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The Enlightenment philosophies, pursuits & methods; importance today; how it guides WO.The Enlightenment in the founding of the US, the Founding Fathers, key documents (Constitution, Bill of Rights & more).Religion & Faith--News, issues, analysis, commentary,  research.Society & Social Issues:  News, analysis, commentary, research on contemporary social problems. Education, all levels:  News, analysis, commentary & research on current issues in education.Protecting Children: News, analysis, commentary & research on issues affecting children today.Supreme Court, courts, legislation, judicial activism, judges gone wild, the ACLU agenda & more!World Observer site map/table of contents.

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  • From the Injustice Files:
  • The Case of Judge Kristine Cecava
  • Lets repeat offender child rapist walk
  • He's "too short" to be in prison!
  • The Case of Judge Gordon Thompson, Jr.
  • Undermines 1st Amendment freedom of religion
  • Orders removal of cross memorial honoring war veterans
  • Defies 76% of city's voters who want to keep cross
  • The Case of Judge Stephen Reinhardt
  • Parents have no say in the sex ed their kids get in school
  • Struck down the Pledge of Allegiance as unconstitutional
  • The Case of Judge John A. Connor
  • Let Child Rapist Walk with no Prison Time
  • Has History of Driving Drunk & Let Drunk Driving Killer Off


For a short track record of what liberal activist judges have forced on America in just two years, click here.

The Case of Judge Kristine Cecava

  • Lets repeat offender child rapist walk
  • He's "too short" to be in prison!
  • Probation for short sex offender sparks debate
  • Search for video clip from "The Abrams Report"
  • Richard W. Thompson had sexual contact over a couple of months with a 12-year-old girl

The Case of Judge Gordon Thompson, Jr.Mt. Soledad Cross

A liberal activist judge has ordered the city of San Diego to remove a cross from Mt. Soledad or be fined $5000 a day. Judge Gordon Thompson, Jr., ordered the cross removed because, he said, it violated the separation of church and state. One atheist had complained about the cross in a battle that has been going on for years. 

For over 50 years the site has been recognized by the public as a place where war veterans are recognized for their service to America. Most of the veterans recognized are from the greater San Diego area. Last summer 76 percent of the city's voters (197,000) approved keeping the cross.

All the legal steps for the city to turn over the property to the National Park Service have been approved. All that is needed now is an executive order signed by President Bush. If President Bush fails to sign an executive order, the $5000 a day fine against the city will go into effect in 90 days.

Latest Ruling Could Spell End of Long Legal Battle Over Mt. Soledad Cross: Calif. Activist Calling on President Bush to Intervene to Save It
Agape Press, Allie Martin and Jody Brown, 5.5.2006

Take Action

Help save the cross! Please use the "Contact Lawmakers" banner on the left to send an email to President Bush asking him to sign the executive order transferring the property to the federal government, thus taking the case out of Judge Thompson's hands. If Judge Thompson's order stands, it could eventually mean the removal of every cross in every state and federal cemetery.

SIGN THE PETITION  to save the cross

The Case of Judge Stephen Reinhardt

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, issued another “creative” opinion on a limited issue by Judge Stephen Reinhardt (and joined by one other judge) in the case litigated by the Alliance Defense Fund. Harper v. Poway that – if allowed to stand – could have a chilling effect on the future of religious freedom on tax-funded school campuses and beyond.

Judge Reinhardt – a Jimmy Carter appointee -- is the same judge who is married to the Executive Director of the ACLU of Southern California and has issued opinions finding a “right to die” in the U.S. Constitution, that parents have no say in the sexual education their children get in public schools, as well as striking down the Pledge of Allegiance as unconstitutional.  In 1997, The Weekly Standard reported that he was one of the most overturned judges in history and that he was privately viewed as a “renegade” by the Supreme Court justices.  In the case of Harper vs. Poway, Chase Harper, a student at Poway High School, was told by a school official that he "kept his faith in the car” and Chase should do as well because Chase was wearing a T-shirt expressing the Biblical view on homosexual behavior.

In his opinion, Reinhardt, along with the other judge suggested that the movie Brokeback Mountain (!) be cited as evidence as reason to deny Chase and other students their First Amendment rights to express an opposing viewpoint to the promotion of homosexual behavior. 

ADF Senior Legal Counsel Kevin Theriot says: “The majority implied that Brokeback Mountain was in, and the Bible is out.  What’s really broken here is this approach to the First Amendment.”

Kevin continues: “The court has manufactured new law in the area of student speech in saying students cannot say anything that school officials deem ‘demeaning’ to another.  This panel has upheld school censorship of student expression if it is the Christian view ... They have essentially determined that student quotation of Scripture can be prohibited…”  A vigorous dissent was filed by the sole Reagan-appointed judge on the panel.  You can read the Ninth Circuit opinion at  ADF attorneys are planning on appealing this decision to the full panel of the Ninth Circuit.

ADF to Appeal “Extremely Poor” 9th Circuit Ruling in Poway Student T-Shirt Case  ADF, 4.20.2006

The Judge the Supreme Court Loves to Overturn: Judge Stephen Reinhardt was Notorious Long Before His 9th Circuit's Pledge of Allegiance Decision, Weekly Standard, Matt Rees, 5.5.1997

The Case of Judge Connor

John A. Connor, Ohio Pleas Judge, Columbus, Ohio, could have given Andrew Selva 10 years in prison  for multiple instances of child rape of two boys ages 5 and 12.  Ten years would not be justice served in our opinion.  Connor did not sentence Selva to any jail time, stating that "he (Selva) has a disease like I do," referring to his own alcoholism.  Connor was arrested eight times for driving under the influence of alcohol and was convicted of DUI three times.  A man Connor sentenced to a mere 9 months for DUI was released, violated his parole, got drunk and killed a 19 year old woman and a 20 year old man.

How many other miscarriages of justice have there been under "Judge" Connor?  Should an alcoholic, drunk-driving, let-the-rapists & killers-walk person be serving on the bench?  Injustice?  You decide.  Let's hope the people of Franklin County, Ohio decide correctly and work to have this person removed from the court.  Cathy Harper Lee of the Justice League of Ohio is working the case but there is nothing on their web site about it and no contact information.  Hopefully the people of Franklin County can contact her to learn how they can sign a petition or take other action to support removal of this disgrace to the concept of serving the common good with justice for all.  

Click here then click on the video link "Worst Judge Ever?"  Also on Fox News look for these other videos:  "Bill's Talking Points:  What are we going to do about Judge Connor?" and "Shocking Sentence"

Read Talking Points transcript of "What are we going to do about Judge Connor?"

Read the statement from Governor Taft

Read the statement from the Ohio State House of Representatives

A Big Win for Jessica's Law in Ohio

Big win for Jessica's Law in Ohio. The Ohio Senate has passed a bill that mandates 25-year minimum prison term for the rape of a child under 13. Fifteen years for attempted child rape. The Ohio House is expected to go along. And Governor Bob Taft will most likely sign the legislation.  The bill was passed over the objections of judges and some attorneys.   Judge John Connor's actions were so outrageous that many Ohioans demanded justice .. . so the Senate passed Jessica's Law. Much of the media sided with Connor.   Many in the print press simply don't want tough laws against child predators and will attack those who disagree with that stance. The state of Maine voted down Jessica's Law last week. 

WO Comment:  Passing the law is good news, but what about getting rid of the incompetent judge who contributes to the problem with lenient rulings?

Urgent Action Needed!    

Use the "Contact" button on the left to email the President, your senators & representative urging them to enact legislation that addresses judicial leniency, incompetence, and activism.  Just as important, encourage legislators to address the epidemic of sex crimes with federal laws to protect women and children nationwide. The process of enacting Jessica's Law 50 times, once in each state, is absurd.  Read about the Jessica Lunsford Act passed in Florida that provides strict sentencing for child sex offenders and check Jessica's Law for a national report card where you can see what your state is doing and send an email to your governor if necessary.  You may also want to view the Federal Database of Sex Offenders 

Take Action Now!  Stop Activist Judges with Secularist Agenda against Religion

Help Pass “We, The People Act” (H.R. 4379)

Take back our federal courts from radical leftwing activist judges who have no respect for the Constitution or the laws passed by state legislatures or Congress.

These federal judges view the Constitution as a “living document” – meaning they think they have the right to redefine what the Constitution says and what the Founding Fathers meant when they wrote it.

The federal courts, including the Supreme Court, have shown that they are currently incapable of issuing correct rulings based upon a strict interpretation of the Constitution or of the laws that Congress or states pass. Liberal judges impose their own political agendas in their decisions and usurp the power of the American people to govern themselves. Judges have replaced our Republican form of government with a judicial oligarchy—the rule of judges.

Join with Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) to secure passage of the “We, The People Act,” (H.R. 4379).

Rep. Paul’s act is simple: It enforces the powers of Congress under Articles 1, Section 8, III, Sections 1-2 of the Constitution to restrict the authority of federal courts (including the Supreme Court) from hearing specific cases. This Article also gives Congress authority to establish, split, or abolish federal courts.  Rep. Paul’s bill will restrict federal courts from hearing cases involving the following subjects:

  • free exercise or establishment of religion
  • right to privacy, including sexual practices, orientation or reproduction
  • right to marry; same-sex marriage

Use the "Contact Lawmakers" banner on the left to send an email to your representative in Congress urging support of H.R. 4379.

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