.)
    Co-sponsor of the House version of McCain-Kennedy. Roll Call reported that after a live debate on CNBC with immigration hawk Rep. Tom Tancredo (R.-Colo.) Gutierrez asked, "Have you ever eaten in a restaurant?" mocked Tancredo by saying, "How could you eat from the plates touched by those nasty illegal immigrants?" and called Tancredo a "racist" and "bigot."

    Read the full list here

    Robert Novak: Republicans Run Scared on Immigration

    March is going out like a lion for Republicans as they take up two of the issues that have hurt them most with their own voting base: immigration and spending. On Monday, under pressure from Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.), the Senate Judiciary Committee made key choices that will affect the future of immigration reform, a signature issue for President Bush.  Full Story

    Immigration talks shake Arizona

    Arizona’s junior senator, Republican Jon Kyl, also wants to help the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants remain in the United States legally, but his approach would make it harder for them. He wants illegal immigrants to return to their native countries before returning as so-called guest workers.

    WO Comment:  NO!  This provision must be vigorously opposed because most of the working illegal immigrants who might be granted guest worker status are employed in low-paying jobs and could not pay return fare.  If returning to their home countries is the law then American taxpayers will be paying the bills for millions of vacations.  Kyl and others who support the "return home" provision haven't thought through the consequences.  It is not that difficult to make legislation that is rational, logical, reasonable, and fair.  Law enforcement will carry little cards for reading them their rights:  "You must return to your home country.  If you cannot afford the round-trip expense it will be provided for you by generous American taxpayers."

    Arizona lawmaker, Rep. J.D. Hayworth, who has written a book that proposes building a fence along the U.S.-Mexico border, using armed forces to help patrol the region and denying citizenship to the U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants.

    WO Comment:  These proposals are good.  The last one may seem harsh and contrary to our current law, but granting citizenship to those born in the U.S. is predicated on the supposition that the mother is in the country legally.  Denying automatic citizenship to children born of illegal immigrants would remove one of the primary motivations of many women who cross the border illegally. 

    Reform Push:  Bush Wants Congress to OK Immigration Bill

    Let Jailbirds Pick Fruit  WASHINGTON — House conservatives criticized President Bush, accused the Senate of fouling the air, said prisoners rather than illegal farm workers should pick America's crops and denounced the use of Mexican flags by protesters Thursday in a vehement attack on legislation to liberalize U.S. immigration laws. 

    The Print Media's Take on the Immigration Debate

    Crunch Time on Illegal Immigration

    Immigration's Effect on Economy is Murky

    Senators Take Sides on Illegal Immigration

    Bush in Mexico to Discuss North American Concerns

    Latin American Governments Push Guest Worker Plan

    Newsweek- A border war

    Thousands rally in Los Angeles

    Senate committee passes immigration bill

    WP- On border, ‘la linea’ not so clear

    Senate debating immigration

    Senate to begin debating sweeping immigration bill

    US Senate prepares for divisive immigration debate

    U.S. Senators Tackle Border Security

    Romney declines to take stand on Senate immigration bill

    Senators back looser immigration policy

    Senate debates illegal immigration

    Immigration Bill impacts local industry, students

    A closer look at America's immigrants

    Interactive- Migration patterns to U.S.

    Tom Curry on what's at stake (MSNBC news item on immigration)

    Danger at the Arizona border

    Dem's national security plan

    500,000 rally immigration rights in L.A.

    Guest Worker Programs

    What Mexico Wants for Cooperation

    House Calls Senate Immigration Effort 'Amnesty'

    Senate panel OKs bills aimed at immigrants

    Frist Immigration Bill Would Target Bosses

    Frist unveils his own immigration plan

    Border War- Immigration Debate Heats Up 

    Should Sealing Our Borders Be The First Step In Stopping Illegal Immigration?  Vote in AFA poll.  Results will be sent to Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, and President George Bush. A non-running summary of the vote, updated regularly, can be found at  Click Here To Cast Your Ballot Now!  

    Legal immigrants cite racist backlash
    Two-thirds of legal U.S. immigrants say they believe anti-immigrant sentiment is growing with racism and misinformation fueling the trend, a poll concludes.

    >> Read full story

    House Members Tag Senate Immigration Effort as 'Amnesty'  As the Senate Judiciary Committee debated provisions of a new immigration reform measure, border security advocates in the House sent a letter to their Senate colleagues saying that the proposed bill amounts to a form of amnesty for illegal aliens.  >> Read full story

    Guests Or Gate Crashers?
    By Thomas Sowell
    Immigration is yet another issue which we seem unable to discuss rationally -- in part because words have been twisted beyond recognition in political rhetoric.

    Jim Kouri, CPP: The Illegal Immigration Reform Scam
    This weekend, thousands of activists and illegal aliens have been rallying in Los Angeles to protest against plans to further criminalize so-called undocumented workers. The protest's main organizer Javier Rodriguez has ties to the radical left group MEchA, which believes Mexicans have a right to repopulate lands stolen from them by the United States...

    Chuck Busch: Hillary's Hospitality toward Illegal Aliens
    I don’t see how in heaven’s name that Hillary Clinton can believe that any thinking individual would take her political positions seriously, even though she is a U.S. Senator and a presidential aspirant. Sorry for introducing religion into the determination of government policy, once considered taboo by the liberal establishment, but that’s exactly what Hillary has done in regards to the immigration reform bill now being debated in the Senate...

    Marcus Everett: Illegal Immigration and the Fair Tax
    With all the debate going on about what to do about illegals who have invaded this country by the millions, no one seems to have addressed the connection between the illegal worker problem and our tax laws. Whereas most Americans agree that something drastic must be done to secure our borders from terrorist threats, there is considerable disagreement about how to solve the problem of illegals who are here only to find gainful employment..

    Immigration Debate Takes Center Stage  The battle lines have been drawn between the House and the Senate regarding the immigration debate. Earlier, the House passed an immigration bill which focused on border security and did not include provisions for a guest worker program. Last night, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved a plan that included a guest worker program, and is sure to draw the ire of not only House Republicans but many grassroots activists across the country.>> Read full story

    The Rutherford Institute President Voices Concern Over Immigration Bill, Calls on Congress to Exempt Religious Community from Prosecution

    What is Amnesty? What is Punishment?  Imagine just a few short years ago if you were to talk to the average grassroots conservative and ask him or her what the chances are for having a national debate on immigration reform. After the surprised look disappeared, the person would probably say there was no chance of it occurring in a million years. My how times have changed! Now, the debate is in full swing, and it is important to address the heart of the debate and the sticking point: What is amnesty, and what is punishment?  >> Read full story

    FOX News:  Speak Out: Immigration Showdown
    The border battle intensifies as the Senate gears up to kick off two weeks of debate over an issue that has Republicans split. The president is pushing Congress to pass a "guest-worker" program that would allow many illegal immigrants already in the U.S. to stay if they have jobs, as long as they go back to their home country to apply for the worker permits. Read more

    Mexican Attitudes Towards Americans Wrong
    by Jon Dougherty
    The Washington Times recetly reported that, according to a new survey, Americans generally view Mexicans in a positive light, but the reverse is not true.  "Mexicans see Americans as racist, dishonest and exploitative, while Americans see Mexicans as hardworking and think they are more tolerant than Americans," the paper reported...

    FAIR Likes Frist's Ultimatum on Immigration Reform Proposals  A Washington, DC-based immigration research organization hopes Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist will take charge and introduce a proposal that strengthens enforcement of the border, but does not grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens in the U.S.  >> Read full story

    Newsweek Live Vote
    Should the United States restrict immigration?   * 2206 responses
    as of 26 March 2006
    I don't know

    Spending, Immigration Key Concerns for Conservatives
    Responses from our recent survey, "The Pulse of Grassroots Conservatives," show that there is concern going into the 2006 elections. However, the primary causes of Republican frustration are easily identified and can be corrected by Republican leaders standing strong against the Democrats and staying true to core Republican principles.

    House Members Tag Senate Immigration Effort as 'Amnesty'
    As the Senate Judiciary Committee debated provisions of a new immigration reform measure, border security advocates in the House sent a letter to their Senate colleagues saying that the proposed bill amounts to a form of amnesty for illegal aliens.

    McCain and Hillary Rally Illegal Aliens

    Senators John McCain (R.-Ariz.) and Hillary Clinton (D.-N.Y.), the current frontrunners for their parties' 2008 presidential nominations, joined Senators Teddy Kennedy (D.-Mass.) and Charles Schumer (D.-N.Y,) in rallying a group of illegal aliens who came to Washington, D.C., on March 8 as part of a lobbying effort funded by a foreign government to push for amnesty for illegal aliens.

    McCain and Clinton both effusively greeted the illegal-alien lobbyists as if they had come to champion some great moral and constitutional causeRead more here

    WO Comment:  Let's see if we have this right.  McCain wants to silence American citizen grassroots activists by including them in a lobby reform bill.  But he supports lobbying funded by foreign governments on behalf of illegal aliens.  A few words come to mind-- duplicity and hypocrisy, for example--but no doubt McCain would justify these contradictory positions by saying, "It's politics, you wouldn't understand."

    Bush Defines Amnesty as "Automatic" Citizenship

    Chertoff: (Illegal Alien) Street Gangs a Threat to National Security 

    Illegal Immigrants Busted in San Diego on Gang-Related Charges
    More than three dozen people in San Diego County were arrested late last week on violent gang-related charges, according to a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) statement. Virtually all those arrested were discovered to be illegal aliens.

    American Conservative Union:  Defeat the McCain/Kennedy Illegal Immigrant Bill

    For the safety and security of our great nation, please join with me to demand the United States Senate “DEFEAT the MCCAIN/KENNEDY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT AMNESTY” bill.
    Over 12 million immigrants already have broken the law and are living in this country illegally.  Hundreds-of-thousands of them have taken to the streets in recent days to DEMAND amnesty here in the U.S.  They hope that by their show of force, they can intimidate American citizens and Congress into giving them a “free pass” to stay in the U.S.  The Senate is on the verge of giving into the demands of these illegal aliens...

    What can be worse then that? How about their being allowed to receive FREE SCHOOLING, FREE HOUSING and FREE MEDICAL COVERAGE!! Well it’s free for them, but you and I pay the bill!!

    Under the compromise that Sen. Specter worked out with Sen. Kennedy (D-MA) and Sen. McCain (R-AZ) they agreed to allow workers to stay for two years, go home for one year, and then return for six years, capping the number annually at 400,000, and allowing a path to permanent legal residence for the 12 million illegal aliens currently here.

    Every minute we wait, an additional 2 illegal aliens cross our borders.  While we can only guess at the number of illegal aliens in the United States the current estimate is that there are more than 11 million people in the country illegally.  A previously released report for Congress pointed out that in 2004 the United States Border Patrol (USBP) apprehended 1,158,802 people attempting to enter the United States illegally. Of those, 75,389 were non-Mexican. However, as of July 11 2005, there were 119,182 non-Mexican apprehensions already this year.

    The problem is getting worse at an alarming rate.  FBI Director Robert Mueller has already warned that hundreds of “special-interest aliens” from terrorist nations may have already used Mexico as a way to enter the United States. And more are planning to do so even now!  Every day we wait, an additional 3,178 illegal aliens cross our borders.
    This same report states that “the sheer increase in non-Mexican aliens coming across the border makes it more difficult for the United States Border Patrol (USBP) agents to readily identify and process each OTM (other then Mexican), thereby increasing the chances that a potential terrorist could slip through the system”.  The report goes on to say that “Additionally, there have been reports that terrorist organizations, including Al Qaeda, have been operating, recruiting members, and may be training terrorists in South American countries including Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay”

    And if that does not cause you serious concern as it has me, this most certainly will.  Department of Homeland Security and other Federal officials said in the same report, “The existence and expansion of border smuggling networks specializing in illicitly bringing human beings into the United States can represent a threat to homeland security. These smuggling networks may be opportunistic, as prominent DHS officials have suggested, and the potential exists that they may be used by Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations to bring terrorists or weapons of mass destruction into the United States.”
    Every single American, in every corner of the country, is at risk from our unsecured borders!  These illegal immigrants cost each of us - you, me and every other citizen of the United States - billions of dollars every year. Your tax dollars are paying for welfare, healthcare, education, prison and other costs for illegal aliens. Do we need to wait until we experience another 9-11 for Congress to act?  Even the AFL-CIO is against the so called guest worker program. The day after the MCCAIN/KENNEDY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT AMNESTY billed cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee, AFL-CIO President John Sweeney said "Guest worker programs are a bad idea and harm all workers".

    Every month we wait, an additional 98,518 illegal aliens cross our borders.  Recognize any of these names: Mahamad Atta, Waleed M. al-Shehri, or Salem al-Hamzi? These were some of the 9/11 terrorists. And they were in the U.S. because we did not devote enough resources to keeping our borders secure. Most people now understand that illegal immigration affects the entire nation. Illegal immigrants are showing up all over the country. Local governments are being forced to deal with increased social welfare costs, as well as an increase in crime, including violent crime. For example, several Virginia suburbs have seen an increase in machete crimes, as foreign gangs seem to use this weapon to cut off fingers of rivals.  If the local government must shoulder this increased burden, who suffers?  The answer is you and me. We must again bear the burden of rising taxes.

    But if SECURING OUR BORDERS is not the cornerstone of this legislation, no amount of political posturing will come close to solving the problem.  WE MUST SECURE OUR BORDERS AND ENFORCE OUR OWN LAWS!! Our national security is at risk each and every day our borders are not secured.  Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), called measures like the McCain/Kennedy bill a "pro illegal immigration bill," and said it's possible such a bill could pass because "Congress has insulated itself from the views of the American people on this issue for the last 10 years."

    If you believe our borders need to be secured against the onslaught of foreign terrorists and millions of illegal immigrants streaming across our unguarded borders, and...  If you agree that the federal government must protect our borders, Then we must act today to protect our country from another 9/11.  Make no mistake; if you and I wait for the U.S. Government to close our borders to illegal crossings... it will be too late. We must DEMAND that they do it NOW!  But still our border is wide open!  Every year we wait, an additional 1,159,970 illegal aliens cross our borders.

    J. William Lauderback
    Executive Vice President
    American Conservative Union (ACU) 

    WO Comment:  The ACU, above, opposes the McCain-Kennedy Bill while the U. S. Catholic Conference supports it as indicated below.  Read them both, along with other items on this page, to learn as much as possible about the issue before reaching your own conclusions.  The rational activism advocated by World Observer requires reading the facts, analysis, and the various points of view so that your position is rational rather than emotional (that is, irrational).  It's time-consuming and hard work but it's more productive and better for the common good than hastily-formed emotional reactions based on misinformation or no information.  After you've done your reading, research, and thinking and are confident that your position is rational, logical, reasonable, and fair it's time to take action.  Use the "Contact" button on the left to send your ideas to lawmakers.

    Immigration Threatens GOP Hispanic Outreach by Deal W. Hudson

    The Window is published by the Morley Institute for Church & Culture.

    In the 2004 presidential election, George W. Bush received 44 percent of the Hispanic vote. Probably nothing about the election shocked the Democrats more except the fact that they lost.  Political strategist Dick Morris credited Hispanic support for Bush as the decisive factor in his election. "The biggest reason for Bush's victory was that he finally cracked the Democratic stranglehold on the Hispanic vote" (11/5/04 NewsMax).

    From the very beginning, the Bush White House put Hispanic political outreach high on its priority list. Bush sought to make a friend of Mexican President Vincente Fox. Hispanic leaders, especially evangelicals, were invited to meet with the president and top members of the administration.  It didn't hurt that the Supreme Court decision securing Bush's 2000 victory was announced on December 12, the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

    The 2004 election results showed that the president had succeeded in connecting with the Hispanic community. Sixty-three percent of Hispanic Protestants voted for Bush, even though only 37 percent identified themselves as Republican. (About 23 percent of Hispanics are Protestant.)  Thirty-one percent of Hispanic Catholics voted for Bush, while only 13 percent identified themselves as Republican.

    These numbers, significantly up from the 2000 election, represented a nightmare for the Democratic Party, which had depended upon the loyalty of ethnic minorities for its base.
    Hispanics make up 9 percent of the electorate but are growing faster than any other group. Already the 29 million Hispanic Catholics outnumber the 22 million white mainline Protestants.

    Anyone in Washington, D. C. would have had to be comatose for the past six years not to realize that the Hispanic vote would come to determine the ability of either party to win future elections.  The GOP, therefore, had good reason to breathe easily until now.

    As The Window reported on March 16, 2006, a House bill on immigration, co-sponsored by Congressman F. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) and Peter King (R-NY), elicited an immediate condemnation by the Archbishop of Los Angeles, Roger Cardinal Mahony. Mahony urged bishops, priests, and the Catholic laity to disobey the law if it passed the Senate and was signed by the president.  Mahony specifically objected to language in the bill that seemed to criminalize the Church's social services that house and feed undocumented immigrants. As explained by Congressman King in the previous Window, it was never the intention of the bill to stop the Church from helping immigrants.  But it was too late. Cardinal Mahony's angry denunciation was echoed quickly throughout the Church, through homilies and diocesan newspapers. In a matter of days, Hispanics were protesting in the streets of major American cities in numbers unparalleled in our history. An estimated 500,000 marched in Los Angeles alone.

    Lost in the noise was the fact that President Bush's "guest worker" program, introduced in early 2004, contained nothing of the inflammatory language of the Sensenbrenner-King bill. The Senate immigration bill, co-sponsored by Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Ted Kennedy (D-MA), with broad bi-partisan support, amounts to a virtual amnesty. (The U. S. Catholic Conference supports the McCain-Kennedy bill.)  Because of public reaction to the House bill, the GOP appears to be at the brink of repeating its mistake of the nineteenth century - becoming, or at least appearing to be, the anti-immigrant party.

    Sen. Mel Martinez (R-Fl) is very, very concerned. He delivered a strong message to other Republican senators earlier this week. As an immigrant from Cuba at the age of 16 in 1962, Martinez has the background and experience to tell the GOP how it is endangering its outreach to Hispanic voters for years to come.  President Bush, who appointed Martinez as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development during his first term, understands this or he would not have recommended a "guest worker" program in the first place. Former RNC chairman Ed Gillespie warned fellow Republicans that "anti-immigration rhetoric is a political siren song" that must be resisted.  Yet, at this moment in time, the Republican Party risks losing ground both with Hispanic voters and non-Hispanic Catholic voters who sympathize with their plight.


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